Pre-purchase a game and get a 35% off voucher

And if you've been waiting patiently, this is certainly your moment to clean-up.

If you pre-purchase any of the digital titles listed below from Green Man Gaming, after the transaction you will receive a 35% off voucher valid across hundreds of digital games on our site. Once you receive it you'll have precisely 21 days to redeem it. These vouchers will not be given out after 1200 GMT December 14th. Want to know how to make the absolute most of this offer? Well simply read on...

Pre-purchase any of these games, and get a 35% off voucher in your order confirmation email (also available in your Keys page). Bear in mind regional restrictions as standard still apply:
And just before we get to the secret, there's also a trailer for Company of Heroes 2 to give some epic atmosphere when you discover it...


If you buy any one of those games listed above, you'll receive a 35% off voucher. You could use that voucher on one of the games above*, and get another voucher. Rinse and repeat til you've cleaned up! How's that for a slice of fried gold?

A good kick-off point (for those outside of the UK, sorry mates, can't sell it there yet!) is BioShock Infinite, as vouchers aren't valid on this title, but you'll still receive one if you order it. If you order it now and choose cashback you'll receive your reward as fast as your bank can process (credit wouldn't go to your account until the game releases).  Then use that cashback and your 35% voucher on another pre-purchase game so you get another 35% voucher!

That's like basically 35% off every game you'll want to play next year!

An important note, each voucher you get is single-use, and tied to your account, so make sure you're logged in, and when you use it, you mean it!

Likes sharing protips like that.

*Regional restrictions applied on certain titles as usual (BioShock Infinite not currently available in the UK, standard limitations apply on EA titles, if you can't search it on the store you won't be able to buy it). Limited stocks of promotional titles. Vouchers not valid on BioShock Infinite at this time.

Winter Wonderland Day 8

It's the end of the week! Time to settle in for a mini-marathon of gaming, don't you think?

And as usual with these little updates, some deals for you to peruse:

Quite enjoyed Trapped Dead, save for a few UI quirks

*Regional restrictions may be applied on certain titles as usual. Limited stocks of promotional titles.

Keep Us Covered #2

Our first Facebook Cover Competition went so well we're doing it again - we need you to keep us covered with YOUR gaming screenshots. Just comment on this blog with your favourite pics!

We'll leave this open for submissions over the weekend and come Wednesday we'll pick out our own favourite 3 or 5. Then come your votes!

Our last winner was gr4j0m3r, with a pretty sweet Alan Wake shot:

Stole George's Chivalry screenshot for the image in this post. Also George graduated last week - well done!

Winter Wonderland Day 7

Whether shooting ships, robots or zombies is your preference, we've got you covered today:

GMG35-FGR37-COY0B will get you 35% off Hitman: Absolution until 1200 GMT Friday November 30th!

GMG25-G4VDR-0ZL4Q will get you 25% off hundreds of digital titles on Green Man Gaming until 1200 GMT Friday November 30th!

Really wants to get around to playing Dead Block at some point

*Regional restrictions may be applied on certain titles as usual. Limited stocks of promotional titles.

Winter Wonderland Day 6

Hey all,

You know that amazing 25% code we have?


Yeah that one. You can use it on some of the hottest pre-purchase titles and save a bundle up front, like Tomb Raider, Company of Heroes 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines right now!

You can use it on these great promotion games too:

Will be playing more XCOM Enemy Unknown tonight. Ironman Impossible yeaaaah!

*Regional restrictions may be applied on certain titles as usual. Limited stocks of promotional titles. The 25% code will expire 1200 GMT Friday November 30th

State of Playfire - 27th November 2012

As many users have reported, we’ve had issues with tracking across all three formats in the last few weeks, and where the PS3 and Steam accounts are concerned, we’ve been fixing them as they occur.
Unfortunately we’ve had larger problems with the XBOX360 tracking, which have lead to much slower updates for many users. We’re aware of these problems with the automatic tracking, but currently we’re working on our completely new tracking system rather than focusing on repairing the old one.  
We will still fix intermittent issues as best we can, however the solution really lays in our rebuild of tracking as a whole.  Your patience on this is very much appreciated as we are working on the future of the site.
We should have a Beta ready for users in December, and more info in the next couple of weeks on how the system will work. The first platform that we’re focusing on for the new system is the 360 (where we have had the most significant issues), with PC and PS3 to follow soon after.
In the meantime, we’re doing all we can to keep the 360 updates coming through without slowing down our work on a full solution. Unfortunately updating the 360 tracking is more intensive than other formats right now. Our priority is to come up with a system that is both much faster and more reliable!
In the meantime, please be aware that mods and game admins are not in control of this system at all and while they would love to help solve game tracking problems, they have no ability to do so!  Please bear with us, as we know we are building something great.
Following some feedback, we’re being careful to approach use of the blog in a way that doesn’t spam users who aren’t as interested in all content, including a profile setting that could be used to turn off non-technical blog updates, but we’re still planning on rolling out community content in December.

Winter Wonderland Day 5

Happy Tuesday! Why not brighten up your week with a foray into ancient Japan with the standalone expansion Fall of the Samurai?

GMG35-FGR37-COY0B will get you 35% off Hitman: Absolution until 1200 GMT Friday November 30th!

GMG25-G4VDR-0ZL4Q will get you 25% off hundreds of digital titles on Green Man Gaming until 1200 GMT Friday November 30th!


*Regional restrictions may be applied on certain titles as usual. Limited stocks of promotional titles.

Winter Wonderland Day 4

Hey everyone, all had a good weekend I trust! I spent mine playing some Chivalry, how about you?

Some vouchers up first, and our 25% code has been extended til the end of the week, but first, here's a selection of titles currently on offer:

GMG35-FGR37-COY0B will get you 35% off Hitman: Absolution until 1200 GMT Friday November 30th!

GMG25-G4VDR-0ZL4Q will get you 25% off hundreds of digital titles on Green Man Gaming until 1200 GMT Friday November 30th!

Even though the picture is for Alien Breed: Trilogy, you can totally use that 25% voucher on Aliens: Colonial Marines.

*Regional restrictions may be applied on certain titles as usual. Limited stocks of promotional titles.

Winter Wonderland Day 3

Happy Sunday everyone! Welcome to Day 3 of our Winter sale, and here's a selection of titles for you to peruse:

In addition, we've got this 25% voucher that can be redeemed across hundreds of digital titles, including sale items, valid until 2359 GMT Monday November 26th ! Try it out:


Thinks the Thief guild had the best story in Skyrim

*Regional restrictions may be applied on certain titles as usual. Limited stocks of promotional titles.

Winter Wonderland Day 2

Day two of the Winter Wonderland adventure begins! Are you ready? Here's some deals:

In addition, we've got this 25% voucher that can be redeemed across hundreds of digital titles, including sale items, valid until 2359 GMT Monday November 26th ! Try it out:


Has never played Alan Wake

*Regional restrictions may be applied on certain titles as usual. Limited stocks of promotional titles.

Site Performance Improved

Hi All!

We appreciate some users have had problems accessing deals over the last few hours. This is due to the huge demand of our Winter Wonderland sale, which is now officially our biggest sale ever, so a huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of its first day.

The demands has surprised even us, with double the amount of users on the site at once than we've ever had before. We're very sorry to everyone affected with slowdowns this evening, and we've been working all evening to fire up more servers to handle the huge increase in users. The site should now be working a lot faster for all users, so if you've been having time out problems, give it another go now!

If you've posted a ticket during the sale, rest assured the Customer Service guys are working a full capacity over the weekend to get your problems sorted.

- Rob

Winter Wonderland Viking Stash

UPDATE 10th December 2012: Congratulations to #IAmTheBeard winners @jamuelscones @nd1razor @fumblebrothers @jmood88 and @griffmiester ! Thanks everyone for your entries and keep your eyes open for other competitions!

Is it because it's Winter? Is it Movember?  Who cares, it's a competition!

The savvy deal-hunters bravely exploring the wilderness for the best bargains available...

But are you one of the bearded few? At 1000 GMT on December 7th we will select 5 winners who will each win one woolen knit beard as pictured above (possibly in another beard colour, no guarantees it'll match your own hair, but that's okay because you'll look brilliant anyway), and their choice of 3 out of the 5 games in the picture above (A Game of Dwarves, Chivalry, Crusader Kings 2, Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition and Skyrim). Please see the terms at the bottom for all that extra boring but need-to-know information.*

To enter our competition just click the two buttons below...

Doesn't like editing .jpg and has a medium-tier beard.

*Winners will be contacted via DM on Twitter will need to provide a GMG username so we can contact you by email. Upon confirmation said Twitter account will be given a shout-out. For digital prizes you will be provided vouchers to be redeemed on the GMG website. Please bear in mind regional restrictions may apply for some titles (e.g., Skyrim). For physical items we will need a physical address to send them to, and delivery may take a considerable amount of time. If you do not provide a physical address when requested after being selected as a winner for a prize we will be forced to choose another winner. GMG is not responsible for any loss or damage of prizes on receipt. Be the Beard.

Let the Winter magic begin

We're kicking off a Winter Wonderland sale pretty soon guys - keep calm though, it's not there yet! It was important to us that you get an advance look at some of our starting deals.

These brilliant titles will be available from 0001 GMT Friday November 23rd (and expire at 2359 GMT Monday November 26th) - we're wasting NO time:

From 1200 GMT Friday November 23rd a whole lot more will open up! Here's just a few games that will be on offer:

There's a ton more stuff that'll be coming - I could try to list it all but there's gonna be hundreds of games on sale. Literally hundreds.

On top of all those things too, we have vouchers:

GMG35-FGR37-COY0B will get you 35% off Hitman: Absolution right now!

GMG25-G4VDR-0ZL4Q will get you 25% off hundreds of digital titles on Green Man Gaming from 0001 GMT Friday November 23rd!

Sitting atop a massive pile of deals. May need another plaster if he falls off.

*Regional restrictions may be applied on certain titles as usual. Limited stocks of promotional titles.

Most Majestic Majestic-12 Giveaway

UPDATE 1043 Friday 23rd November: Winners have been picked! Congratulations to all of you who won!

Thanks to the creator of Majestic-12, we have a ton of copies to give away! Have a read of the game description:

Majestic-12 a 3d side-scrolling shooter in the vein of Contra mixed with Castle Crashers. The game is interesting because it's satisfying. It's like the snap a branch makes when it breaks in half, it's like biting into a giant cheeseburger. That instant OMFG cluster carnage, oh look there's depth, nom nom sensation. It makes you dropsmash the bad guys just to see if they'll form a stable squishy-pile, chocolate ice cream, hearing a whip crack.

Are you a fan of side-scrolling shooters and cluster carnage? Well for a chance to win, just follow these two simple steps:


At 10am GMT Friday November 23rd we'll choose 15 users at random who have both followed us and tweeted, and contact them with their prize!*

Recommends definitely reading the text below

*Winners will also be announced by their Twitter handles on our feed. Prizes will be provided as vouchers to be redeemed on the GMG website. Vouchers given as prizes can only be used once, so ensure you are logged in before using it. Vouchers given as prizes must be redeemed before December 1st 2012.

New to GMG: November 21st

Behold - it is Wednesday and here are some new titles now recently made available on Green Man Gaming:
You can always check What's New by checking out our What's New page! (Funny that.)

Oh and hey, you can use our 20% voucher to save extra on all of these games, valid until 1200 GMT Friday Nov 23rd: GMG20-1FYLZ-EDG8R

Has not yet played Hitman: Absolution and is saddened by this.

More Warlock for your weekend

Welcome to the inner circle, apprentice. You're about to head out into a hectic battlefield where you'll need to know how to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge the myriad of magic missiles that will be coming for you.

The following incantations and spells are 75% off until 1200 GMT November 19th:

Warlock: Master of the Arcane

Power of the Serpent DLC

Powerful Lords DLC

Master of Artifacts DLC

Return of the Elves DLC

Are these not suited to your mission? The following rune (okay, it's a voucher*) will provide a 20% discount across hundreds of digital titles, including on the new Armageddon DLC:


Alternatively, if you are not magically inclined, far more brutish methods are available working as a Hitman.

-Master James
The Great Bearded One

*This voucher will expire at 1200 GMT November 23rd.

Hitman: Absolution is 35% off


Your services are required. To facilitate your mission we’ve marked down equipment available by 35%. Absolution is yours for less. Simply provide the GMG machine with this authorisation (voucher) code:

Your target is located here. We expect a swift resolution. Backup is available if you require it:

This offer is only available for a limited time. At 1200 GMT Friday November 23rd it will be retracted, agent.

Secondary targets are also available across a wider range. Check this file for all the details.

-Mysterious Employer

Okay, yeah, it’s James. It's a cool deal though.

Grand Theft Auto V: Official Trailer 2

The second official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V has arrived, complete with cars, crashes, a boat on the highway, violence and jumping over, off and out of things. Check it out below...

Anyone curious about the song, it's Skeletons, by Stevie Wonder.

What are you looking forward to most about GTAV?

Attempting to fly a plane

New to GMG: November 14th

A new selection of games makes it live to Green Man Gaming this week. Chief among them is certainly Riptide. Though we've got a long wait ahead of us, it does mean we have plenty of time to prepare for the zombie infestations.

Dead Island: Riptide Not available in Germany due to anti-zombie legislation

Crusader Kings II: Sunset Invasion

Majestic-12 3D side-scrolling shooter. Up to the challenge?

Cities in Motion Now available on Steam, and at a discount!

Dungeons: Gold Edition

Bridge Project


Awesomenauts DLC A whole hell of a lot of it!

Will not survive the zombie apocalypse

Free game entering atmosphere

UPDATE 12.05 GMT Nov. 14th:
This offer has now ended, as originally stated in the post.

UPDATE 15.56: Today has been crazy at the GMG office. This is by far our biggest giveaway ever! We'd like to say a massive thanks to everyone taking part, and for sharing it with your friends and clans alike.

You can pre-load the game via Capsule as soon as you have ordered it, however keys to activate the game will not be sent out until tomorrow.  We will start distributing these keys from tomorrow afternoon (around 4pm GMT).

Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE 14.03 GMT: To alleviate current server troubles we're temporarily marking the game as Out of Stock - we've not actually run out of keys at the moment, it's just so we can take important measures to resolve the load issues! It shall be made available again soon.

UPDATE 12.49 GMT: The site is currently experiencing very heavy load. We're aware of this and are working hard on the problem. Thank you for your patience.

Behold! As this mysterious meteorite smashes to the ground, we find it's a free game, available until 1200 UTC/GMT November 14th* ...

Bring your finest commander's hat as you take to the helm of an entire faction, fighting for your own survival and claiming a stake on the red planet.  There are 4 separate playable factions. The Eurasian Dynasty are the largest human faction, who rely on sheer strength and numbers. The United Civilized States, who were previously made up of cybernetically enhanced humans, except the machines went SkyNet on them and killed them all, so now it's just robots! The Lunar Corporation are the smallest, I hear, and relatively peaceful. Not so peaceful that they don't have lasers, though! Lastly we have the Morphidian Aliens, formerly imprisoned beneath the surface of Mars, woken up by those pesky humans. We think these guys are the way to go. You wish you were as cool as those aliens.

If you're feeling particularly jovial you can even give a shout out of thanks to either us or TopWare on Facebook!

Could probably save mankind as long as it doesn't involve going through too many doors

*Or until we run out of the 50,000 keys we have for it. So grab it quick! Bear in mind that only one free game can be redeemed per IP address.

New to GMG: Sine Mora is 25% off

Sine Mora has been getting a fair bit of attention with its release, and rightly so. If you're a fan of fast-moving objects, explosive amounts of colour, and vibrating uncontrollably on the floor after the massive seizure it'll provide, then LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THIS TRAILER!

Naturally you'll want to make sure you're getting the best deal available, so pick up Sine Mora from Green Man Gaming for 25% off with our voucher (valid until 16th November 1200 UTC/GMT): 


Just a man with insufficient reaction speeds to master this mental game.

Keep us covered: Your choice

UPDATE 14th November: Thanks for your submissions and votes all! We put it to a tie-breaker in our department after Alan Wake and Skyrim had equal votes. Keep an eye out for our next Cover competition, too.

We've had some kick-ass submissions for this! It's been difficult but I've narrowed it down to a much smaller selection for what to use, but we figure it's a lot better that you guys make the final choice for what to put up, so make a comment below with whichever one you like best. The time-limit is "probably a couple of days, but definitely in time for the weekend."

StewartX - Double Rainbow in Borderlands 2. It's... so.. beautiful. What does this mean?

gr4j0m3r - The Crows are Circling in Alan Wake.

Jepp - Getting Big-Headed in Saints Row: The Third.

Beema - Killing Dragons with bits of sharp wood in Skyrim.

Pablo - Disrupting to the MAX in Just Cause 2.

Whichever wins we'll add a little "by <name>" before we put it up on Facebook (and fingers crossed we don't lose any quality when we upload it!)

What's your favourite?

Screenshot Shortlister of the South

Roundup: Discounts and Competitions Galore

This week has been jam-packed with deals, competitions and other goings-on! Because there's so much, as ever, we have the handy subsections. Share and enjoy...

  • Borderlands 2, Chivalry, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown are 35% off with an awesome voucher, just enter this code when you have one of these games in the basket: GMG35-5BRU6-ZDRX7
  • Hundreds of other digital titles are 25% off with this voucher too: GMG25-UAAHK-6AI9S
  • You could even use it on the New Games to hit our shelves, such as LEGO Lord of the Rings - just think, 25% off and it's not even out yet.
Those vouchers don't stack together, at all, but you'll be able to find games that are already discounted on the site and probably put one or the other on top for extra! 

  • Keep us Covered on Facebook - we want your awesome screenshots for a cover photo. If it goes well, too. Fame and glory can be yours!  Below is one of our submissions, look at Reuben there. Glorious.
  • Bargain Bucket Workshop Week - help make GMG better and win a game for it, too.

Other general bits and pieces

Mitch, a regular reviewer of games for GMG, has written about Warfighter. I figure it's something to do with wars and how he fights in them.

Further Skyrim DLC has been announced, called Dragonborn.

Related, more information about The Elder Scrolls MMO has come to light. I'm still not sure I'm actually convinced. I think the TES series spark is lost as soon as it becomes a multiplayer game. There's absolutely no room for compromise. You know it's true.

A release date for a second GTA V trailer has been announced by Rockstar, though until the trailer actually gets here I'm not sure how that's news. Don't get me wrong, we're excited. But really? 

Summarily summarising the week, with a penchant for probably forgetting lots of what happened.

Multiple Vouchers Incoming

Massive deals abound to give you a full weekend of gaming at a price we know you'll love. It's as easy as ABC.

A is for the Aliens you'll be pulverising in XCOM,
B is for the Borderlands you'll be blowing apart with your six-shooter that fires acid bullets faster than you can spit,
C is for Chivalry, and all the heads you'll be decapitating

Easy as...

1. Grab what you want
2. Cram this code* into the checkout for 35% off Borderlands 2, Chivalry or XCOM Enemy Unknown:


3. Immerse yourself in the awesome power of videogames.

Are you not a fan of swords, guns or being in command? No matter what your preference is you can use this code for 25% off of hundreds of other digital titles:


Perhaps instead you're keen to strike from the shadows, taking down specific targets without them ever knowing you were there. Perhaps you're waiting for Agent 47 in Hitman: Absolution.

Chief Deal Rustler on Voucher Ranch

*Codes listed on this post are valid until 16th November 1200 UTC (GMT). The codes can't stack together.

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition Keys

Update: All customers should now have a key in their account. We apologise the delay and thank everybody for their patience. The game is now back on sale and the offer is valid until 12PM GMT today.

If you're not sure whether or not you have a key, visit the my keys section by clicking on your username in the top right and selecting the 'My Keys' option. If you see the game listed but no key, please get in touch with our support team.

- GMG Team

Original Post Below:

Due to the popularity of our offer, we've temporarily run out of stock of Battlefield 3 Premium keys. We're aware of the problem and aiming to get keys to those affected as soon as we possibly can, and we'll update everyone on the blog and Twitter as soon as keys are available.The game has temporarily been removed the main site until all current customers have been supplied with keys, and new keys are entered into our system.To any users who took advantage of the Battlefield 3 Premium offer but haven't received a key from us, there is no need to create a support ticket as we're aware of all users who currently do not have keys. If you've already created a ticket, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.- GMG Team

Hitman Absolution: Plenty of Wardrobe

Hitman: Absolution is less than 2 weeks away, I'm so excited I've already been thinking about taking the wire for my mouse and garrotting George, who sits next to me. I probably won't though. I mean, we don't even have any cupboards to put him in afterwards.

In this Ultimate Assassin trailer we see Agent 47 quickly showing off a number of disguises, running through fiery buildings, blowing stuff up, looking for aliens in a cornfield, pushing people (rudely), shooting, being shot at, and blowing more stuff up.  Most importantly, he doesn't care about looking at the explosions, because he is Agent 47. Cool guys don't look at explosions.

You can pre-purchase it now from GMG and save 25% with this awesome code, too: 


6th Best Assassin in Retail (MCV Certified)

Mitch Reviews: Medal of Honor Warfighter

Is Medal of Honor: Warfighter a worthy successor to 2010’s installment or has its honour been tarnished?


The story follows Tier 1 operators as they travel around the world to prevent a terrorist attack from taking place.   Whilst the story may sound fairly commonplace for a military shooter, what helps it to stand out is the emotional, family aspect of it, which sees protagonist Preacher trying to amend his marriage as he balances it against his military duties.


Due to the short campaign, you won’t have much time to grow fond of your characters but you’ll still feel a certain attachment to them because of the relationships they’ve formed together. The game never attempts to place you alongside the characters, but makes more of an effort to have you play witness to their story.

The team from the 2010 reboot appear again and are as likable as they ever were, with Preacher taking the spotlight, shining it on his family issues and life-changing choices.  New characters such as Stump are introduced, but you won’t have many interactions with them beyond playing a few missions and seeing them in a handful of cutscenes. Their brief screentime is enjoyable, but overall serves the purpose of padding out the team.


The gameplay is tight and has added weight as to not make you feel like you’re handling a toy gun, with every penetrating bullet rewarding you with a sense of achievement.   Melee is satisfying and you’ll be presented with a short animation showing you stealthily axing someone from behind or going in for a brutal kill before you can be spotted.

The standout thing for me was the sniping; whilst it is simple, it takes concentration and tact to be able to successfully lay your enemies to waste. Warfighter takes realism one step further and adds bullet drop to the gunplay, forcing you to aim that bit higher when further away so that the bullet can travel the distance and make a hit.

There’s no customisation in the campaign but the weapons come fitted with standard scopes, suppressors, and more, and there is a large array of weapons to choose from including sniper rifles, assault rifles and heavy machine guns. All feel different and will come useful at different parts of the story, constantly encouraging you to venture out of your comfort zone to include more variety.

You can lean to aid yourself in making a quick shot and shift back down again but this isn’t half as useful as the sliding mechanic is. When utilised correctly, you’ll save yourself many restarts as you slide away from enemy fire.

Graphics & Audio

Character models may look unpolished and rough but the guns, cutscenes, light, and weather effects look outstanding. Danger Close is clearly proud of this as many levels feature pouring rain, muzzle flares, spotlights and flickering lights and an abundance of explosions. Just be prepared to see a lot of rain and darkness.

The CGI cutscenes could have benefitted from more time but they make a nice change of pace from the in-game cutscenes also heavily featured in Warfighter. They contain some heart-wrenching moments, particularly later in the story that wouldn’t have had the same effect with the games somewhat shoddy character models.

The graphics overall are quite strong and there wasn’t any noticeable screentear, despite how much may be going on at any given time, and everything runs smoothly.

The audio is best experienced with surround sound or good quality headphones, allowing you to catch the full effect as you’re going to constantly being surrounded by bangs.


Multiplayer plays it safe and offers standard game modes such as capture the flag, team deathmatch, and objective.  It has a strong focus on teamwork not seen in many other first-person shooters.   You’re assigned a fireteam buddy who will spawn on you and vice versa for points. You’re rewarded experience for co-operating and won’t find much room for being a lone wolf, especially when people are forming plans with their friends on how to win. This is a standout feature but isn’t unique to the series.

There are 6 classes and you can pick what nation to represent but you’ll most likely head in to the game with a class in mind that you’ll be familiar with. Servers are good and there is minimum lag in a game of 20 people, making for a smooth experience.

Lasting Appeal  

Although the campaign lasts roughly 6 hours on normal mode, you can look forward to the strong multiplayer which should see a healthy amount of players for the foreseeable future, just like the first installment in the reboot had and still does.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter doesn’t push any boundaries and doesn’t try anything unique, but it’s still a strong game in its own right and should be experienced, especially if you’re a fan of the series or enjoy modern day shooters in general.

Mitchell is a freelance journalist and senior moderator at Playfire. You can find more of his work at or contact him at

Think Warfighter is your kind of game? See if it's available in your region on Green Man Gaming

Bargain Banner Workshop Week

UPDATE 13.50 GMT November 15th: We've picked a winner! Congratulations to H1N1337!

We've been seeing a great community involvement on our Keep Us Covered post with some truly awesome submissions, and while that's running we're putting out something extra too...

You've likely seen the Bargain Bucket page on our site, and like our new Hot Deals page, we want a hot new banner to put at the top of it, and we want your ideas! The idea we like best will receive a copy of Chivalry.  You could even call it a banner tithe, suitably called for the godly picture you will paint for us.

At 1200 UTC Thursday November 15th we'll look over all the entries, choose our favourite and then provide the winner with a copy of Chivalry! Then just sit back, relax and watch your creation immortalised on the GMG website.


  • That your submission has the words "Bargain Bucket" and preferably a slogan / tagline. It doesn't need to have a bucket in it.
  • That you don't enter anything smutty or dodgy. Be cool, guys.
  • That you host the file (if you've made one) on imgur. A brief description of your idea is also fine, in place of an image.
  • That you include your GMG username so we can contact you if you win.
  • That you submit it before the above time.
  • Yourself, before you wreck yourself.

Did not check himself, and so nearly wrecked himself.

New to GMG: November 7th

Hey gamers,

Let me axe you a question, have you seen that Chivalry is now available on Green Man Gaming?

Well then... Let me axe you another question, did you see my incredibly lyrical poem about it? No? Below is the enhanced special edition:

You can now wield swords and maces,
To crack shields and faces.


Behold our other works, now in the great compendium of Green Man Gaming:

Until next time, gentle townsfolk.

Town Crier and Aspiring Poet

I heard you like Dragonborn

Behold! A trailer for the recently announced and upcoming DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn

Check out the trailer below and tell us why you're excited!

Director General of Running Away from Dragons and Not Falling Off Cliffs

Keep us covered on Facebook

Hey gamers of the world,

In order to keep our look fresh we like to update our Facebook cover photo pretty often. We want you to help us by commenting with your most awe-inspiring, action-packed game screenshots (preferably from imgur or Steam's cloud if applicable), then after a week we'll take a few of these and put it to a vote on Facebook. You might say it's a competition, of sorts.

We'll change this up every so often, and if we think one screenshot is particularly awesome we'll use it anyway.

Time to keep us covered and maybe get your name up on our page for a spell!

Community Overlord Supreme & Amateur Game Photographer

Football Manager 2013 at 35% Off!

I'll admit I don't know much about football, but many of the guys here in the office do, and I've been learning a lot.

I'm told it involves groups of men kicking a ball around a field in the hopes of winning some sort of prize, like the ones picture above, from famous Football club Rangers FC, who have probably won the famous World Series at least six times.

Apparently the act of moving the ball around is so complicated that other people called 'Managers' are put in charge of the people who kick the ball.

Their job is to make sure all the people who are kicking the ball are the BEST ball kickers available, so that the team can win more prizes, like free ice cream and discount vouchers at KFC.

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