Roundup: Planning an excursion to the Borderlands?

 It's an exciting week, and next week is just gonna get better. Why? Because Borderlands 2 will be out! Here's some of the goings-on in our humble London office this week...

Events at GMG you should read about:

  • Keys for Borderlands 2 are still going out. As some of you may have seen us say on our forums or other channels, you'll all receive your key with time to preload, so there's no need to be concerned at all if you've not received yours yet.  As this game is going to be awesome we've had many thousands of orders, and it will take some time for the system to work through them all.

  • Borderlands 2 Season Pass is also now available on GMG.

  • There's just the weekend left to enter our competition for a Sapphire HD7970. Check it out and find out how to enter. Yes, it's a worldwide competition - as only GMG knows how!

Deals for the weekend:

  • There's a lot of THQ deals available, a lot of which you can see are still to come from our last blog post. In easy-to-read list form!

  • GMG25-1BW0K-K1A3G will give you 25% off of hundreds of digital titles. Valid until 1100 UTC September 17th.

A few bits we've seen this week: