State of Playfire - September 14, 2012

Hi Firestarters,
We'll be posting status updates on technical changes roughly every two weeks, so that everyone knows what we're working on in terms of features, bug fixes and game tracking.
Game Pages
Last week we said game pages would be rolled out early next week, so where are they? Firstly, we noticed some fairly big design issues that didn’t show up in tests but occurred when we put the new pages live for Staff and Administrators. We’re working on those right now. You might see some whacky designs appear and vanish on the game pages as we test things out.
Secondly, we’ve had our hands full repairing some tracking problems (see below!) that took priority. Games pages will begin to get rolled out to users from next week onwards; I’ll be posting again as soon as we start sending them out.
Game Tracking
Playfire uses a set of accounts to track information from Xbox, and when we moved servers, these accounts all got locked out because they were coming from a different location. This has meant every single account had to be manually restored by myself and a team of highly trained but easily distracted space hamsters.
The hamsters have now been sent home, and we’ve rolled out two fixes; one early yesterday evening and one today which should result in a big update for most Xbox 360 gamers. It could take up to 48 hours for the fix to get to everyone so please be patient. If you want to know more about our efforts with tracking, or report a problem, please do so here, and tell your friends to do so as well, if they have similar issues.
Buzz Reporting
You can now report problems directly from the Buzz feed. You can report either a whole post or an individual comment, which alerts the moderators to the problem. We hope this will make it easier for you guys to talk to the moderators without having to PM them, and it means that more of the mods can quickly help out with problems rather than just hoping they catch trolls and spammers.
Trolling has been highlighted by lots of different users as a big problem here, and we’re doing everything we can to make it clear we won’t tolerate it on Playfire. Everyone can help with this by letting us know of any abuse or problems they’ve had through the report system – we can’t read every single post that comes up, so tell us when something is wrong!
- Wayward & The Playfire Team