GMG Rewards: Cashback or GMG Credit!

Edit: Just a quick note to point out the artwork on the top of the blog was found courtesy of the folks at PixelJoint.

What are Cashback and Creditback?

Cashback and GMG Credit are great ways to make huge savings on next years biggest game titles.

Why pay full price for a pre-order when you can shop at GMG and receive either money back straight to your bank account, or instant credit on your GMG account to spend on any other game. Here’s some examples of how you can save:

Tomb Raider: Pay £26.99 and receive either £5 back to your bank account or £7 straight to your GMG account - that means the final price of one of 2013’s most exciting new releases could be as low as £19.99

Crysis 3: Pay £39.99 for Crysis 3 today and you can claim £5 back, or £7 to your GMG account to spend on any game you want - a final price as low as £32.99, cheaper than THIS YEARS blockbusters in some stores.

Company of Heroes 2: We’re offering a huge £6 cashback or £9 credit on this title, which means you’ll have enough cash in your account after buying Company of Heroes 2 to purchase one of over 300 full price games under £9 on the GMG store.

There’s even more deals available on our Coming Soon page, including Cashback and GMG Credit on South Park, SimCity, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Dead Space 3.

How does it all work?

The process is very easy - simply go through the GMG Checkout with the game you want, and before you pay, you can choose either GMG Credit or Cashback. Credit will be placed in your account instantly - Cashback can take up to 3 days to return depending on your bank, but the process is entirely automatic.

Why can’t I use a voucher on these deals?

GMG is dedicated to providing a range of promotions and offers to users around the world. Sometimes due things like regional restrictions or publisher requests we can’t always offer the same promotions on the same titles, but rest assured we’ll be running great voucher deals next year and beyond!