Competition: Borderlands 2 Guns Pack

Hey gamers,

Hope you're all having a fine day, or night depending where you are. I think it's about time for another competition, don't you? Good! I'm glad to see you agree.

We have a pack of Borderlands 2 Top Trumps to give away right now. Look how shiny:

How do you win?
Just go to Twitter, follow @GreenManGaming, and post this tweet:

I can't finish my excursion to the Borderlands without #GreenManGaming & BL2 Top Trumps! 

Then at 1400 UTC October 4th we'll randomly pick a winner. Make sure you're following us, otherwise we won't be able to DM you.

If you've not tried out Borderlands 2, you're completely missing out. You can pick it up from Green Man Gaming, and remember to make use of our voucher. In my playthrough I've recently picked up a homing sticky grenade. It's awesome.

GMG Trivia: I've been talking with the community manager from Gearbox, and they've been nice enough to send us a shipment of swag! It's not here yet, it has to cross the great wide ocean, but we're very excited to see what's coming.

Community Manager