Roundup: XCOM, A kickass competition, and a voucher

 Here is a roundup for the week at GMG

Events at GMG you should read about:

  • We’re currently running a competition for a Sapphire HD7970. Check it out and find out how to enter to win this awesome prize!

  • XCOM Enemy Unknown is now available for pre-purchase – joyous day!

  • Football Manager 2013 is now available for pre-purchase too - a highly anticipated day for any football fans!

Deal for the weekend:

  • GMG25-1BW0K-K1A3G will give you 25% off of any digital title. Valid until 1100 UTC September 10th.

  • Sleeping Dogs is 30% off when you use SDOGS-E1V8A-9R1HX. Valid until 1100 UTC September 10th.

Our recent gaming fails:

  • James – Darksiders II – “I deleted my save file after fiddling with sound options on my PC. Complete. Fail.”

  • Lee – Guild Wars 2 – “I still haven’t got out of the starter zone. Dunno why, the game confuses me.”

  • Matt – Sleeping Dogs – “I tried to run Sleeping Dogs on an XP system – I won’t be doing that again.”

  • Clayton – Deus Ex Human Revolution – His only save point is an autosave, “It loads me outside of the police station and kills me instantly every time I load.” 

What we’ve been looking at:


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