Free game entering atmosphere

UPDATE 12.05 GMT Nov. 14th:
This offer has now ended, as originally stated in the post.

UPDATE 15.56: Today has been crazy at the GMG office. This is by far our biggest giveaway ever! We'd like to say a massive thanks to everyone taking part, and for sharing it with your friends and clans alike.

You can pre-load the game via Capsule as soon as you have ordered it, however keys to activate the game will not be sent out until tomorrow.  We will start distributing these keys from tomorrow afternoon (around 4pm GMT).

Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE 14.03 GMT: To alleviate current server troubles we're temporarily marking the game as Out of Stock - we've not actually run out of keys at the moment, it's just so we can take important measures to resolve the load issues! It shall be made available again soon.

UPDATE 12.49 GMT: The site is currently experiencing very heavy load. We're aware of this and are working hard on the problem. Thank you for your patience.

Behold! As this mysterious meteorite smashes to the ground, we find it's a free game, available until 1200 UTC/GMT November 14th* ...

Bring your finest commander's hat as you take to the helm of an entire faction, fighting for your own survival and claiming a stake on the red planet.  There are 4 separate playable factions. The Eurasian Dynasty are the largest human faction, who rely on sheer strength and numbers. The United Civilized States, who were previously made up of cybernetically enhanced humans, except the machines went SkyNet on them and killed them all, so now it's just robots! The Lunar Corporation are the smallest, I hear, and relatively peaceful. Not so peaceful that they don't have lasers, though! Lastly we have the Morphidian Aliens, formerly imprisoned beneath the surface of Mars, woken up by those pesky humans. We think these guys are the way to go. You wish you were as cool as those aliens.

If you're feeling particularly jovial you can even give a shout out of thanks to either us or TopWare on Facebook!

Could probably save mankind as long as it doesn't involve going through too many doors

*Or until we run out of the 50,000 keys we have for it. So grab it quick! Bear in mind that only one free game can be redeemed per IP address.