Chroma Squad – Playfire Rewards Wednesday

Available until Wednesday, 13th May 2015 @ 23:59 UTC:

COMPETITION | Going full throttle – Win Project CARS

Howdy all! So we're going to be shaking things up a bit with our approach to competitions going forwards (there'll be an update on MKX tomorrow, don't worry). 

Every Wednesday we'll be running a competition for a new title, with five copies of the game in question up for grabs. We'll be offering multiple ways of entering via Gleam, and you'll be able to opt in and enter in as few or as many ways as you like. 

This week's a bit of a test run to begin with, but that's not going to stop us from giving you the opportunity to nab one of five free copies of Project Cars!

What's your favourite video game weapon? #GMGasks

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is out (check out the first ten minutes of it right here) and it's positively bristling with guns. That got us thinking about some of our favourite video game weapons.

[UPDATED] Daily Giggle: Vehicle Cannon

So Rockstar have started banning players trying to use mods on GTA V, which seems nonsensical to me, but at least before they do we can witness glorious things like this.

Thanks to Nick for the tip. [via]


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Playfire Rewards Tuesday

Available until Tuesday, 12th May 2015 @ 23:59 UTC:
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    Daily Giggle: Marvel Super Heroes Honest Trailer

    Saw Avengers over the weekend, and thought that this would be appropriate. Probably my favourite LEGO game to date as well. As Smosh put it in their description, 'based on a toy that teaches kids patience, creativity, and construction comes the game that teaches kids instant-gratification, button mashing, and destruction!'



    Daily Giggle: Super Smash Star Wars

    Happy Star Wars Day, folks! Considering the date, here's one of the finest video game/Star Wars mashups I've ever seen. It's a bit of an oldie (in Internet years, at least) but it's still absolute gold. Hats off to the fantastic James Farr.

    The pop cultural references are strong with this one.

    Check out our Top Five Best Star Wars games feature here, and May the Fourth be with you, always!


    Feral Mac deals – 70% off LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga and Clone Wars

    Rather shamefully, I managed to miss the LEGO Star Wars titles off of my Top Five feature on the best Star Wars games last week. This was a massive oversight on my part because, as anyone who's played the LEGO Star Wars games will probably testify... they're brilliant.

    For the next 48 hours, we've got 70% off the Mac versions of both LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, and LEGO Star Wars: Episode III – The Clone Wars.

    COMPETITION | Introducing Critical Hit – monthly review competition, win up to £30 credit

    User reviews are vitally important, and such useful feedback should be rewarded. That's why, at the start of every month going forwards, we'll be choosing ten of the best reviews from the first week and letting the community vote on the best ones for a chance to win up to £30 credit.

    Welcome to Critical Hit!

    Staff Picks: 1st May – Up to 75% off Skullgirls, Spud's Quest, and High School Dreams

    Do the Friday dance, folks! The weekend is so close we can taste it, and that means new Staff Picks for you!

    WWE 2K15 – Playfire Rewards Friday

    Available until Friday, 8th May 2015 @ 23:59 UTC:
    • WWE 2K15 – unlock My path starts here (£0.10)
    • WWE 2K15 – unlock Now that's Hardcore! (£0.10)
    • WWE 2K15 – unlock Gas tank never on empty (£0.10)
    • WWE 2K15 – unlock Redbox Big Moment (£0.10)
    • WWE 2K15 – unlock King of Swing (£0.10)
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      Unsheathe your sword! Ryse: Son of Rome weekend deal – 66% off

      Let's face it, Ryse: Son of Rome is basically the Gladiator game we all desperately wanted. It's gorgeous, gory, and extremely gratifying if what you really fancy doing after a hard day is hacking barbarians up with a pilum. 

      Daily Giggle: Brotality

      Given how Scorpion and Sub-Zero manage to bury the hatchet in the latest game, I can totally see this happening. [via]

      Seen something you think would suit the Daily Giggle? Made something awesome you want to share with the rest of the class? Ping me an email at matt[dot]gardner[at]greenmangaming[dot]com or Tweet me @FuzzyPixels.

      Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown – Playfire Rewards Thursday

      Available until Thursday, 7th May 2015 @ 23:59 UTC:
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        Mac's back! Up to 75% off on SimCity 4 Deluxe, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum, Fahrenheit Remastered

        The Aspyr Mac deals are back, only this time Fahrenheit is even cheaper than before! Once again, there's a triple-threat of tantalising dealtastic treats on Mac-compatible Steam titles.

        First up, it's Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered. Quantic Dream's early effort isn't quite as refined as Heavy Rain, but it's more of a fit for the cinematic genre than Beyond: Two Souls, and the multiple protagonist approach suits the engrossing narrative very nicely indeed. If you like you games stuffed with branching storylines and player-driven narrative choice, this is a classic.