GMG Favourites of 2012 - George

As the year approaches the end, the natural discussion of "What was your game of the year?" comes up in all corners of our office. We figured this is definitely a discussion for everyone. We'll have a couple of these blog posts. First up is George - despite being given the choice of choosing three games, he just went with a stalwart racing title.

The world of F1 has been fantastic lately – with a hard fought world championship going to Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel, and a massive 8 different drivers winning a race – Codemasters F1 2012 had a lot to live up to.

F1 2012 was yet again, a massive improvement over the previous year's title. With major changes to the AI and the handling (once you got used to that mega understeer!), it has made for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Along with these improvements, Codemasters overall support has been fantastic. With 12 – that’s right TWELVE - patches since its release, they have ironed out the bugs and further improved the AI.

Along with the good changes came the bad – with the removal of (proper) tyre scaling, it slightly tarnished the appeal of those 25/50% races due to being able to go ¾ of the race on the option tyres before needing to stop.

F1 2012’s multiplayer once again gave the upper hand to those that wished to play without assists like traction control (such as myself), meaning I no longer had to turn that filthy traction control on to stand a chance of not spinning out at the first sight of a curb, or even just being able to keep up with the other online players through those pesky chicanes.

Unfortunately F1 2012 is still plagued by ‘rammers’ that seem to think they are actually playing ‘F1 2012 – Ben-Hur Edition’, either trying their hardest to spin you out on corners or just using you as a brake after a long straight. However, when you finally get into a race with other competent racers  – you suddenly feel like the next Fernando Alonso or Jenson Button, pulling off those immense overtaking manoeuvres that have people gasping while they watch you on TV – only to quickly remember that you’re actually sat at your PC. There have been many races where I’ve found myself punching the air after either scoring a well fought win, or even a recovery drive into the points. This is what sets F1 2012 apart from other racing games – you really feel like you have achieved something even though you may have finished 4th.

Another nice feature in F1 2012 is the RaceNet integration, Codemasters new racing hub, where you can take part in a time trial scenario taking on other players in the world in an attempt to post the fastest time (and I freely admit to spending a good few hours trying to improve my time by mere tenths).

Being a fan of motorsport, and F1 in particular, it was a bit of a no brainer for my Game of the Year. Once again, Codemasters delivered a fantastic racing game.

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