Chat - Favourite Companions

At Playfire HQ we are not immune to the buzz that has surrounded the rousing return of the Dragon Age series, with Inquisition being what many fans had hoped for since it was announced. One of the aspects we’ve found ourselves reminiscing about, are the companions that joined us on our travels during our time spent in Thedas. It became quickly apparent that Team Playfire are a bunch of jokers as most of us came out in favour for Bianca. Rather than go into finer detail about what has caused Bianca to leave us all weak at the knees, we moved on to talking about our favourite companions in RPGs.

Wednesday's Rewards - 26/11/2014

You could be forgiven for falling out of your chair with shock at the sight of a new Borderlands so soon. We're going to call this one the Post-Pre-Sequel ;)

However this is a slightly different take on the Borderlands formula you've come to love. The masterful storytellers at Telltale Games have refocused the Borderlands franchise onto choice-driven stories. This lets player experiences vary greatly, giving a real sense of ownership over each playthrough. Borderlands is a perfect fit for the Telltale formula, presenting a fresh stage to present the wild characters and the fruity humour of life on Pandora. Set after the events of Borderlands 2, you'll be taking control of a hopeless Handsome Jack wannabe, vying for power in the now rudderless Hyperion Corporation, and a grifter hoping to con her way to fortune; neither of them are vault hunters but both are ambitious and will have to work together to get to where they want to be. Time to boogie on down to Pandora again!

Make a little dance, make a little love - get Borderlands
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Game Night - Garry's Mod (Prop Hunt) - 27/11/2014

The Week's Game Night

We’ll be having a root around in this week's Game Night; we’ll be playing Garry’s Mod (Prop Hunt) on Thursday. I have every expectation that there will be plenty of laughs as we try to outfox each other!

If you fancy joining the hunt here's how:

  • Where: This Thursday, 27/11/2014 @ 7pm UTC
  • What: - Garry’s Mod it will require a free Steam account to play - and the Prop Hunt add-on installed. We’ll be using Kowalski’s - which has instillation instructions :)
  • How: Join the Playfire Steam PC Gamers Group Chat and we'll get the ball rolling!

Tuesday's Rewards - 25/11/2014

Ever thought how magical the world would be if Dwarf Fortress' detailed micromanagement met Terraria's crafting systems and intuitive style to produce a love child capable of ruling the world of gaming? If not, then there is no need to worry, because Craft The World exists and it's all primed to conquer everything!

Become the steward of a band of dwarfs, directing them in the construction of their dwarven wares and fortifications - keeping ‘em fed as well as watered so they are prepared to combat the creatures of the night which will seek to destroy your creations. Grow your civilisation from small barracks to vast sophisticated fortress networks, with secret passages and a series of fiendish traps to harass those that would see the end of your settlement. There is a crafting system which is key to progress the nature of your constructions and magic to help your dwarfs survive to create in your name! Sounds good yes?!

Look into their eyes, agree with them you do

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Monday's Rewards - 24/11/2014

I’m starting to get the impression that game developers want to make sure we never go on a trip into space. Ghostship Aftermath is an excellent example of this - putting players on an abandoned ship in deep space, with players having to survive the horrors! With a recent, great big update loaded with treats, there has not been a better time to take it for a spin.

After a disaster within a disaster (inception is still all the rage) an Advance Scientific Evaluation Team (ASET) is sent to the furthest reach of colonised space to investigate the disappearance of a large colonial defence ship. Players take on the role of Dr. Jake Abbots, who is tasked with assessing the situation aboard, and he’ll have to suffer the horrors that lie in wait. In a recent patch, we’ve seen new and improved graphics tied in with some nifty bug fixes which helps to improve the user experience across the board. There have been a few new set pieces added and a new enemy type to keep even existing players on their toes! For those who love a bit of exploring there is even a ‘hassle free’ DLC which is included with the main game, which allows players to explore the ghost ship without the tricksy foes.

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It's a cracker! This weekend's Deals & a great football image!

We are in the middle of November, when traditionally all hell breaks loose in the gaming market.  This year is no different with gems like Dragon Age Inquisition, Far Cry 4, Assassins Creed Unity, Lords of the Fallen, Shadow of Mordor and much, much more all available for you to play right now!  So many quality games, so little time ... tick, tock, tick, tock.

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I didn't draw breath there at all.  I'm completely spent ... so here's a lovely image of the Argentina wall defending a free kick a few years back to celebrate me smashing FIFA15 this weekend (with a bit of Assassins Creed Unity on the side).

Happy gaming this weekend.

Darren @ GMG & Playfire

Friday's Rewards - 21/11/2014

With humankind's most recent scientific achievement of landing a module on an asteroid, what better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than playing some epic space games. There's plenty to choose from - Kerbal Space Program, Elite Dangerous, and FTL to name a few - and today we're blessed with the release of Celestial Command, an Early Access title.

Celestial Command happily classes itself as a sandbox space game sharing many of the qualities we love about games like KSP. Space travellers will have to contend with the usual toils of galactic exploration, including realistic orbits and gravitational pulls on a scientifically realistic level, while enjoying the thrills of ship building, fleet management, and blowing up pesky asteroids. As with all Early Access games, it's far from a finished representation of the game, but the laid-back soundtrack is likely to smooth over any frustrations you might have.

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Thursday's Rewards - 20/11/2014

The original Kult: Heretic Kingdoms (also known as Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition in North America) was an isometric RPG by Slovak studio, 3D People, with narrative written by Chris Bateman who's holds over 40 games to his name. Almost 10 years later, 3D People (now Games Farm) have released the next chapter in the Heretic Kingdoms series.

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms retains the best and most recognisable features of the original, including its signature isometric RPG gameplay, blended with slick modern-day visuals. Players take command of a Devourer, a soul-eating demon that can bring the dead back to life as puppets for your bidding. Harnessing this power gives adventurers the chance to experience up to 15 different playable characters, but all at the cost of becoming more human and schizophrenia. As you wander between the two realms, the shadow world and our mortal world, a rich narrative filled with myths, quests, and legends promises to consume you. With a very successful Early Access and this epic release trailer, we're definitely sold. How about you?


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Competition: Prizes to kill for!

Want to win a copy of Assassin's Creed Unity? Eager to get into the animus and take a trip to stunning revolutionary Paris? We've got two spare promo copies that we're giving away to two lucky winners (PS4/XB1).

All you have to do to get involved is follow @Playfire and RT the tweet below and you'll be entered into the runnings to win!

We'll be announcing the winner on Friday 21st November at 15:00UTC!

Good luck!

Chat: Big Open Worlds

It seems that big open worlds have become the buzzword that sets gamers off in a big way. The bigger the world and the more variety of stuff to do, the more impressive and expansive these games are. The more expensive they are to make, too ;)

With Far Cry 4 released yesterday, presenting a beautiful and engrossing open world full of dangers, wonders and everything in between, we've been pondering the open world game and what it means for players. Is there such a thing as too much of an open world? Do you find that an overwhelming amount of stuff to do gets too much, and puts you off venturing out into the unknown? Is it sometimes refreshing to sit down with a linear game and get told what to do?

We personally love the thrill of an open play space, rife with opportunities for discovery. We've been playing a lot of Assassin's Creed: Unity, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Elite Dangerous, and all of them have open worlds at the core of their experiences. Elite is perhaps the most open world game ever created, depicting our galaxy and all 400-billion stars within it. Completionists beware!

Other games like the aforementioned Far Cry 4 dot the map with stuff to do and things to see. Grand Theft Auto V is now out on PS4 and does similar things, peppering the map with interesting people to chat to and fun objectives to undertake. It's wonderful to see how much detail development studios can pack into their game worlds, and it's truly remarkable, but what do you think about open world games? Is there too much of a focus on freedom now? We're also curious to know what's the best open world game you've ever played?


Wednesday's Rewards - 19/11/2014

Adventure Time games haven't always been able to live up to the totally algebraic cartoon show. In fact, they've been a bit of a let-down considering the universe, characters and the fantasy-RPG themes the show embraces. So with Adventure Time: The Secret Of The Nameless Kingdom out today, is this the game to live up to our expectations?

It's early days yet, but the first reaction from some gamers so far are promisingly positive. As expected you play as Finn and Jake, supported by all your favourite characters including Ice King, Gunter, Marceline, LSP, Flambo, Magic Man, BMO and more! The gameplay pays homage to top-down dungeon crawlers like Zelda (oh my glob!) which is a great sign that the Land of Ooo is finally ready for us. So, what time is it?! Adventure Time!

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Day of the Occult

If you didn't know already, today is Occult Day, a day where all things witches, fairies, rituals, magic and mystery are celebrated, and to get into the spirit (see what I did there...) we've teamed up with our friends at Paradox on some cracking discounts.

Running until Friday the 21st of November (ending at 4.00pm GMT) we have discounts of 75% - 80% off the titles listed below:

Defenders of Ardania (80% off)
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Magicka (75% off)
Magicka Collection (75% off)
Magicka: The Collection (75% off)
Magicka: The Ninth Element Novel (75% off)
Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin (75% off)
Magicka: The Stars are Left (75% off)
Warlock: Master of the Arcane Complete Edition (75% off)

You can see all the deals via this magical portal.

Enjoy the rest of this mystically themed day!
Mike (the Marketing Memelord)

Game Night - Left 4 Dead 2 - 20/11/2014

The Week's Game Night

This week we're fighting the brain-hungry hoards of Left 4 Dead 2 hand-in-hand with our Playfire brethren. Take note, bumbling zombies, we're a force to be reckoned with!

We're looking for supplies. If you fancy joining the hunt here's how:

Tuesday's Rewards - 18/11/2014

We don't know about you, but with the wealth of exciting new games that have hit us over the last week it's been pretty tough to pick which game to spend our hard-earned cash on. With GTAV within reach it's very tempting to jump into Los Santos again, but this time in spectacular first-person with the added pizzazz that next-generation consoles bring.

But if you've spent enough time already with Trevor, Michael and Franklin, then Ubisoft's Far Cry 4 has to be the top of the list. Not only does it look gorgeous, you can go off-road with a tuk-tuk, blasting Uzis before jumping on an Elephant and going on a rampage. I think this gif say it all.

Far Cry 4 is out today in North America, but our fellow chums in the rest of the world will have to wait until the rest of the week - worth it though, we're sure.

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