Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition North American keys available

A very brief announcement that may make your weekend that much better - we can now announce that we have more stock available for the Digital Edition in North America!

Just click this link to check it out.

We have approximately 500 copies, so they could well run out fast. Especially if you're a savvy gamer and know where to look for a voucher to use.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Game Watch: Hitman Absolution

New screens have been released on Hitman: Absolutions Contracts mode. Looks like it'll be a riot (though if you're a master of subterfuge, stealth and stabbing, a very quiet riot).
In addition to checking out the screens, make sure you check out this trailer explaining the whole Contracts mode if you haven't already! It's entirely removed from the storyline, but still looks great fun.

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Roundup: FM13 Beta & SEGA Deals

Welcome to the first Roundup post on our brand new blog!

Events at GMG you should read about:

Deals for the weekend:
  • There's quite a few lined up for this weekend, with SEGA Deals offering up to 75% off on selected titles. Make sure you check out our blog post about it.
  • That same blog post also has a final reminder on our 20% store voucher. Remember, you can use it multiple times.

What the GMG team are playing:
  • A lot of us have been playing Borderlands 2!
  • Arun - "Giving DOTA 2 another spin"
  • Rob - Train Simulator 2013 - London to Brighton  (Mark: Train Sim, Rob... AGAIN?)
What we've been looking at:

Football Manager 2013 - Beta Access

Hey football fans,

We've now received confirmation that we will be able to offer the beta access to Football Manager 2013 to our users.  We can also confirm the release date as November 2nd 2012.

Beta access begins approximately 2 weeks before the above release date, and when it ticks over to the release date, your game will automatically update to the final release version.  We've also heard that all game progress from the beta will be accessible in the final version! No wasted hours!

If you're looking to pre-purchase FM2013, you can right now from Green Man Gaming.

(PS: Check out this post from yesterday for an assortment of letters and numbers)

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Game Watch: Dishonored - The Tales from Dunwall

Bethesda Softworks have published a 3-part animated movie on their upcoming supernatural assassin title Dishonored.  To help you pass some time in your soon-to-end wait for this game, we've collected all three right here for you.


You can also find plenty of Dishonored gameplay videos and developer documentaries if you want to check out more, just head over to their YouTube channel.

Or if you're interested in picking up the title from Green Man Gaming, click here.

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New Deals: September 27th

Good Thursday to you Internet,

I come with tidings of SEGA deals, available at Green Man Gaming, with big deals on select titles each day for the rest of the week.  There's more than I'm going to list here, so check out our homepage and have a browse.

And our 20% voucher is available for just a few more days, expiring at 1100 UTC October 1st. Forgot it?


Deals so hard, you'll just derp.

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Playfire Favourite: Borderlands 2

Has Borderlands 2 managed to re-capture the cel-shaded magic of the first title? Or, more importantly, has it brought enough guns? I can safely say it does and that it goes above and beyond the first game.


The story is much more engrossing and substantial than it was in Borderlands and really gives you a scope for how important it is that you stop Handsome Jack.
You are tasked with thwarting Handsome Jack’s plans which will allow him to take control of the world – this would be bad, folks.

Although the story is well told, to learn more about the story and characters I strongly encourage you to do plenty of side-missions to collect the audio logs for an abundance of background information.


Many new characters are introduced alongside the familiar favourites such as Dr. Zed, Tannis, Moxxi and the original Vault Hunter crew, and they are all as quirky and likeable as we remember them to be, with the Vault Hunter group being given a personality outside of audio logs this time round.
Sadly, your character’s backstory is limited to audio logs and outside of those the most you’ll hear of them is grunting and screaming during battle.

Gearbox prove their ability to create unique characters with Tiny Tina, although it’s highly debatable whether she’s annoying or endearing, and Sir Hammerlock who is a retired adventurer after he lost his arm to a Thresher Maw.

Claptrap is still a lovable idiot who refers to you as ‘minion’ throughout the entirety of the game but he provides much comic relief and you will genuinely care for him at times, as you will with many of the characters.


Borderlands 2 manages to stand out in the crowd of first-person shooters by including solid RPG mechanics and a wide array of unique weaponry – no two weapons are the same and this is emphasised by their attributes such as being able to set fire, corrode, electrocute and explode enemies.
The skill trees make a return and allow you to upgrade defence, offence and special abilities, allowing you to play to a style that suits you best. If you make a mistake in placing your skill points, you can reset them at a character customisation panel.

Although you are given the option to whizz through the main story, you’re essentially forced to do plenty of side-missions to level up your character so that they stand a shadow of a chance against later enemies. Luckily, the side-missions are enjoyable and sometimes hilarious and so there’s not much to complain about, but for someone who would prefer to focus on them after the main story, it’s an annoyance that the difficulty levels spike unnaturally high between areas.


The gorgeous cel-shaded art returns and gives character and colour to a world that faces its darkest times. We’re treated to a fantastic world with much more diversity than the first instalment; we now have snowy tundra, barren wastelands and dank caverns to visit across the expansive map.
It’s an absolute delight to look at and this is aided by the lack of screen tearing and through its steady frame-rate.

Character models are easy on the eyes – especially Moxxi – if not a bit jerky when they try to look at you indirectly or are performing an action.
Sanctuary Citizens and bandits are mostly re-used models that you’ll eventually grow bored of, but, luckily, that doesn’t matter when you’re aiming to blow their heads off anyway.

You can customise your characters hairstyle colour and their clothing colour, giving you a sense of individuality in a world where you will come across many forms of Maya, Zer0, Salvador and Axton.

If you’re playing on PC then you are in for a real treat as the PhysX engine delivers new layers not seen on PS3 or Xbox 360 such as sprawling dust and debris, environmental damage such as barrel leaks and cloth tearing and it all looks much more satisfying. It’s something that needs to be seen in action rather than read about as otherwise, like I had done, you may be thinking, ‘Nah, the PhysX engine just adds a few insignificant details’, and while it may not change the experience, it makes the action much more satisfying.


The soundtrack gets your adrenaline pumping during battles but otherwise it’s quite tame and not something you’ll find yourself humming tunes from when you’re not playing the game.

Guns, explosions, voice acting and Claptraps beat boxing sound spectacular and never outstay their welcome. You’ll also become best friends with your characters scream as they go in to ‘Fight for your life!’ mode as you will go down. A lot.

Quite possibly my biggest complaint involves audio logs and characters communicating to you. They constantly overlap each other and, unlike in the first game, you can’t replay audio logs so if a character decides to talk over it, subtitles will not save you and you won’t have another chance to listen to them. This is a giant flaw in a game that heavily relies on audio logs to inform you of characters backstories such as why the new Vault Hunters have come to Pandora.

Lasting Appeal

There may be no competitive multi-player but Borderlands shows that not every game needs it, that all it needs is a reason to re-visit the world created by providing an intriguing story which can be played through alone or with friends and family.
Also, with plenty of upcoming DLC and many Easter eggs, you will have many reasons to re-visit Pandora and many new locations.

If an immersive adventure is what you’re looking for then make sure to purchase Borderlands 2 and, if you can, convince others to buy it too as it makes for a much more enjoyable experience than when you are playing the game alone.

Mitchell is a freelance journalist, Senior Moderator at Playfire. You can find more of his work at or contact him at

New to GMG: September 26th

Welcome to another New to GMG post. Here are some of the titles to hit our store in the past week. There's often more than this, and to keep up to date you can always check out our What's New page (which after user feedback, is now in the top nav bar for our blog).

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Brave New Blog

 Hey gamers,

As you can see, we have a new blog! We're quite pleased with how it looks, much more in keeping with our new site design, too.  Some older posts we've had put up might look a bit odd but I'll be correcting these, so not to worry.

Also, you can post comments! What do you think?

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New Deals: September 24th

Good afternoon gamers of the world,

Our 20% voucher has been extended until the end of September, meaning you can continue to save on games. Remember this code is multiple use, meaning each time you checkout you can use it again! Here's the code, in case you forgot the secret combination of awesome to discounted hit games (like Borderlands 2!):


In case you want a discount on, say, Sleeping Dogs, use this code instead for 30% off: GMGSD-W3R94-DZBAZ

Both of these codes will expire at 1100 UTC October 1st.

Looking for something specific to use it on? Well if you're eligible for EA products, check out our homepage for a variety of discounts across multiple game series!

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Scheduled maintenance tonight

Attention gamers,

Due to scheduled maintenance on external systems, no one will be able to purchase EA, Bethesda, or Namco Bandai titles from Green Man Gaming for a brief period.

The maintenance will begin at 0000 UTC Tuesday 25th until 0200 UTC Tuesday 25th.  Once this maintenance is completed users will be able to purchase these publishers’ products again.

Thank you for your patience. 

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Get Free Game, Trade in for XCOM Enemy Unknown

Hey gamers,

You know GMG gives away quite a few games. In the past few months we've given away more than half a dozen, and it's time for another one. From right now until 1100 UTC September 22nd you can pick up Age of Fear completely free.

What makes this game giveaway even better? Well if you aren't interested by Age of Fear, you have the option to trade it in immediately to save a fistful of dollars on XCOM: Enemy Unknown!

Check out this page for information.  Sometimes free means a whole lot more!

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State of Playfire - September 21st 2012

Hi Firestarters,
We post status updates on site changes roughly every two weeks (sometimes more often), so that everyone knows what we're working on in terms of features, bug fixes and game tracking.
If you have any questions please post them in the blog comments and we’ll do our best to answer them.
Borderlands 2 Competition Winner
Is…. Bloodycrow! Congrats to you, Mr. Crow - you should have a PM in your inbox right now.
For those wondering, the answers were 1. HL: Blue Shift, 2. Samba De Amigo 3. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 4. HL: Decay, 5. Duke Nukem Forever 6. James Band 007: Nightfire, 7. Brother in Arms: Earned in Blood, 8. Half Life: Opposing Force. 
Thanks to everyone that entered, and for those that don’t have a gaming computer, we’ll be doing a multi-format competition soon!
Game Pages
We’re nearly done with game pages and they should be live to all users by the middle of next week. You can check out the new look here. 
When we took a look at the Feedback, one of the things people often commented on was how generic game pages are, and how they didn’t really have a reason to ever visit them.
New game pages are designed to be a little more useful and interesting. If you’ve taken an awesome screenshot or want to write a description of game, you can now do so. Right now, we’ll be accepting links to trailers, but soon we’ll also be allowing multiple videos on game pages, so you can even embed your own Let’s Play and Gameplay videos.

You’ll also be able to read a game buzz and post a buzz about that game from the page itself, as well as view your achievements for that game.
This is the first big change we’ve made to pages for a while, and as we add more features like blogs and reviews back to the site, the game pages will expand too accommodate those features. 
Please use the forum and feedback to report problems or suggest new features as you use game pages next week, this will help us find bugs and improve the site. 
Other Changes
‘Liking’ a buzz post will no longer send you a notification, so you can ‘Like’ all you want without having to worry about the site spamming you. We may turn this back on as an optional feature in the future. We’ll be rolling this out over the weekend to all users.
We’ve also been working on a problem on some profiles with ‘missing achievement errors’ breaking their site and have come up with a solution we should be rolling out on Monday. 

What’s Next?
We’ve got some small fixes to make across the site over the next few weeks, but for now we want to take feedback on game page changes from both users and our administration team, identify any bugs that might come up in different browsers, and get some layout tweaks sorted for the pages.
 After that, we’ll talk about the next steps with game pages and game collections. 

New Deals: September 20th

Hey all,
We've got a weekend of deals for 2K titles this time.  A couple of them are games that some of you guys have been asking about to, so we happily present the following, as examples of some incredible deals on Green Man Gaming!

Don't forget too, our 20% voucher is also available on hundreds of titles in Green Man Gaming's catalogue, and is valid until 1100 UTC September 25th:


Community Manager

GMG's Sapphire HD7970 Competition Winners

Hey all,
The staff votes are in and tallied, and we can now announce the winners of our Sapphire HD7970 Competition. So here is is, the highest voted image:

LEGO HOT WHEELS: Congratulations to frizzyo, winner of the Sapphire HD7970 graphics card!

Our runners-up were 1Life0Continues, with their picture of Wei Shen Kart, and Gaxtly, with a charming rendition of Curious George! You guys are the winners of our Red Faction Guerilla figures!

Thanks for everyone's entry, we had a blast running this competition and hope you all had some fun entering! To the winners of our prizes, we'll be contacting you shortly via your account's associated emails for postal addresses. 


New Deals: September 17th

Hey gamers,

Available this week is a stellar 20% code which you can use across hundreds of titles. The following code is valid until 1100 UTC September 25th:


Awesome, right? So even if you just missed our last code you can still get a big discount!

A few other deals going on:

  • 70% off Nordic games, including the ArcaniA series, the Painkiller series, InMomentum, and Genesis Rising, until 1100 UTC September 24th.

  • Use GMGSD-Q3GRW-ZNLWR to get 30% off of Sleeping Dogs. Valid until 1100 UTC September 20th - not long!

GMG Trivia: Many of us in the office have been playing FTL. It. is. amazing. So cruel and so brilliant!


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Roundup: Planning an excursion to the Borderlands?

 It's an exciting week, and next week is just gonna get better. Why? Because Borderlands 2 will be out! Here's some of the goings-on in our humble London office this week...

Events at GMG you should read about:

  • Keys for Borderlands 2 are still going out. As some of you may have seen us say on our forums or other channels, you'll all receive your key with time to preload, so there's no need to be concerned at all if you've not received yours yet.  As this game is going to be awesome we've had many thousands of orders, and it will take some time for the system to work through them all.

  • Borderlands 2 Season Pass is also now available on GMG.

  • There's just the weekend left to enter our competition for a Sapphire HD7970. Check it out and find out how to enter. Yes, it's a worldwide competition - as only GMG knows how!

Deals for the weekend:

  • There's a lot of THQ deals available, a lot of which you can see are still to come from our last blog post. In easy-to-read list form!

  • GMG25-1BW0K-K1A3G will give you 25% off of hundreds of digital titles. Valid until 1100 UTC September 17th.

A few bits we've seen this week:

State of Playfire - September 14, 2012

Hi Firestarters,
We'll be posting status updates on technical changes roughly every two weeks, so that everyone knows what we're working on in terms of features, bug fixes and game tracking.
Game Pages
Last week we said game pages would be rolled out early next week, so where are they? Firstly, we noticed some fairly big design issues that didn’t show up in tests but occurred when we put the new pages live for Staff and Administrators. We’re working on those right now. You might see some whacky designs appear and vanish on the game pages as we test things out.
Secondly, we’ve had our hands full repairing some tracking problems (see below!) that took priority. Games pages will begin to get rolled out to users from next week onwards; I’ll be posting again as soon as we start sending them out.
Game Tracking
Playfire uses a set of accounts to track information from Xbox, and when we moved servers, these accounts all got locked out because they were coming from a different location. This has meant every single account had to be manually restored by myself and a team of highly trained but easily distracted space hamsters.
The hamsters have now been sent home, and we’ve rolled out two fixes; one early yesterday evening and one today which should result in a big update for most Xbox 360 gamers. It could take up to 48 hours for the fix to get to everyone so please be patient. If you want to know more about our efforts with tracking, or report a problem, please do so here, and tell your friends to do so as well, if they have similar issues.
Buzz Reporting
You can now report problems directly from the Buzz feed. You can report either a whole post or an individual comment, which alerts the moderators to the problem. We hope this will make it easier for you guys to talk to the moderators without having to PM them, and it means that more of the mods can quickly help out with problems rather than just hoping they catch trolls and spammers.
Trolling has been highlighted by lots of different users as a big problem here, and we’re doing everything we can to make it clear we won’t tolerate it on Playfire. Everyone can help with this by letting us know of any abuse or problems they’ve had through the report system – we can’t read every single post that comes up, so tell us when something is wrong!
- Wayward & The Playfire Team