Football Manager 2013 at 35% Off!

I'll admit I don't know much about football, but many of the guys here in the office do, and I've been learning a lot.

I'm told it involves groups of men kicking a ball around a field in the hopes of winning some sort of prize, like the ones picture above, from famous Football club Rangers FC, who have probably won the famous World Series at least six times.

Apparently the act of moving the ball around is so complicated that other people called 'Managers' are put in charge of the people who kick the ball.

Their job is to make sure all the people who are kicking the ball are the BEST ball kickers available, so that the team can win more prizes, like free ice cream and discount vouchers at KFC.

Now you too can choose your very favourite FC - be it Rangers, or a good team - and put yourself in the shoes of these gods of football,  for only £20 or $26, using our wonderful 35% voucher, right here:


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- Rob
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