Pre-purchase a game and get a 35% off voucher

And if you've been waiting patiently, this is certainly your moment to clean-up.

If you pre-purchase any of the digital titles listed below from Green Man Gaming, after the transaction you will receive a 35% off voucher valid across hundreds of digital games on our site. Once you receive it you'll have precisely 21 days to redeem it. These vouchers will not be given out after 1200 GMT December 14th. Want to know how to make the absolute most of this offer? Well simply read on...

Pre-purchase any of these games, and get a 35% off voucher in your order confirmation email (also available in your Keys page). Bear in mind regional restrictions as standard still apply:
And just before we get to the secret, there's also a trailer for Company of Heroes 2 to give some epic atmosphere when you discover it...


If you buy any one of those games listed above, you'll receive a 35% off voucher. You could use that voucher on one of the games above*, and get another voucher. Rinse and repeat til you've cleaned up! How's that for a slice of fried gold?

A good kick-off point (for those outside of the UK, sorry mates, can't sell it there yet!) is BioShock Infinite, as vouchers aren't valid on this title, but you'll still receive one if you order it. If you order it now and choose cashback you'll receive your reward as fast as your bank can process (credit wouldn't go to your account until the game releases).  Then use that cashback and your 35% voucher on another pre-purchase game so you get another 35% voucher!

That's like basically 35% off every game you'll want to play next year!

An important note, each voucher you get is single-use, and tied to your account, so make sure you're logged in, and when you use it, you mean it!

Likes sharing protips like that.

*Regional restrictions applied on certain titles as usual (BioShock Infinite not currently available in the UK, standard limitations apply on EA titles, if you can't search it on the store you won't be able to buy it). Limited stocks of promotional titles. Vouchers not valid on BioShock Infinite at this time.