Competition: New Vault Hunter

To celebrate the recent release of the Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC, we've got three packs of badass Borderlands 2 Top Trumps to give away, and paired with each of them is a sweet Borderlands 2 keyring!

How do you have a chance at winning some swag?

We want to hear your ideas for a new vault hunter type and their special move. Comment on our blog with your idea and sign off with your GMG username before 1100 UTC Monday October 15th.

Example Entry:
Rancher - Calls an angry bovine to repeatedly charge at the targeted enemy.

You know, if you've not got the Premiere Club you can grab the Mechromancer Pack from Green Man Gaming and save a bundle with our 25% off code.

Community Manager

Terms and Conditions:
Entries must be submitted to the designated channel by the specified end time (1100 UTC Monday October 15th). Any entries submitted elsewhere will not be considered, nor will they be considered if they are submitted late.  Selected winners will be contacted by their associated GMG account’s email.  Entries must abide by our forum and site terms and conditions. Basically check what you’ve done and think “Is it suitable for kids to see this?” If it’s not, change it. Otherwise we’ll likely remove it.  For physical items we will need a physical address to send them to. If you do not provide a physical address when requested after being selected as a winner for a prize we will be forced to choose another winner. GMG is not responsible for any loss or damage or prizes on receipt.