Roundup: Discounts and Competitions Galore

This week has been jam-packed with deals, competitions and other goings-on! Because there's so much, as ever, we have the handy subsections. Share and enjoy...

  • Borderlands 2, Chivalry, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown are 35% off with an awesome voucher, just enter this code when you have one of these games in the basket: GMG35-5BRU6-ZDRX7
  • Hundreds of other digital titles are 25% off with this voucher too: GMG25-UAAHK-6AI9S
  • You could even use it on the New Games to hit our shelves, such as LEGO Lord of the Rings - just think, 25% off and it's not even out yet.
Those vouchers don't stack together, at all, but you'll be able to find games that are already discounted on the site and probably put one or the other on top for extra! 

  • Keep us Covered on Facebook - we want your awesome screenshots for a cover photo. If it goes well, too. Fame and glory can be yours!  Below is one of our submissions, look at Reuben there. Glorious.
  • Bargain Bucket Workshop Week - help make GMG better and win a game for it, too.

Other general bits and pieces

Mitch, a regular reviewer of games for GMG, has written about Warfighter. I figure it's something to do with wars and how he fights in them.

Further Skyrim DLC has been announced, called Dragonborn.

Related, more information about The Elder Scrolls MMO has come to light. I'm still not sure I'm actually convinced. I think the TES series spark is lost as soon as it becomes a multiplayer game. There's absolutely no room for compromise. You know it's true.

A release date for a second GTA V trailer has been announced by Rockstar, though until the trailer actually gets here I'm not sure how that's news. Don't get me wrong, we're excited. But really? 

Summarily summarising the week, with a penchant for probably forgetting lots of what happened.