State of Playfire - October 10th 2012

Game Pages
Games pages should now be live to all users of Playfire; we’ve been rolling them out since Monday afternoon!
You can check them out by clicking on game box art on most places on the site. We’ve added screenshot and description uploading, video linking, and incorporated the buzz feed and your trophies into a single page rather than across two pages.
Thanks for all the feedback so far, we've tried to deliver something that appeals to the many wonderful and varied members of the community! There’s still a lot of work to do, and plenty more coming, but these pages were important for us to start with, as we can now build many other features, like reviews into them. 
We also need to work on how and when we integrate different games in a way that makes sense, and there are plenty of games we need to add, or edit, including things like the “Coming Soon…”Vita titles. Please remember that we don’t currently accept DLC or demos as game pages.
We held them back for a couple of weeks to sort some bugs and design issues, but obviously nothing tests something like this more than letting everyone play with it, so please report any bugs, problems or just general opinions on this thread.
One thing that’s already been mentioned is not being able to see friend’s trophies: We are aware of this, and it’s part of our future plans to make comparing trophies and achievements much more interesting / easy. For now, there was no quick and easy way to fit that feature back into the pages, but it’s not gone forever!
After continued Xbox tracking problems, we’ve made a big decision: We’re going to stop trying to update and fix tracking as it is now, and work on a brand new system, alongside trying to work more closely with Microsoft, Sony and Steam to provide us with faster, more accurate data.
I’ll post more about this as soon we have something more exciting to report. We’ll still be fixing errors when they come up (My personal 360 tracking just updated for the first time in a while) but we’re aware this system isn’t working in the long term for the site. Our current plans involve getting something out that you guys can actually see working before Christmas.
In the meantime please continue to report errors and problems with tracking!
 - Wayward & The Playfire Team