Cashback deals for payday

Hey gamers,

Those who watch little green men closely will know that recently Green Man Gaming rolled out a cashback feature, launching it with XCOM in North America.  Now we're rolling it out across a wider range of titles to the world!

Explaining GMG Cashback so it fits on a coin:

On cashback titles, you can choose cashback or credit as a reward. Credit is always worth more and will get you bigger savings on big titles next time you shop!

Check out the offers we're running on a range of games, including:

How do you know if it's a cashback title? You'll see the reward options on the game's page, like in this picture, and then at the checkout you will have the option to select cash or credit.

Please note that when selected cashback instead of credit, it will take 2-3 working days to process with the relevant payment providers.

Bonus credit on pre-purchase titles will not be provided until the day of the product's release, and will be provided at the same time as your game key (if applicable).

Community Manager