State of Playfire - 27th November 2012

As many users have reported, we’ve had issues with tracking across all three formats in the last few weeks, and where the PS3 and Steam accounts are concerned, we’ve been fixing them as they occur.
Unfortunately we’ve had larger problems with the XBOX360 tracking, which have lead to much slower updates for many users. We’re aware of these problems with the automatic tracking, but currently we’re working on our completely new tracking system rather than focusing on repairing the old one.  
We will still fix intermittent issues as best we can, however the solution really lays in our rebuild of tracking as a whole.  Your patience on this is very much appreciated as we are working on the future of the site.
We should have a Beta ready for users in December, and more info in the next couple of weeks on how the system will work. The first platform that we’re focusing on for the new system is the 360 (where we have had the most significant issues), with PC and PS3 to follow soon after.
In the meantime, we’re doing all we can to keep the 360 updates coming through without slowing down our work on a full solution. Unfortunately updating the 360 tracking is more intensive than other formats right now. Our priority is to come up with a system that is both much faster and more reliable!
In the meantime, please be aware that mods and game admins are not in control of this system at all and while they would love to help solve game tracking problems, they have no ability to do so!  Please bear with us, as we know we are building something great.
Following some feedback, we’re being careful to approach use of the blog in a way that doesn’t spam users who aren’t as interested in all content, including a profile setting that could be used to turn off non-technical blog updates, but we’re still planning on rolling out community content in December.