Tech Tuesday | Elgato Game Capture HD60

If you're someone who's very serious about the quality of your captured or livestreamed footage, the Elgato Game Capture HD60 should definitely be of interest. It's not the cheapest capture box out there by any stretch of the imagination, boasting an MSRP of £139.95, but if you're someone for whom 1080p60 represents a holy grail in terms of number combinations, this is the box you want in your life.

Full resolution, full framerate, full HD – that's the HD60's big selling point.

It's a rather handsome bit of kit, decked out in sleek black, with smooth rounded edges and corners. It fits very nicely into one's pocket. Size-wise, the Game Capture HD60 measures a fairly mini 4.4 x 3 x 0.75 inches  and a mere 3.7 ounces. In terms of ports and connectivity, it's high-end no fuss: with just an HDMI input, an HDMI output, and a mini USB port for the required computer connection. One nice addition is a separate microphone port for recording commentary, that creates a separate sound file for the voiceover.

Guess N Win - Call of Juarez

Would you like a free game key for Call of Juarez? Aday will host a new Guess N Win this week, guess one of the nine game screenshots he will post and the key is yours!

To participate, the process will be the usual one:

- Portions of video games screenshots will be posted on this forum thread, tomorrow 5th August at 7pm UTC.
- If you know the game, post a reply on that thread saying the title* of the game.
- The first person to guess it, wins the game key**.

Gamescom 2015 – Is 2015 the Year of the Mainstream Hybrid MOBA? #GMGasks

Following on from Dota 2 and League of Legends, it seems that everyone wants to get a slice of the team-based, multiplayer battle arena action.

We want to know - Is 2015 the Year of the Mainstream Hybrid MOBA? #GMGasks

Summer Sale Winners – Longest Journey

Just one winner in our Longest Journey competition, but a hefty prize in the form of the Valve Complete Pack. And the spoils go to...

Daily Giggle | Guitar Hero Honest Trailer

Who's excited for the return of plastic guitars, kickjumps off sofas, and pretending to be a musical god this year? Also, Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

GMG on Twitch – Streaming Schedule 3rd August 2015

Happy Monday Everyone!

So you may have seen that over the past few weeks we have been busy at Green Man Gaming setting up our twitch page and working with a number of Streamers. We have been hosting a number of streamers on our Twitch page for the past few weeks.

So we finally thought it might be a good idea to create a schedule for you all to see and use, to know what, who, when and where people will be streaming and come and join in!

Head on over to to join in the Streams and catch the Green Team at work!

Monday - 3rd Aug11am-4pm
Monday - 3rd Aug6pm - 10pmGirlfriend RescueWeefz
Tuesday - 4th Aug11am-4pm
Tuesday - 4th Aug6pm - 10pmFootball Manager 2015Rituro
Wednesday - 5th Aug11am-4pm
Wednesday - 5th Aug6pm - 10pmBatman Arkham AsylumArimimimi
Thursday - 6th Aug11am-4pmArk/ Elite Dangerousfireytoad
Thursday - 6th Aug6pm - 10pmFF: HeavenSwardOriginal Shen
Friday - 7th Aug11am-4pm
Friday - 7th Aug6pm - 10pm
Saturday - 8th Aug11am-4pm
Saturday - 8th Aug6pm-10pmThe Walking DeadSimply Undrea
Sunday - 9th Aug11am-4pm
Sunday - 9th Aug6pm-10pmFF: HeavenSwardDeryell


Summer Sale Winners – GMG Favourites

Day 7 of the GMG Summer Sale was stuffed with an assortment of titles, large and small, handpicked by some of the team here at the Green Citadel. As before, we had three bundles of awesome up for grabs, and here are the winners...

Gamescom 2015 - Join the Playfire Live Chat!

Gamescom is just one day away! We expect some cool new trailers and a few surprises to be announced during the German convention.

Join us 4th and 5th August to discuss the press conferences live on our Steam Group chat!

Summer Sale Winners – World Domination

Time to find out who'll be conquering worlds and forging empires – it's time to announce the winners of World Domination, Day 6 of the GMG Summer Sale.

Gamescom 2015 – What game do you want to see more of this week? #GMGasks

It's Gamescom week! Europe's biggest trade event for the games industry usually brings a whole host of announcements to keep us games gorging on announcements until Christmas.

So with that in mind, what game are you hoping to hear more about this week? #GMGasks

Daily Giggle | Mario vs. Green Hill Zone

It's all a bit too much for a pudgy plumber in dungarees.

COMPETITION | Win a Cliffhanger Games Bundle including Shadowrun Chronicles: Deluxe RPG Edition and AERENA: Masters Edition!

This weekend on Green Man Gaming, we've got a couple of sweet deals on some Cliffhanger titles including half price Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown and 66% off AERENA: Masters Edition.

Now we're giving two winners the chance to win a bundle containing both superb games.

WINNERS – GTA V Stunt Competition

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our GTA V stunt competition, and to our very worthy shortlisted entrants. We threw the polls for the top five spots wide open to the public, and thanks to everyone who took the time to cast their votes.

The victors are as follows...

The World Of Davo | The Exclusivity Conundrum

In light of ZombiU dropping it's 'U', getting it's collar straightened by it's mother and being sent off to it's next-generation big school, I started thinking about game exclusivity. For a certain subset of gamers, this survival horror title was a prime reason to pick up Nintendo's latest console.

By reading some comments under the announcement for Zombi to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, you wouldn't be mistaken for believing that it's the end of the world of gaming as we know it.

Up to 66% off Cliffhanger titles, 20% off Dream, Hitman now available for pre-purchase | The GMG Weekender

Welcome to the weekend. Over the next few days we've got a promotion running on Cliffhanger titles, with up to 66% off on certain lines. Here's a breakdown of the deals on offer:
If you love a bit of turn-based strategy, definitely give these titles a look. Check out all of our Cliffhanger deals here >>

Summer Sale Winners – Nightmare

Nightmarish creatures and things that go bump in the night abound – it's time to pick the winners from Day 5 of the GMG Summer Sale.

COMPETITION | Win a GT Omega PRO Racing Office Chair plus Project CARS, F1 2015, and GTA V

The summer is generally a slightly quieter time in the game release calendar. It's a great time to kick back, take a load off, and catch up with some of the finest games from the past few months.

Two things are required for such things: awesome games and a comfy chair. Thankfully, our latest competition should sort you out with both!

Daily Giggle | He Always Wins

Replace the rather broad  "video games" with the more specific "Football Manager" or, lately, "Rocket League" and this is absolutely spot on for me. [via]

Summer Sale Winners – Get Real

It's time to pick the winners from Day 4 of the GMG Summer Sale – a day of simulation titles, city building, trains, planes, and automobiles.

Top 5... Hottest PC Games Still To Come In 2015

Gamescom is just around the corner, and the avalanche of releases in silly season waits just beyond. There are a whole bunch of fantastic games to come in the last third of this year, and so we thought we'd take a look at five PC titles we're particularly excited for here at Green Man Gaming still to come in 2015.

All of this begs the question, what are the games you're most excited for this autumn/winter?

You can catch up with all of our previous Top Five features right here and subscribe to our YouTube channel for future video awesomeness, giveaways, and promos.


50% off Barbarian Brawl – plus free game giveaway!

Do you like ham? Do you enjoy a spot of multiplayer brawling? Well, if the answer to both is YES, you might be interested to know that we've got 50% off Barbarian Brawl right now, and there's a chance to win a copy of the game for yourself and a buddy!

Both the standard game and the 4-pack are half price until 4PM UTC Friday, so now's the time to grab a horned helm, equip yourselves with an array of formidable weapons, and get to cracking some skulls.

Daily Giggle | Pokemon Grass

Link is not a friend to animals, not really. His treatment of pigs is clear evidence of that fact. Sticking him in a world brimming with Pokemon was never going to be a good fit. [via]

COMPETITION | Win Wasteland 2 and The Bard's Tale

Did we mention that we're big fans of inXile? Well, we are, and Wasteland 2 and The Bard's Tale are two very different but equally excellent, meaty RPGs that you really ought to add to your library if you haven't already.

It's all go at the studio currently, as The Bard's Tale IV has smashed it's crowdfunding target and development is well underway. We caught up with Brian Fargo recently to have a chat about TBT4, and the studio very kindly gave us a handful of keys for Wasteland 2 and the classic Bard's Tale trilogy to share the love with our glorious community.

So that's exactly what we're going to do.

Guess N Win - Flame Over

Guess N Win is back this week with 10 steam Keys for Flame Over!

Blending top down ‘squirt ‘em-up’ action with Roguelike RPG mechanics, Flame Over features fast-paced fire-fighting thrills, randomly generated levels and 4 deadly game zones.

Guide fire-fighting hero, Blaze Carruthers, in a race against time and near-certain death! Squirt, splash and spray your way through all 16 floors of the deadly Infernal Industries building, combating ferocious fires in a red-hot adventure that changes every time.

Summer Sale Winners – Questing

It's time to pick the winners from Day 3 of the GMG Summer Sale. This one was all about RPGs, outlandish adventuring, and fantastical shenanigans, so let's find out who the Sorting Hat has chosen for victory this time.

Do Android consoles have a future? #GMGasks

With news that Razer are buying Ouya, and offering Ouya owners to a route to their Forge system, we got thinking about these micro consoles.

This week, we want to know what you think - Do Android consoles have a future? #GMGasks

Daily Giggle | Screw The Budget

There's a reason Luigi isn't on here – see, unlike Mario, he actually has a profitable sideline in hoovering the massive estates of mad scientists. [via]

Summer Sale Winners – Bad Ass

Time to get Bad Ass! As mentioned yesterday, we're going to be announcing the winners of the Green Man Gaming Summer Sale competitions over the next few days, and today it's time to find out who won in our Bad Ass competition from Day 2!

Tech Tuesday | Natec Genesis RX22 Keyboard and GX57 Mouse

I'm very aware that we've dealt with a fair amount of high-end stuff here on Tech Tuesday to this point, but what about PC gaming accessories for those of us who aren't quite as flush with cash? Well, this week we're taking a look at a couple of items towards the lower end of the price spectrum, but don't think that means we're skimping on quality.

Natec Genesis RX22 Silent Gaming Keyboard

First up, it's the Natec Genesis RX22 Silent Gaming Keyboard. You'll notice that there's no "mechanical" in that tile, and with good reason. The RX22 employs scissor switches that feel broadly similar to most laptop keyboards, with a low profile and pretty short action. There's a rather distinct membrane bounce to the keys, though I found using the RX22 to be significantly better than your average office-based membrane affair. The noise levels, as you'd expect from a product with "Silent" as part of its title, are very low indeed, even for someone with the hands of Godzilla, such as myself.

Daily Giggle | The Walking Dead... In GTA V

He clearly didn't have the braaaaains to avoid that crash.