The Cats of Skyrim

We received a very unique message not too long ago.  A mysterious stranger approached us about Dawnguard, with a tale of inspiration, obsession and desperation.  Find here his tale, and remember it well:

I haven't even been outside, seen daylight, or eaten anything since Skyrim was released. I've been declared deceased by my state, and all of my family has since moved on. I have 10 cats, all of them named after cities in Skyrim. Last week, Whiterun drank the last of my water and now Riverwood and Falkreath are dehydrated. Since the key for Dawnguard won't be ready for a week, maybe I can use this opportunity to stand up so my legs don't atrophy.

So moved was I by this man's strife that I journeyed from Riften to Markarth in search of the Dawnguard Key. I found it! Deep in a cavern inhabited by Spriggan. I later heard from this man again

Thank Talos! I was so excited by your response that I let all of my cats know. I've taught them to speak in the language of dragons, so i'll have to translate what was said. "Meow meow! Meow meow meow! Meow Meow!". This means, "We're hungry! Please feed us! We're dying!". I too was dying to be fed more Skyrim, so we all celebrated by redeeming the Dawnguard key you promptly provided.

After this support ticket is closed, I'm guessing all of you will level up. I suggest you spend your perk point on either Archery or Sneak.

(P.S: I don't have any problems with you sharing my story. Since I'm Dragonborn most of Skyrim already knows who I am; even the Greybeards, which is a big deal. I don't expect any level if anonymity if you so choose.)

Perhaps we'll hear from this man again. We're not sure. He'll surely be leaving the cats in care of his kin as he journeys forth once more. Best of luck, Dragonborn.