State of Playfire - October 29th, 2012

Game Pages
We have a number of small changes coming to game pages, a few of them are on the admin side, but there’s a couple you’ll be able to see as well, including a text limit on descriptions and some fixes to the design.
We’re also working through a backlog of game submissions that have piled up since early summer, and we hope to get through them all during November, so if you’ve submitted a game in the last few months and haven’t seen it appear on the site, you should be getting an email soon.

Playfire Emails
Those of you who have been submitting a lot of updates to game pages may have noticed we’re currently sending out a lot of emails to you. We apologise for the spam, and are looking at a way to inform you of updates without sending one email per upload.
Problems with Friend Finder
Friend finder was kicking up an error for anyone trying to use it to... find friends! It’s now working as usual, sorry for the inconvenience, please let us know if you have any further problems.
Game Tracking
Xbox 360 tracking should be working for most users, though we’re aware it can take a long time to update. We’re working purely on keeping it up and running right now while we continue to work out our new tracking system, which we’ll hopefully be able to talk about during November.
Game Collection and Reviews
Originally we wanted to focus on game collection work immediately after game pages, but as we’re now coming up to the busy Christmas period, we’re going to swap over and focus on getting a review system working first, as it’s actually a little less development work and fits in well with games pages as they work currently.  We’ll then pick up Game collection after that.
Please let us know in the comments if you have any ideas, suggestions, or things you liked / didn’t like about the old review system!
- Wayward & The Playfire Team