State of Playfire - September 21st 2012

Hi Firestarters,
We post status updates on site changes roughly every two weeks (sometimes more often), so that everyone knows what we're working on in terms of features, bug fixes and game tracking.
If you have any questions please post them in the blog comments and we’ll do our best to answer them.
Borderlands 2 Competition Winner
Is…. Bloodycrow! Congrats to you, Mr. Crow - you should have a PM in your inbox right now.
For those wondering, the answers were 1. HL: Blue Shift, 2. Samba De Amigo 3. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 4. HL: Decay, 5. Duke Nukem Forever 6. James Band 007: Nightfire, 7. Brother in Arms: Earned in Blood, 8. Half Life: Opposing Force. 
Thanks to everyone that entered, and for those that don’t have a gaming computer, we’ll be doing a multi-format competition soon!
Game Pages
We’re nearly done with game pages and they should be live to all users by the middle of next week. You can check out the new look here. 
When we took a look at the Feedback, one of the things people often commented on was how generic game pages are, and how they didn’t really have a reason to ever visit them.
New game pages are designed to be a little more useful and interesting. If you’ve taken an awesome screenshot or want to write a description of game, you can now do so. Right now, we’ll be accepting links to trailers, but soon we’ll also be allowing multiple videos on game pages, so you can even embed your own Let’s Play and Gameplay videos.

You’ll also be able to read a game buzz and post a buzz about that game from the page itself, as well as view your achievements for that game.
This is the first big change we’ve made to pages for a while, and as we add more features like blogs and reviews back to the site, the game pages will expand too accommodate those features. 
Please use the forum and feedback to report problems or suggest new features as you use game pages next week, this will help us find bugs and improve the site. 
Other Changes
‘Liking’ a buzz post will no longer send you a notification, so you can ‘Like’ all you want without having to worry about the site spamming you. We may turn this back on as an optional feature in the future. We’ll be rolling this out over the weekend to all users.
We’ve also been working on a problem on some profiles with ‘missing achievement errors’ breaking their site and have come up with a solution we should be rolling out on Monday. 

What’s Next?
We’ve got some small fixes to make across the site over the next few weeks, but for now we want to take feedback on game page changes from both users and our administration team, identify any bugs that might come up in different browsers, and get some layout tweaks sorted for the pages.
 After that, we’ll talk about the next steps with game pages and game collections.