New Year's Deals from Green Man

Hey gamers of the world,

Did you all have a great Christmas period? I hope so. I can tell you that I spent most of mine playing a lot of Chivalry and Crusader Kings II with about 40 hours between them in the last two weeks.

But enough of that - you're here for the DEALS! Here are the deals for the next couple of days:

Monday 31st December 
Tuesday 1st January
Wednesday 2nd January
Rewards of being a GMG user!

For those of you keen to secure your titles of choice for next year, order now and get fantastic credit or cashback rewards!  I've put a couple of examples below, but also included the full list just so you don't miss any:

Devil May Cry will give you  £5/€5/$7 cashback or £7/€7/$10 GMG Credit

Omerta City of Gangsters gives £5/€5/$7 cashback or £7/€7$10 GMG Credit

Hitman Absolution gives £3/€4/$5 cashback or £5/€6/$7 GMG Credit

You can see other cool cashback deals on our Coming Soon page!

Still looking for more? You must be because you're almost all the way through this post! You can also use this 30% voucher* on hundreds of digital products at GMG right now! You can use it again and again, too. How's that for a stellar offer?


That's GMG wishing you a Happy New Year!

Medieval Master Extraordinaire

*Voucher may not be applicable on certain deals, including credit and cashback offers.