LAST CHANCE | 40% off Mad Max

This is it, folks! Mad Max releases on September 1st and this is the last chance to get 40% off Avalanche's vehicular action sandbox game. Simply enter the voucher below at the checkout for an insane discount.

The offer has been extended through the weekend, and there's still time to pre-purchase and get the exclusive Ripper DLC so get your order in now!


COMPETITION | Win Origin Chroma Keyboard PLUS Mad Max AND Killing Floor 2!

We're going absolutely mad for Mad Max here at GMG Towers, and it turns out our chums at Origin PC are just as excited for the Road Warrior's new adventure too.

So we've teamed up for an epic giveaway. One lucky winner will away with an Origin Chroma Keyboard, a copy of Mad Max, and a copy of Killing Floor 2; and three runners-up will each receive a copy of Mad Max as well.

"The Great Indoors" Weekend Sale – up to 75% off Deep Silver, CI Games, Paradox, Skullgirls and a whole lot more

We've got a long weekend holiday here in the UK, and to celebrate, we're running some MASSIVE deals this weekend as part of our "The Great Indoors" promotion. Shop now for up to 75% off from the likes of Deep Silver, CI Games, Paradox Interactive, Stardock and more!

Let's Play... The Cat Machine | Win a copy of the game!

The Cat Machine is an adorable little puzzle game where you build tracks in a secret underground lair, and fling cats off into space to keep the earth in orbit. I'm going to do no research and assume this is based on a true story.

We also have three copies of the game to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, watch the video for a little task and leave your answer in the comments of the YouTube video!


Daily Giggle | Pokemon Intro made in GTA V

Merfish does it again. Having recreated a whole bunch of TV show intros in Grand Theft Auto V, he takes a stab Pokémon intro. Starring Trevor as plucky young trainer, Ash. Harrowing. 

Above is the side by side comparison, and if you want to see the GTA version in full, click here!

Top Five... Mega Man Robot Masters

With the superb Mega Man Legacy Collection having released this week, and given we've teamed up with Capcom to give away five copies of the game (check out the description box for a handy link) this week on Top Five, we're taking a look at some of the best Robot Masters to stand in the Blue Bomber's way.

Who are your favourite Robot Masters? Let us know in the comments and make sure you enter our current competition where we're giving away five copies of Mega Man Legacy Collection. Thanks for watching folks, catch you next time.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more competitions, trailers, Let's Plays, and features!


Indie Summer Sale Encore – Up to 90% off!

We've had six stellar days of incredible indie awesomeness, and now, for 24 hours only, all of the super savings from the Green Man Gaming Indie Summer Sale are back in our epic ENCORE!

Missed out on our killer Kholat deal? Need yourself a sweet saving on Spintires? Now's the chance to get stuck into the hundreds of indie discounts that might have passed you by previously.

Get into the indie spirit and let's raise the roof with up to 90% off in the encore.


Welcome to the forum giveaway! - It came from Space and ate our brains!

We've seen many new members around the forum during the last few weeks, we would love to know a bit more about you! Introduce yourself here and we'll make sure to say hello. :)

Daily Giggle | A Witcher's Priorities

It can be hard to maintain a decent attention span when you've got 58 different quests going on all at once, and dozens of mysterious unknown spots of interest suddenly pop up on your map. [via]

COMPETITION | Win Mega Man Legacy Collection – 5 copies up for grabs

The Blue Bomber is back in a new package that's sure to delight retro fans. The Mega Man Legacy Collection is now available on Green Man Gaming (remember to use FUZZYP-IXELS1-SAVE20 for sweet 20% discount) and thanks to our chums at Capcom, we've got 5 copies to give away in this week's Wednesday competition!

Rocket League Tournament - Fallout 4 for the winner!

Sign up now for the first Rocket League Playfire Tournament! The winner will get a copy of Fallout 4 as soon as it’s released. Sign ups will close next Friday 4th September, be quick!

Rocket League was launched less than 2 months ago but it’s already one of the most played titles by the Playfire community. Easy to play, hard to master and incredibly spectacular; this game is obviously perfect for esports and Playfire is about to become the host with the most.

GMGasks | Who's the best video game dog?

It's #NationalDogDay, and we've been talking about the raddest dogs in gaming history in the office. Rapping dogs, Zombie dogs, Call Of Duty dogs - Man's best friend has made countless appearances in video games.

This week, we're asking - who is the best video game dog? #GMGasks
Who's a good police dog? Oh yes he is!
You can find all of our past #GMGasks coverage right here!


Guess N Win - The Masterplan

This week Guess N Win brings you the chance to win one of the best indie games released this year, The Masterplan! We have 10 keys to giveaway, don't miss it!

Looks good doesn't it? You can get it now at Green Man Gaming and save a whopping 40%!!

Daily Giggle | Meta Kombat

Seriously, you guys...this is blowing my mind.

Let's Play... Discstorm | Win the game for you and a friend!

Discstorm is what you'd probably get if you stuck Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Team Deathmatch in a blender. It's a riotously fun four-way frenzy of multiplayer mayhem, with a pretty badass singleplayer mode to boot.

Buy Discstorm with 20% off on Green Man Gaming >>

Here's a little playthrough of the game's first singleplayer level to give you a better idea of what Discstorm is all about, and we've got four pairs of codes to give away, so you could win a copy of the game for yourself and a friend! Leave a comment on the video on YouTube to enter, and we'll announce winners this time next week.


Game Night - Gears of War Ultimate Edition - 29th August

Gears of War Ultimate Edition is finally here! One of the best multiplayer experiences of the last generation has been updated with top-notch graphics and new modes. The result? A must have for Xbox One owners and a perfect title for a Game Night.

  • Game: Gears of War Ultimate Edition
  • When: Saturday 29th August at 7pm UTC
  • How: Sign up writing your Xbox gamertag on this thread. Minutes before the Game Night starts, a party will be created and you'll be invited.

33% off Pillars of Eternity and Shelter 2 plus Mega Man Legacy Collection out now!

We know it's only Tuesday, but that doesn't mean we can't unleash some serious dealtastic awesomeness. This week, we've got a treat for you RPG fans, there are plenty of newcomers to the store, big savings on the Shelter games, and the Blue Bomber is back!
Gloriously old-school, steeped in rich lore, with a cracking story and unforgettable characters, Pillars of Eternity is an absolutely fantastic RPG. We've got 33% off all versions of the game right now, just in time for the release of the game's first major expansion pack – The White March Part 1. If you're looking for a compelling RPG experience to lose yourself in for hours and hours, now's the time to get involved.

Tech Tuesday | PDP Afterglow Kral Wireless Headset

Welcome to Tech Tuesday at Green Man Gaming, where we take a weekly look at gaming accessories, awesome hardware, and a whole lot more. This week, we take a look at the PDP Afterglow Kral Wireless Headset.

I do admit I’ve had the same pair of gaming headphones for about 8 years now. They're so beaten up that I just have to put it out of its misery. I have no idea how they're still working. Thankfully, the PDP Afterglow Kral Wireless Headset came my way. Finally, I'm in the future! Though it's primarily advertised as a PS4 headset, it's completely compatible with PC as well, to the point that you should be able to just plug it in, and it will work.

Inside the box I found surprisingly very few things: The headset, the usb dongle, a micro-usb cable and an aux cable. Nothing else. Oh, and manuals too, but I didn't read those. I know how to plug a USB stick in (wrong way, wrong war, right way, just like it always is).

The first thing I notice about the headset is how bulky it was compared to my old one. Makes sense though, since it does have a fully integrated microphone, and presumably needs its space to be solid, padded and house it’s wireless audio and charging functionality. Without turning it on or plugging it in, I jammed it on my head to see how comfortable it was initially. Pretty good. We'll talk more about long-term comfort later.

Daily Giggle | Princess

Look at Toad's happy cute face. Awwwwww. He's always there for Mario, even when Peach absconds with that spiky turtle-dragon. You deserve happiness, Toad! [via]

GMG on Twitch – Streaming Schedule 24th August 2015

It's Monday, and so it's time for your weekly rundown of what we've got coming up on the Green Man Gaming Twitch channel!

Rocket League – Five Reasons You Need It In Your Life

I'm hopelessly addicted to Rocket League. Since I bought it a couple of months back, I've been playing it every single day, with the exception of five days last week spent in verdant isolation somewhere in the Westcountry, where people talk like pirates, public transport is a pipedream, and people tend to have blood in their cider streams.

I missed it greatly.

The joy of Rocket League is that it's a sports game that really doesn't look anything like a sports game. Until you start playing, that is, and the competitive spirit grabs you in its jaws like a dog with a bone, and you live and die by every single bounce of the giant ball.

Daily Giggle | The Perfect Match

Well, I'll be swiping right on this one. [via]

Indie Summer Sale, VIP Deals, New Voucher! | The GMG Weekender

We loved doing our summer sale so much, that we've decided to do it all over again! This time, it's all about the indies. Starting from right now, we're going to have up to 85% off on a number of titles, and we'll change our deals every 24 hours.

Today, we've got games like Kholat, Goodbye Deponia, Spintires and many more on sale. Check back regularly, as these deals will not be around for long!

Add 5 friends to win a key for Killing Floor 2

To celebrate us all making friends on Playfire, we are giving away 5 Steam keys for Killing Floor 2To be eligible, all you have to do is add 5 or more players as friends on Playfire and post on this forum thread before August 28th.

Daily Giggle | Fallout Shelter Jerks

If there's one thing I'm not too sure about in Fallout Shelter. Either everyone is utterly upbeat, or they are just being total jerks to me.

Pre-purchase Cross Of The Dutchman – get a free game!

Cross Of The Dutchman, the latest action-adventure from Triangle Studios, hits the Green Man Gaming store for pre-purchase today. To celebrate, we've got an epic deal for you.

Not only will you save 15% when you pre-purchase the game, you will also get the arcade action shooter It came from space, and ate our brains for FREE.

Rocket League - Now on Green Man Gaming | Win a copy of the game!

If you've been away from games for the last month or so, you will be forgiven for not knowing about Rocket League. Imagine Soccer. Now, imagine cars. Combine the two, and you have Rocket League.

Now, we're very pleased to announce that Rocket League, and it's Supersonic Fury DLC, are both now available on Green Man Gaming!

Daily Giggle | Pikachu branded Pikachu

It's like watching a band when they wear their own band t-shirts. You're not too sure if they ran out of clothes or just love self promotion. 

EGX 2015 – Midlife Gamer Party

Midlife Gamer is an awesome podcast with a great community around it. For the fifth year running, they'll be hosting some regular meet ups over the EGX 2015 weekend, including an after show party.

Gaming guys and gals from all corners of the UK and beyond will be making the trip, including staff from Green Man Gaming and Playfire. We'd love to meet up with each and every one of you! The party will take place Saturday 26th September at the Irish Centre in Birmingham, and tickets are on sale here for just £5 each. Every penny of revenue will go to GamesAid.

This is a no-brainer, you'll have fun, meet new people, and help a charity!

Game Night - Mario Kart 8 (22nd August)

It’s-a him, Mario! Ready for our first Nintendo Game Night? We'll play Mario Kart 8 this Saturday 22nd August at 7pm UTC!

  • Game: Mario Kart 8
  • When: Saturday 22nd October at 7pm UTC
  • How: Post your Nintendo ID on this forum thread and add the ones already there as friends on Wii U