Roundup: 20% Code, FM13 & Civ V

It's Friday and time for a roundup of the events happening at Green Man Gaming this past week!

Events at GMG you should read about:
  • CASHBACK! Currently rolled out for XCOM: Enemy Unknown in North America.
  • The Football Manager 2013 beta is currently set for Friday October 19th. We're not currently able to send out keys but will have more information available next week.
  • Civilization V keys for all non-North American pre-purchases of XCOM: Enemy Unknown have not yet been sent out. They will go out over the course of today.
  • Competition time! We want you to come up with ideas for new Vault Hunters, for a chance to win some awesome Borderlands 2 card packs.
Maliwan: Where form meets function. On the catwalk, yeah. Do your little turn.

Deals for the weekend:
  • GMG20-FXYD1-7WHP1 will get you 20% off of hundreds of digital titles. You can use this code multiple times, once per checkout. Valid until 1100 UTC October 19th.
What the GMG team are up to:
  • Members of the team have brought in various things for an internal raffle. They don't always get first dibs on the swag that comes in the door so we have a few things lined up, such as a Tomb Raider toothbrush (given how old it is, we're not recommending anyone actually cleans their teeth with it).
What we've been looking at:

Community Manager

I am dying to go home and play XCOM Enemy Unknown. It looks so awesome.