GMG's Sapphire HD7970 Competition

It’s time for a big competition with a big prize.  This first-place prize has been provided to us by THQ and Sapphire, so a very big thanks to them firstly. It is...

“The new SAPPHIRE HD 7970 features SAPPHIRE’s new dual-extractor technology - Dual-X - a highly efficient multi-heatpipe cooler with dual fans providing quiet and very cool operation during normal operating conditions, and superb cooling performance even under extreme load.”

Two runners-up will each win one of these Red Faction Guerilla figures.

How do you win one of these prizes?  Well we have a selection of 5 screenshots from games below. We want you to turn them from something fatal to something light-hearted and/or jolly.

Here are a couple of badly done examples to get you started, I’m sure you can do a lot better than me. Instead of people about to die, it’s a clown being given candyfloss and a wastelander having a happy Valentine’s Day.

Using one of the above 5 unaltered screenshots, post your entry on this forum thread, mustering all of your artistic fervour, (preferably a shrunk version or a link to imgur) and after the end date we’ll pick our top three as winners.  First place will win the Sapphire HD 7970.  Second and third place will receive one Red Faction figure each.  Entries must be in by 1100 UTC Monday September 17th. See below for full T&Cs*.


*Terms and Conditions:

  • One entry per person. No take-backs.

  • Entries must be submitted to the designated channel by the specified end time (1100 UTC Monday September 17th). Any entries submitted elsewhere will not be considered, nor will they be considered if they are submitted late.  Selected winners will be contacted by their associated GMG account’s email.

  • Entries must abide by our forum and site terms and conditions. Basically check what you’ve done and think “Is it okay for minors to see this?” If it’s not, change it. Otherwise we’ll likely remove it.

  • For physical items we will need a physical address to send them to. If you do not provide a physical address when requested after being selected as a winner for a prize we will be forced to choose another winner. GMG is not responsible for any loss or damage or prizes on receipt.

  • GMG is not responsible for any compatibility issues related to any hardware given as prizes.