GMG Favourites of 2012 - James

The three favourite games of James (that's me! :o ) this year. It's been a good year.

I've sunk something like 65 hours into this game so far, and having finished the normal mode, a number of these have been put into the Ironman Impossible mode (or, "I heard you like pain and suffering" mode) trying to vainly get past the first couple of months.

It's one of those games that has no problem telling you that you're stupid, ultimately. Set a soldier to overwatch with an alien in sight? That alien knows to sit still and/or shoot you. Oh and lord how it brings you to cruel, cruel ends for your soldiers.  Forgot to pack that medkit? You'll probably end up getting poisoned.
There's a lot of methods to pick up in the gameplay. A lot of which I've learned from watching others play, or posting tips online. Things like the cover mechanic in almost every possibility, with red angry alien faces when they're safe, and sad yellow ones when they're in trouble.

But even when you pick up the sound strategies on how to operate, you'll still get those Council Missions sending you off to save civilians getting terrorised by very aggressive Chryssalids, which is likely to destroy an entire squad if you're not careful.

In a similar vein to XCOM, Chivalry is a lesson in dying, but this time it's more visceral and first-person-y. Oh and instead of AI killing you, it's just other people who are equally as wily, bloodthirsty and silly as you.

There's a few different game modes, with extermination rounds between the two factions (Agatha and Mason), all vs. all deathmatches, as well as team based objectives, but all of that is largely to frame the killing of each other.
That satisfying moment when you have a billhook that you stab towards the Man at Arms charging you and they drop to the floor, the dodging back and panicked parrying when you're trying to survive 3 enemies all around you (usually ends in your death), or those hilarious mistakes where you're trying to help a teammate getting attacked by three enemies, and of all the people to hit, you throw a knife directly into your teammate's head. That last one happened last night and I'm still sorry about it, guy.

Definitely check out this video on the advanced combat tricks if you're interested. The guy is fearsome:

Dishonored surprised me. I'm not sure what I was expecting other than a super-charged assassin going around a-hacking-and-a-slashing, but I was quite happily running through the game as Nice Corvo (putting people to sleep rather than to rest) to get the good ending, and then went through again as Crazy Corvo, stabbing, shooting and exploding literally everything.

The only negative point with Nice Corvo play is that you can either subdue people by strangling them, or fire a sleeping dart. That's it. Two options. But when it comes to Crazy Corvo, it gets a lot more fun.
Favourite strategy? Stop time, and speedily run around stabbing as many people before time starts again. Especially fun when you double jump up to the Big Boys and watch them collapse after.

Sometimes I wonder if it's bad to relish a game about assassination and stabbing so much, but then I just keep playing because it's hilarious.

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