Playfire Game Nights

Game Nights

Over the last few weeks we’ve organised gaming sessions for our lovely community members. We’re hoping to make this a regular fixture as part of our activity with you folks, as it’s one thing to talk games with people and quite another to play together.

This week we’ll be playing Quake Live:

  • Where: This Thursday, 23/10/2014 @ 7pm UTC
  • What: Download the Quake Live for free on Steam
  • How: Join the Playfire Steam PC Gamers Group Chat and we'll get the ball rolling!

We’ve played a number of games now, most of which have been a learning experience for me; I’ve tried Fistful of Frags, CS:GO and TF2’s Man vs Machine mode for the first time, and had a lot of fun with the members who joined in.

Tuesday's Rewards - 21/10/2014

If one was to hark back to the days of playing FPS on consoles, prior to proper online multiplayer integration became standard, split screen play reigned supreme. One of the skills that players learned, was picking up the position of their enemy by looking at their segment of the screen to scope their surroundings. Your mates would complain that you were cheating, or you played without honour. Screencheat has come along and brought a game to life, which doesn't just encourage you to watch the other players screen, it's the game's core mechanic.

With both local and online multiplayer, players take to Screencheat's arenas fully invisible, with the key to victory being able to pinpoint your enemies location from their screen. Maps are made up of coloured sections, so there is no hiding from respawn’s cold hard embrace. With 5 different arenas to choose from, there is plenty of colourful environments where players can test their screen-cheating abilities for that touch of variety. There are 8 different weapons, from the blunderbuss to the classic candelabra - each equally dangerous with the capacity to knock the brains out of any of your wily opponents - hopefully you can catch 'em before they can find you! Test out your Screencheating skills and earn some GMG Credit for your troubles.

Get your access to the Evolve Big Alpha here! (ended)

[Update 21/10/2014] All Alpha keys have gone - check your email to see if you got one. If not, we're sorry about that, but there will be more opportunities soon!

Calling all hunters,

We've teamed up with our friends at 2K Games to grant Playfire users with access to their hotly anticipated Evolve Big Alpha. Evolve drops players into a 4v1 multiplayer arena where one user takes control of a Godzilla-sized monster, wreaking devastation, while four friends must use their wit and teamwork to hunt, trap and eliminate the threat.

We've called in the reinforcements!

We've called in the reinforcements...
One final chance to receive XCOM: Enemy Unknown for free

With demand for our great offer hitting astronomical heights, we've battened down the hatches, bolstered our forces, and managed to extend our offer for one final push.

We're sure that by now you know that Green Man Gaming is once more sponsoring the prestigious Golden Joystick Awards. We're also sure that you've done your bit by voting in this year's awards. However, if not, then you have until tomorrow night to cast your votes to ensure that those developers behind your favourite games are acknowledged with the acclaim they deserve (in the form of glorious shiny awards)!

We've once again teamed up with our magnificent friends at 2K Games to offer you XCOM: Enemy Unknown for free* provided you have cast your votes in this year's Golden Joystick Awards.

If you've previously missed out (or have yet to try and claim) your steps to a better future are (well, okay, to a free game):
  1. Place your votes - Head over to the Golden Joystick Awards website and get your finger clicking. Make sure you submit your votes with the same email address as your GMG account, if you have one.
  2. Claim your free game - Make your way to and fill in the 'Claim your free game' form. If you're registering your GMG account for the first time, make sure you use the same email address you used for the Golden Joystick Awards website.
  3. Link your Steam account - A few clicks and the jobs a good'un. If you're an existing Playfire member with your Steam account linked, you're already ahead of the game.
Apart from sitting back with a smug look of success on your face, you're done. Simple as that. An email with your XCOM: Enemy Unknown key will be on its way, shortly.

Not enough for you...?

Time for a BONUS ROUND!! Play XCOM: Enemy Unknown and unlock the "And So It Begins..." achievement, and with Playfire Rewards we'll give you an 80% voucher for XCOM: Enemy Within! If you have already got that achievement, fear not, simply replay the game for an hour within the Playfire Rewards program to get the 80% voucher.

Thanks once again for your support! Your Playfire needs you! 

* While stocks last. There is no alternative for under 18 voters, or when keys run out. Free game giveaway site will be live until 23:59 UTC 24th October 2014 or while stocks last. Voters must have a registered Playfire account that links to the email address they voted with, and they must link their Steam ID in order to be eligible to receive the free game - full Terms & Conditions available at Additional XCOM: Enemy Within voucher valid until 23:59 UTC 31st October 2014.

Monday's Rewards - 20/10/2014

With Fat Chicken we finally have the game for all aspiring farmers. There is finally a tower defence game that is stuffed full of action and excitement as well as providing cutting edge business advice when it comes to staying ahead of the financial farming curve.

Welcome to the world of the reverse tower defence, cupcake, create feeding towers to plumpen up the animals as they make their way to market - you want them to survive to the end, rather than mow them down (a job for the slaughterhouse, eh!). In order to make the big dollar, farmers will need to find the right balance between providing medical care and feed, as the critters won’t be able to cross the line if they die of consumption before they can be vended. Prepare of pork barrel of laughs as you train your farm hands to fight off cattle thieves, protesters and invading aliens!

If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards BETA and want to participate, it's easy, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password, sign in with Steam. For more information check out our FAQ.

Friday Frolics: Free gifts, big vouchers, and must-have indies

Six free gifts from us to you!

With a slew of great titles on your doorstep, you might find yourself feeling a bit like a kid in a sweet shop. Nevertheless, whatever takes your fancy - be it displaying a flair for acrobatics in Assassin's Creed Unity or butt-stomping your foes for some moon mayhem in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - like a sugar-toothed connoisseur, we have an extra bag of candy-coated gifts to cheer up your day.

Buy any of the following... get six free gifts.

MorphShift Wars - Renamed. Competition Winner Announced!

We had many strong entrants for our recent competition to rename MorphShift Wars and after many sleepless nights of deliberation the developer has chosen a winner:

Friday's Rewards - 17/10/2014

Weekends through the summer are often made or broken by whether there is an F1 race - three days of non stop fast paced action, with all the thrills and spills that only 200 mph high performance machines can offer. F1 2014 offers the opportunity to recreate the excitement of those race meets, putting you right in the middle of the action.

On top of the unadulterated satisfaction of having updated rosters and all the circuits - including the super cool Bahrain Grand Prix at night - you have the joys of co-operative play. With enhanced online play, you can enjoy the added wildcard that is your fellow gamer, with up to 16 players vying to finish atop the podium. Have all your stats tracked as part of your racing legacy and receive daily challenges from RaceNet, so you’re always kept on your toes!

Wise words we should all live by. Joncol is always last
If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards BETA and want to participate, it's easy, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password, sign in with Steam. For more information check out our FAQ.

Thursday's Rewards - 16/10/2014

Duck Dynasty might seem a weird choice as the headline game for today's rewards, especially when there's the blossoming Eufloria HD, but I couldn't resist. The idea of a kingdom ruled by the Anatidae tickles me and I find myself giggling in the corner of the office. I picture them all with spears and Donald Duck as the jester. But before a concerned colleague calls the quacks (groan), I do have some vague understanding of what Duck Dynasty is.

As a Brit, it's a TV program that is lucky to steal my attention, and it does nothing to shake my sketchy perceptions of a redneck, but somehow I can't but feel that's part of the fun and the Robertson family seem like people I'd enjoy a beer with. Not to mention that for those that like hunting games - and there are quite a few of them - this looks pretty good for a TV-turned-video game. Reading the ever-amusing user reviews, it seems most of you agree, accept for this one missed opportunities by the developers: "I was disappointed that I didn't start with a beard." I hear you, od Mike, I hear you...

If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards BETA and want to participate, it's easy, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password, sign in with Steam. For more information check out our FAQ.

Free Game Guide: Top Commandin' Tips

Top Commandin' Tips

Golden Joystick Awards: Free Game Giveaway Availability

Hey everyone,

As you are probably aware, we opened up the free game giveaway website for the Golden Joystick Awards XCOM: Enemy Unknown promotion yesterday. There have been questions raised about the availability of the website and the free game for voting in the Golden Joystick Awards.

While we would love to give games out to as many people as possible we only have a limited stock. We are acutely aware that working across different timezones means that the offer is more popular in different regions at different times of the day.  Therefore in order to remain as fair as possible to our global audience we have allocated game keys on a territory basis globally. Some countries have been extremely quick with claiming their free game and so some country stocks have run out. We have also had some abuse of the system that has reduced the overall number of games available to you all.

We have quickly stamped out the abuse and we will be working to make more keys available but please be assured that if you cannot claim a free game we will not be storing your data or adding you to our Playfire service.

We hope you appreciate our efforts to remain fair to our global gaming community and please bear with us in this very popular promotion.


Introducing the Golden Joysticks Most Played Award!

Play to vote in the
Golden Joysticks Most Played Award!

Not only can you vote on your Game of the Year in the Golden Joystick Awards 2014, but thanks to the power of Playfire one game will be crowned the Most Played game.

Wednesday's Rewards - 15/10/2014

Today’s rewards feature a game which doesn’t mess around when it comes to making its premise clear. In Deep Dungeons of Doom you will find a series of dungeons and unsurprisingly, each is deeper than the last.

Rocking eye-catchingly detailed 8-bit art, bringing the mythical horrors that dwell in the depths alive - creating a world emanating with power, evil and redemption. With a challenging, but satisfying learning curve, you will master the 3 classes, while developing the sense of which class’ skill set is best for the task at hand. Grab some loot, slay some monsters and earn GMG Credit while you play!

If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards BETA and want to participate, it's easy, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password, sign in with Steam. For more information check out our FAQ.

Tuesday's Rewards - 14/10/2014

As gamers, we have a few basic needs; guns, baddies to shoot with those guns and comedy relief robots. Thankfully the Borderland series has catered to this need with aplomb.

Though this is pre-wub, and pre-Jack’s ascension to the mantle of arch over-dude of Pandoria, many of the best parts of Borderlands 2 have been built on, along with some excellent new aspects to keep y’all in rapture. With bazillions of guns and a cast full of gun-toting badass’, shooting up bad guys as though it was a dying art. There is also low gravity to add to the action, vaulthunter.exe to make Claptrap a force to be reckoned with, and now Playfire Rewards.

If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards BETA and want to participate, it's easy, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password, sign in with Steam. For more information check out our FAQ.

25% off voucher - 24 hours only!!!

Get 25% off thousands of games
24 hours only!

You heard, we've got a voucher available for thousands of PC download titles on Green Man Gaming. But be quick - it's only valid for the next 24-hours. You've got until 1600UTC Tuesday 14 October 2014 to bag yourself a bargain! 



*Voucher valid on PC download titles. Excludes selected titles. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with GMG Credit. Voucher is valid until 1600UTC Tuesday 14 October, 2014. Vouchers and discounts are always subject to change.