Winter Wonderland Viking Stash

UPDATE 10th December 2012: Congratulations to #IAmTheBeard winners @jamuelscones @nd1razor @fumblebrothers @jmood88 and @griffmiester ! Thanks everyone for your entries and keep your eyes open for other competitions!

Is it because it's Winter? Is it Movember?  Who cares, it's a competition!

The savvy deal-hunters bravely exploring the wilderness for the best bargains available...

But are you one of the bearded few? At 1000 GMT on December 7th we will select 5 winners who will each win one woolen knit beard as pictured above (possibly in another beard colour, no guarantees it'll match your own hair, but that's okay because you'll look brilliant anyway), and their choice of 3 out of the 5 games in the picture above (A Game of Dwarves, Chivalry, Crusader Kings 2, Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition and Skyrim). Please see the terms at the bottom for all that extra boring but need-to-know information.*

To enter our competition just click the two buttons below...

Doesn't like editing .jpg and has a medium-tier beard.

*Winners will be contacted via DM on Twitter will need to provide a GMG username so we can contact you by email. Upon confirmation said Twitter account will be given a shout-out. For digital prizes you will be provided vouchers to be redeemed on the GMG website. Please bear in mind regional restrictions may apply for some titles (e.g., Skyrim). For physical items we will need a physical address to send them to, and delivery may take a considerable amount of time. If you do not provide a physical address when requested after being selected as a winner for a prize we will be forced to choose another winner. GMG is not responsible for any loss or damage of prizes on receipt. Be the Beard.