New Year's Deals from Green Man

Hey gamers of the world,

Did you all have a great Christmas period? I hope so. I can tell you that I spent most of mine playing a lot of Chivalry and Crusader Kings II with about 40 hours between them in the last two weeks.

But enough of that - you're here for the DEALS! Here are the deals for the next couple of days:

Monday 31st December 
Tuesday 1st January
Wednesday 2nd January
Rewards of being a GMG user!

For those of you keen to secure your titles of choice for next year, order now and get fantastic credit or cashback rewards!  I've put a couple of examples below, but also included the full list just so you don't miss any:

Devil May Cry will give you  £5/€5/$7 cashback or £7/€7/$10 GMG Credit

Omerta City of Gangsters gives £5/€5/$7 cashback or £7/€7$10 GMG Credit

Hitman Absolution gives £3/€4/$5 cashback or £5/€6/$7 GMG Credit

You can see other cool cashback deals on our Coming Soon page!

Still looking for more? You must be because you're almost all the way through this post! You can also use this 30% voucher* on hundreds of digital products at GMG right now! You can use it again and again, too. How's that for a stellar offer?


That's GMG wishing you a Happy New Year!

Medieval Master Extraordinaire

*Voucher may not be applicable on certain deals, including credit and cashback offers.

Christmas Isn't Over Yet! More Great GMG Deals

Update: Days fixed, many apologies. Those looking for Crusader Kings 2 deal advertised as yesterday can find it on GMG today. All deals change at 12PM GMT on Green Man Gaming.

Hey remember that game XCOM, rated as one of the best games of 2012 by pretty much everyone ever?

We’ve got it for sale for 50% today only, plus you can apply our 30% discount voucher for an even greater discount!

We think that’s a pretty amazing deal and there's much more to come this weekend with deals on Civilization, Spec Ops and Crusader Kings 2.

Why not take that money for Christmas you were going to spend on something practical and boring and spend it on some these amazing deals, instead?

Friday 28th December

Great Savings of up to 75% off on the Total War Series

Saturday 29th December

Sunday 30th December

After this we’ve got greater deals on Sonic Generations, Cities in Motion and more, so check back on Monday for next weeks deals!

- Rob
Apologises for Darren’s liberal use of the word ‘cracking’. He’s old; it’s not his fault.

More great Festive deals - Ding, Dong!

Santa's sack may be empty but the GMG sack is full-to-busting with great deals!!

The day after the day after Christmas, sees our popular Christmas Sale continuing with some cracking deals and steals.

You can also use the 30% off voucher code* - GMG30-DPLIM-DN831 - on many of these titles.

We also have some great 24 hour deals - yes 24 hours only, so by 12GMT tomorrow they will be gone and you will be left with a feeling of regret if you haven't bagged any of these great games:

50% off Borderlands 2
75% off Darksiders 2
75% off Binary Domain

Or you can use Grandma's Christmas money to take advantage of our great savings now to pre-purchase one of the big upcoming titles.

For those in the UK, sorry everyone else, we also have some great deals on XBOX and PS3 games

And remember to check back tomorrow for a bit of XCOM Enemy Unknown action!

The sack is beginning to empty ...

not James or Rob, just different ... and with less hair ...

* PC Download games only, some titles may be excluded. Excludes titles on Cash Back or GMG Credit promotions. Cannot be used in conjunction with another voucher.  Voucher expires 03/01/13 at 12:00 GMT

Australia/New Zealand pricing

Hi - we have had a number of enquiries about price increases on Borderlands 2 and XCOM Enemy Unknown in Australia and New Zealand.  This was done at the request of the publisher based on local retailer feedback.  We would rather not have had to do this but we really value the relationship with our publishing partner.


GMG Christmas Deals!

December 24

We're celebrating Christmas Eve with 75% off the awesome cyberpunk FPS RPG Deus Ex Human Revolution, along with some great indie deals such as War of the Human Tanks at 50% off until the 26th.

December 25

Check out GMG's Hot Deals page for the latest offers - and don't forget to use the 30% off voucher for great savings.

December 26

The sale heats up! Hundreds of titles in store for up to 75% Off including, but by no means limited to:

75% Off Sine Mora

Look out for deals on this years biggest titles, including Darksiders 2, Borderlands 2 and XCOM, plus associated DLC!

Keep an eye on the Hot Deals page over the next week for more deals like these - there's plenty more on the way.

Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year from everyone at GMG.

- Rob
Best Santa Ever

30% voucher on digital games!

Celebrate the Holiday Season with a 30% Discount on Digital Games!

We love sales at GMG, but we also love choice, so over the Christmas period we’ll be offering a site-wide voucher on over 900 titles, grab it from the Hot Deals page, or copy it from right here:


And, as usual, our 30% Voucher works even on titles with other price drops - for example, today’s Ridge Racer at 66% (EU Only) Doom 3 at 50% off and Rayman Origins at 66% can ALL have the voucher applied to them for even greater discounts so you could pick up Doom 3 BFG for £7.99 / $10.49!

The voucher won't work on our GMG Reward games as we're already offering great GMG Credit and Cash Back offers on those games!

This voucher expires on January 3rd.

Your 2012 GOTY so far

It's been too exciting to ignore: Your votes for the GOTY of 2012! We're going to keep this going until 2013 but thought it'd be interesting to share what the votes say so far, with a few quotes directly from you guys.

These are in the order of votes received, starting with the lowest first:

10. Max Payne 3

This is one I never got around to playing personally, though I did enjoy previous Max Payne games. This game comes in at tenth on the most popular so far from your votes. What did you think about it?

Max Payne 3 was my GOTY because it was extremely well polished evolution of the Max Payne series. Nothing was more fun that dynamically sliding down a handrail using the Euphoria physics whilst shooting John Woo style the entire time. - ZombieRobot

Bullet time FTW. - nsduke

So to recap: John Woo. Bullet time.

9. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition

This game caused me untold frustration right from the start. An incredible challenge and a definite lesson in pain. And ragequitting. There's only one person I can quote, who expresses the pure joy you can get from playing this, and has the most appropriate username ever:

Dark Souls was my GOTY because I actually beat it. No, really - it's been so long, since I've played a game, which I was actually proud of beating. -SuicideMachine

8. Assassin's Creed III

Passing the podium to George on this one as the resident Assassin's fan: "Killing fellow countrymen has never been more appealing."

I would've thought this might be higher in the ranking given the general fanbase, but then there's been stiff competition this year.

7. Hitman: Absolution

I've had a lot of fun with this one so far. The story is solid and the Contracts made is incredible when challenging friends to competitions. Especially after they get a much higher score than you, and find out how differently they may have played it.

GMG forum regular Stoibs had this to say: I'm drawing a blank at any other game that let's me toss a Katana into someone's forehead whilst wearing a Chipmunk costume.
6. Guild Wars 2

Rob's already shared his thoughts on this one, and still plays it prolifically.

Guild Wars 2 manages to let you log in for 10 minutes to complete a dynamic event, only to let you realise 5 hours later that you're still playing. -Serp

Hailing praises for the incredible money / gameplay time value, it's a solid game and I'm sure a number of you reading have been relishing the Christmas event!

5. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

A certified favourite on our own team, here's a game that will tax your paranoia and strategic planning to the extreme.  And even then it will probably still go horribly wrong! There's a lot of good Let's Players on this too like Beaglerush, who are definitely worth checking out if you're considering getting the game.

As Yahtzee said: Now I have something I can shove at Syndicate and say "Look! Turns out you don't have to turn everything into a shooter." - Greil9

Was my GOTY due to its awesome strategy mechanics, theme and the bond that you formed with your characters you created. Shame it caused depression when you get them killed. - Unknown

4. Dishonored

I really enjoyed this, largely for the Stop Time ability. Who in their life hasn't wanted to stop time at one point or another? Perhaps not normally for sneaking around and killing things, but I digress...

Dishonored was my favorite because I normally hate stealth games but they were able to make the experience really fun in allowing me to go stealth or go full on Rambo! - Unknown

If you have it, and didn't go full on Rambo. Do it. It's hilariously good fun.

3. Far Cry 3

Coming hot in third place is the island adventure game where wild animals are just as likely to save you or maul you.

Far Cry 3 is my GOTY because of great character development all around and a sandbox environment that is actually fun to play in - siphuncle1

FarCry 3 was my GOTY because I like setting entire forests ablaze just to kill a single bear for his pelt. -Cptkrush

2. The Walking Dead

There is so much love for this game, and it's definitely earned. In fact I only recently watched all of the previous episodes of The Walking Dead's TV show because of it. Firstly because zombies are cool anyway, but because this game presented in a very awesome way a choice system that really did mould the story around how you act. Even though I'm not a big fan of point-and-clicks, this is definitely well worth investigating.

The Walking Dead was my GOTY because it's the first game I've played in over a decade that really made me emotional, and the only game ever to make me cry. How they managed to make such simplistic gameplay into such an amazing journey is inspiring and truly shows that a great story (and voiceacting) means more than a huge budget. -zahrdahl

1. Borderlands 2

I guess nothing beats random weapon generation, sniping, explosions and badass characters, huh? A solid game for co-op especially, and when the villain is so bloody charismatic it's hard to ignore. Man Handsome Jack is cool...

Borderlands 2 is my GOTY because of how much of an improvement on the first game it was. Well-made, well-polished, and an absolute blast to play. I've spent 80 hours in it and still haven't finished the main storyline! - Arthas54


I think Maliwan have the better guns personally, but that's a debate for another time.

We'll do another count in the New Year and see where the final votes are at - so if you think that order is completely wrong it's time to get voting! So many other games are in the runnings but haven't grabbed enough attention, such as FTL or Sleeping Dogs.

Master Survey Counter. Doesn't even have an abacus.

GMG Rewards: Cashback or GMG Credit!

Edit: Just a quick note to point out the artwork on the top of the blog was found courtesy of the folks at PixelJoint.

What are Cashback and Creditback?

Cashback and GMG Credit are great ways to make huge savings on next years biggest game titles.

Why pay full price for a pre-order when you can shop at GMG and receive either money back straight to your bank account, or instant credit on your GMG account to spend on any other game. Here’s some examples of how you can save:

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Why can’t I use a voucher on these deals?

GMG is dedicated to providing a range of promotions and offers to users around the world. Sometimes due things like regional restrictions or publisher requests we can’t always offer the same promotions on the same titles, but rest assured we’ll be running great voucher deals next year and beyond!

New to GMG: December 19th

New games bound on to GMG in time for the holidays. Joyous day!

Remember you can always check What's New on the site by looking at this page.

Totally on holiday right now! Ah the magic of the internet...

Creditback is coming to town

Today we have a number of incredible credit and cashback offers going live.

With plenty of them offering the equivalent of up to $15 in credit when you pre-purchase, letting you save even more on those other games you can't wait to play! Just have a look at the game you're interested in to see what's on offer.

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While it's been an incredible year for games it's nice to know there's still a lot in store for 2013.

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The Cats of Skyrim

We received a very unique message not too long ago.  A mysterious stranger approached us about Dawnguard, with a tale of inspiration, obsession and desperation.  Find here his tale, and remember it well:

I haven't even been outside, seen daylight, or eaten anything since Skyrim was released. I've been declared deceased by my state, and all of my family has since moved on. I have 10 cats, all of them named after cities in Skyrim. Last week, Whiterun drank the last of my water and now Riverwood and Falkreath are dehydrated. Since the key for Dawnguard won't be ready for a week, maybe I can use this opportunity to stand up so my legs don't atrophy.

So moved was I by this man's strife that I journeyed from Riften to Markarth in search of the Dawnguard Key. I found it! Deep in a cavern inhabited by Spriggan. I later heard from this man again

Thank Talos! I was so excited by your response that I let all of my cats know. I've taught them to speak in the language of dragons, so i'll have to translate what was said. "Meow meow! Meow meow meow! Meow Meow!". This means, "We're hungry! Please feed us! We're dying!". I too was dying to be fed more Skyrim, so we all celebrated by redeeming the Dawnguard key you promptly provided.

After this support ticket is closed, I'm guessing all of you will level up. I suggest you spend your perk point on either Archery or Sneak.

(P.S: I don't have any problems with you sharing my story. Since I'm Dragonborn most of Skyrim already knows who I am; even the Greybeards, which is a big deal. I don't expect any level if anonymity if you so choose.)

Perhaps we'll hear from this man again. We're not sure. He'll surely be leaving the cats in care of his kin as he journeys forth once more. Best of luck, Dragonborn.

New to GMG: December 12th

Welcome to another round of What's New! This week there's a big emphasis on DLC packs coming out - just to make those great games that little bit better.
Don't forget there's a couple of days left to use our 25% voucher before it expires at 1200 GMT Friday December 14th: GMG25-CZPYL-D5MQ6

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