Dishonored Pre-load from GMG

Hello gamers,

Good news! We have begun sending out all keys for Dishonored to allow users to start pre-loading. If you do not receive your key immediately please do not panic, as it may take a few hours for the system to get to your order.

You can check your Keys page here.

Our 25% code has been extended until 1100 UTC October 12th. Anyone who hasn't already pre-purchased the upcoming hits like Dishonored now has that much longer to grab it.


For users in North America, who can't use this code on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, make sure you check out this page. You can't use a voucher but you do get something no others will.

On the note of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, is everyone else as excited as I am for it? Alas cruel world, you make us wait a little longer because we're in Europe!

Community Manager