Meteor Shower of Deals

Hey space adventurers,

We've got some stellar deals available!  Not surprising considering our mascot, Alf, comes from the further reaches of the known universe. As a result, we’re pretty much experts in all things space related.  As Charles Bolden Jr., Administrator at NASA once famously said: “We ain’t got nothing on GMG.”*

We’re showing our space colours this week with a selection of sci-fi and futuristic games at great prices.

You can check out the full range here at our Space Station of Deals (We’re calling it Battlestar Dealactica, don’t tell the lawyers), all available until 1100 UTC November 5th.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of highlights:

We’ll leave with you with a fun space fact: 4/5 aliens use GMG to buy their digital games. The other 1/5 are still bitter about XCOM, they’ll get over it. Just as soon as they patch up the Smith-esque "Welcome to Earth" party shots.

Community Manager

*To our knowledge Charles Bolden Jr. has never heard of, seen or used GMG. Doesn't mean he hasn't though.