Keep us covered: Your choice

UPDATE 14th November: Thanks for your submissions and votes all! We put it to a tie-breaker in our department after Alan Wake and Skyrim had equal votes. Keep an eye out for our next Cover competition, too.

We've had some kick-ass submissions for this! It's been difficult but I've narrowed it down to a much smaller selection for what to use, but we figure it's a lot better that you guys make the final choice for what to put up, so make a comment below with whichever one you like best. The time-limit is "probably a couple of days, but definitely in time for the weekend."

StewartX - Double Rainbow in Borderlands 2. It's... so.. beautiful. What does this mean?

gr4j0m3r - The Crows are Circling in Alan Wake.

Jepp - Getting Big-Headed in Saints Row: The Third.

Beema - Killing Dragons with bits of sharp wood in Skyrim.

Pablo - Disrupting to the MAX in Just Cause 2.

Whichever wins we'll add a little "by <name>" before we put it up on Facebook (and fingers crossed we don't lose any quality when we upload it!)

What's your favourite?

Screenshot Shortlister of the South