Tech Tuesday | Xsplit Gamecaster

So you've joined the Green Team, you've grabbed some games from the GMG store, your headset is on, and you're hot to trot with making some gaming content. But maybe you're looking around for a bit of premium software to help get you broadcasting or recording straight away?

That's where Xsplit comes in.

I've been using Xsplit, the Gamecaster in particular, for several weeks now, and I absolutely love it, and part of the reason for that is the ease of use. There are alternatives out there, of course, ranging from free to more expensive, but I'm yet to find a service that possesses as much immediacy as Gamecaster.

Eternal Step Interview | Part 1

Our good chums over at Green Man Loaded have a couple of great games coming out soon. One of them is the super hard rogue-like, Eternal Step, developed by Once More With Gusto - two chaps from the UK. They took time out of polishing up the game to answer some questions of ours. Part 2 of our interview will be run on Thursday!

Playfire Rewards - 7th to 13th July

Playfire Rewards came back two weeks ago, with bigger rewards than ever. We recently announced the first Special Rewards Winners. Mad_Max_20, a Playfire member from Ireland, couldn't believe his luck when he got the Epic Reward (£1000). Many of you have been asking if you will get another chance to win the Special Rewards... of course! This is a WEEKLY event and being eligible couldn't be easier, take a look:

Daily Giggle | Hyrule In Far Cry 4

So, less of a video funny and more something that I just thought was super cool, some enterprising fellow has tried to recreate Hyrule using the Far Cry 4 map editor.

And they've actually done a pretty good job!

There's a little bit of Himalayan overlap, but that's not terribly surprising and you have to work with the tools you're given. Even so, the results are very impressive! [via]

Daedalic Sale – up to 80% off this week!

Daedalic Entertainment make fantastic adventure games, that's just hat they do. If you were a fan of the genre during the Golden Era of the 90s, you'll find a lot to love in this week's sale.

We've got up to 80% off on a huge range of titles from the studio, from classic point-and-clicks like Deponia and The Whispered World to Daedalic's forays into strategic RPGs with the Blackguards series.

Daily Giggle | Never Skip Leg Day

Not even Roach skips Leg Day in The Witcher 3.

Seen something you think would suit the Daily Giggle? Made something awesome you want to share with everyone else? Ping me an email at matt[dot]gardner[at]greenmangaming[dot]com with the subject line 'Daily Giggle' or Tweet me @FuzzyPixels.

Game Night - 7th July - Grand Theft Auto V

Mucking about in Los Santos is fun when playing alone, but with friends it’s just crazy. GTA V is an obvious choice for a Game Night!
  • Game: Grand Theft Auto V
  • When: Tuesday 7th July. 7pm UTC 
  • How: Post your Xbox Live or PSN ID in the forum and you'll be added to the lists on the forum thread. Minutes before the Game Night starts, a party will be created and you'll be invited

The World Of Davo | B-Game Horror

If you've been interested in Virtual Reality, you may have seen some videos going around of various people freaking out in horror games, like our very own Fuzzy_Pixels experiencing the Kitchen demo from Capcom.

Poor Fuzzy.

Epic GTA V sale – Save up to 80% off with fresh weekend deals | The GMG Weekender

Who's up for a summer in Los Santos?

GTA V on PC is the definitive version of one of the best games in years, and we've got 23% off the base game itself AND GTA Online Shark Cards too. Whether you're yet to set foot in Blaine County or just looking to top up your online wallet, playing the solo game or engineering heists with a bunch of friends – now's the time to get involved!

Hit the boardwalk >>
There's up to 80% off in our Head Up Games sale over the next few days, with huge discounts on the ever-excellent, challenging platformer Super Meat Boy, and critically-acclaimed roguelike The Binding of Isaac.

Daily Giggle | Fuzzy on Capcom's 'Kitchen'

Our very own Fuzzy_Pixels popped down to Capcom recently, and got a chance to take a look at the Virtual Reality demo titled 'Kitchen'. As you can see above, he didn't quite get any tasty digital treats.

Top Five... Video Game Dragons

Flying on the back of a dragon is badass. I loved it Panzer Dragoon, and I'm loving it in Heavensward too. Romping around Ishgard from on high is glorious, and it got us thinking about some of our favourite video game dragons.  You know the score by now, it's time for a Top Five!

Fancy picking up any of the games featured this week? Here are some handy links:

Have we missed out one of your favourite dragons? Feel Spyro was slighted, or Charizard short changed? Let us know in the comments!


COMPETITION | Meet your DOOM – 3 epic bundles up for grabs

We have so much love for DOOM here at Green Man Gaming. As a PC retailer how could we not? The classic FPS is on its way back with a bang if the E3 trailer is anything to go by, and we're incredibly psyched for its return. Things are shaping up to be bloody, brutal, and brimming with chunky kibbles.

To celebrate the return of the grand-daddy of shooters, this week we're giving away 3 epic DOOM bundles containing the following...

Guess N Win - Qbeh-1 The Atlas Cube - 1st July

Good news everyone!

We are constantly trying to make it easier for everyone to participate in our forum events. With that in mind, we are now hosting Guess N Win at 7pm UTC every Wednesday. That should allow all of you in the Americas to take part on it too.

What excites you most about VR? #GMGasks

After a big showing from this year's E3, Virtual Reality fever pitch is at an all time high – the first wave of headsets are nearly here, teaser trailers for games are flying out, and piggy banks across the world are bracing themselves for the incoming raid.

This week, we want to know - What excites you most about VR? #GMGasks

Daily Giggle | Flower Power

Given how baking it is in the office today, this seems rather fitting. [via]