Bargain Banner Workshop Week

UPDATE 13.50 GMT November 15th: We've picked a winner! Congratulations to H1N1337!

We've been seeing a great community involvement on our Keep Us Covered post with some truly awesome submissions, and while that's running we're putting out something extra too...

You've likely seen the Bargain Bucket page on our site, and like our new Hot Deals page, we want a hot new banner to put at the top of it, and we want your ideas! The idea we like best will receive a copy of Chivalry.  You could even call it a banner tithe, suitably called for the godly picture you will paint for us.

At 1200 UTC Thursday November 15th we'll look over all the entries, choose our favourite and then provide the winner with a copy of Chivalry! Then just sit back, relax and watch your creation immortalised on the GMG website.


  • That your submission has the words "Bargain Bucket" and preferably a slogan / tagline. It doesn't need to have a bucket in it.
  • That you don't enter anything smutty or dodgy. Be cool, guys.
  • That you host the file (if you've made one) on imgur. A brief description of your idea is also fine, in place of an image.
  • That you include your GMG username so we can contact you if you win.
  • That you submit it before the above time.
  • Yourself, before you wreck yourself.

Did not check himself, and so nearly wrecked himself.