Most Majestic Majestic-12 Giveaway

UPDATE 1043 Friday 23rd November: Winners have been picked! Congratulations to all of you who won!

Thanks to the creator of Majestic-12, we have a ton of copies to give away! Have a read of the game description:

Majestic-12 a 3d side-scrolling shooter in the vein of Contra mixed with Castle Crashers. The game is interesting because it's satisfying. It's like the snap a branch makes when it breaks in half, it's like biting into a giant cheeseburger. That instant OMFG cluster carnage, oh look there's depth, nom nom sensation. It makes you dropsmash the bad guys just to see if they'll form a stable squishy-pile, chocolate ice cream, hearing a whip crack.

Are you a fan of side-scrolling shooters and cluster carnage? Well for a chance to win, just follow these two simple steps:


At 10am GMT Friday November 23rd we'll choose 15 users at random who have both followed us and tweeted, and contact them with their prize!*

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*Winners will also be announced by their Twitter handles on our feed. Prizes will be provided as vouchers to be redeemed on the GMG website. Vouchers given as prizes can only be used once, so ensure you are logged in before using it. Vouchers given as prizes must be redeemed before December 1st 2012.