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The Very Near Future indeed.

15% off Sayonara UmiharaKawase – out now!

Sayonara UmiharaKawase releases today on PC, and in doing so brings one of the first Japanese cult classic series to the platform!    

Umihara Kawase first appeared back in 1994 on the Super Famicom, starring a 19-year-old protagonist who'd somehow gotten herself stuck in a bizarre world of bipedal fish and other water-dwelling creatures. Clad in her school uniform and iconic pink backpack, Umihara traversed her strange surroundings with the aid of her elasticated fishing line, which could latch onto pretty much any surface.

Infinity Crates – Fantasy Crate Funboxing | Tech Tuesday

We're taking a look at another geek and gaming box on Tech Tuesday this week. This time, our chums at Infinity Crates sent us a sample box around the 'Fantasy' theme for inspection, and you can check the video above to have a look at what's inside.

Infinity Crates subscriptions start at £14.99 a month and guarantee you a t-shirt and Pop! Vinyl figure in every crate too, along with a total box worth of at least £35, which is pretty cool.

You can find loads more info on Infinity Crates over on their website, and click here for all of our previous Tech Tuesday features!


Up to 75% off Stardock titles this week, Galactic Civilizations III half price, voucher extended

Love a bit of sci-fi 4X? Well, you're going to love our hot deals this week. We've got up to 75% off a range of Stardock Entertainment titles including, for the first time ever, 50% off Galactic Civilizations III​ and  Offworld Trading Company!

Elsewhere, there are big savings to be had on Sins of a Solar Empire, Servo, Fallen Enchantress, and more! Go the whole hog with 50% off the huge Stardock Complete Pack!

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We've also extended our 23% off voucher until 4PM UTC on Friday.

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Daily Giggle | Fun Fact

"Seven hours"? Amateurs!

COMPETITION | Win NBA 2K16 – 3 copies up for grabs

"Be the story" – that's what NBA 2K16's slogan cries out. No other sports series allows us to live out the satisfaction of becoming a superstar in the way NBA 2K does, and Visual Concepts have taken it to the next level this year.

We've got three copies of the game to give away this weekend (possibly one or two more if you're also subscribed to our YouTube channel) so if you're a basketball fan, now's the time to get involved. This year's title is unmissable!

Up to 75% off Deep Silver titles, new VIP additions, voucher extended | The GMG Weekender

Time for a weekend of deep (silver) discounts!

That's right, we've got up to 75% off the whole range of Deep Silver titles over the next few days. From half price Saints Row to 50% off the Metro Redux Bundle. Save big on Risen, Sacred and a whole lot more.

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Live the dream and become the best baller ever in NBA 2K16, which takes sports games to a whole new level. Packing plenty of new material, on-court and online upgrades, and the best career mode to date in any sports game, this is unmissable. It's so good, it converted one of our team into a hardcore basketball fan!

Top Five Ninjas In Gaming

Black & White Bushido releases this Friday, and it's all about epic battles between light and shadow warriors, and slicing up your chums with a katana, ninja-style! You can pick it up right now with 20% off, and for this week's Top Five, we thought we'd take a look at some of the best ninjas in gaming.

What gaming ninjas would make your list? Let us know in the comments and remember to check out Black & White Bushido over on the Green Man Gaming store!


#GMGasks | What's your favourite moment from a games meetup?

Fresh from EGX at Birmingham, the Green Man Gaming team were able to get our hands on some of eagerly awaited titles coming this year, as well as some very exciting indies from the Rezzed Zone and the Indie Megabooth.

Of course, it's not just a time to play the big games - it's a perfect chance to meet up with gamers from across the country, and share gaming war stories of that time you nailed that perfect raid.

We want to know - What's your favourite moment from a gaming meetup / expo? #GMGasks

Daily Giggle | Changed Later

Oh, you. [via]

INTERVIEW | The fantastic 80 Days arrives on PC and Inkle tell us all about it

80 Days was my favourite game of 2014. That's across the board, including PC and consoles alike. I sank entire days into it, tracing new paths across the globe in the company of Phileas Fogg, forging new adventures, and generally having the time of my virtual life.

The game was a critical darling, adored by press and players, and with good reason.

And now it's arrived on PC.

To celebrate the game's release today, we caught up with Inkle's Jon Ingold to talk about the game's success just over a year on from its initial release, why and how the game has arrived on PC, the huge content update that's accompanied this new version of the game, and some of the cool new places and people to grace this grand adventure...

For those maybe not in the know, could you give us the elevator pitch for 80 Days?

The year is 1872. Phileas Fogg has wagered he can circumnavigate the globe in less than 80 days. Travelling by Orient Express, steamer, hot-air balloon, mechanical camel and more. Travel through Africa, trek the desert, climb the Burmese mountains or steal a submarine below the Pacific. Fall in love, fly with pirates, spy against Russia or aid an invasion. Go anywhere - but don't fall behind the time.

Guess N Win - Tango Fiesta

Ready to test your gaming knowledge? Today at 7pm UTC, ADay will post 10 cropped video game screenshots on the forum, guess the title and you'll get a key for Tango Fiesta!

Tango Fiesta is an action packed top-down cooperative two stick shooter for 1 to 4 players. Set in a world where the events from every single 80’s action film ever made actually happened to one unlucky hero called John Strong, you and up to three friends get to blast, shoot, knife, and high score your way through endless procedurally generated levels in the ultimate true story behind all those amazing movies!

Can't play today? Don't worry, Tango Fiesta has a 33% off on Green Man Gaming for a limited time. Protip: Grab four friends and get the 4 pack deal. Even better price, but for times more fun.

Good luck and see you in the forum!

- Pandorgo

Tech Tuesday | Win a £1499 CyberPower PC epic MSI rig and FIFA 16

This week on Tech Tuesday, we're doing something a little bit different. We've gone and teamed up with CyberPower UK and MSI to bring you a giveaway of EPIC proportions.

Daily Giggle | But what about that guy?!

You're a big liar. A liar!! Get him, Pikachu. [via]

Daily Giggle | Catch!

Booker literally never missed a single catch. He should have ditched the whole 'private eye' thing and become a baseball fielder. [via]

The World Of Davo | Music and Games

For plenty of people around my age, our formative years were soundtracked almost exclusively by video games.

By the time we turned teenagers, the PlayStation and it's luxury CD format, as well as some expanding budgets, allowed publishers to spend some of that hard earned cash on some licensed music. Cue a sharp rise in Punk and Skateboarding the second Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was released.

Cities Skylines: After Dark out now – 33% off Cities: Skylines base game and Deluxe Edition

Night time is fun time! After Dark is the first expansion to the hugely popular classic city simulation Cities: Skylines. The game expands on the repertoire of features and customisations designed to enhance the thrill as well as maintain the challenge of the city building experience.

To celebrate, we've got 33% off the base game and Deluxe Edition right now!
Get building, folks! And don't forget, our site-wide voucher is still good for a few more hours. Enter 20PERC-AUTUMN-SAVING at the checkout for a sweet discount on pretty much anything on the store.*

*Voucher may not be used in conjunction with credit or other vouchers. Excludes VIP offers and other selected titles.

Top Five Amazing GTA V Mods

In case you hadn't noticed, we're running a fat Rockstar Sale right now, including 20% off GTA V (or 30% off the Great White Shark Bundle). One of the best things about playing Rockstar's latest opus on PC is the singleplayer mods. So, with that in mind, here are five of the best.

To help you get the most out of this week's feature, we've listed the links for the mods themselves below. Click here for a detailed tutorial on how to install mods, courtesy of RPS.

Games Media Awards - Playfire Players' Choice Award

The Games Media Awards celebrate the best in writing about games and coverage of interactive entertainment - across the written word, audio, and video, from independent freelancers through to major media outlets.

Playfire is proud to sponsor the Players' Choice Award - YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Check the shortlisted entries on the forum, and vote for your favourite before midday on Wednesday 14th October 2015.

To celebrate the award, anyone who votes and also leaves a comment on the thread will be eligible to win a FIFA 16 key (PC - Origin).

The winner will be announced at the Games Media Awards, on this blog and on this forum thread.

Good luck to all the nominees from everyone at Playfire.

#GMGasks | What was your finest multiplayer moment?

Ever nailed five perfect headshots in a row? Ran a perfect lap on Rainbow Road? Performed a full parry in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, like Evo Moment #37?

This week, we want you to tell us your finest multiplayer moment! #GMGasks

Guess N Win - Solar Shifter EX - 23rd September

This evening ADay will challenge you on the forum one more week with ten video game screenshots, be the first to guess the title of one of them and you'll get a Steam key for Solar Shifter EX. This is a competition we host every week at the same time, so if you are not lucky today, come back next Wednesday for a new opportunity!

Black & White Bushido – Pre-purchase now!

Following on from it's storming debut onstage at Legends Of Gaming, we're pleased to announce that Black & White Bushido is available to pre-purchase on Green Man Gaming!

Daily Giggle | Bioshock Wedding

Behold! The BioShock Wedding!

Now, is the Big Daddy the groom or the father of the bride? Either way, good effort! [via]

20% off GTA V, up to 83% off other Rockstar titles – Max Payne, L.A. Noire and more

With the recent release of Grand Theft Auto Online’s Freemode Events, players have been given access to a world with no lobbies, menus, or loading times – just an open Freemode session filled with Friends, Crewmates, rivals, and randoms where spontaneous and chaotic new games and challenges will appear.

With tons of new experiences waiting for you in Los Santos, there’s never been a better time to pick up a copy of GTA V, and that's before you even think about installing a bunch of awesome SP mods and start making whales rain from the sky or transform into Iron Man.

But we'll get to that later this week in Top Five.

Right now, though, it's all about getting a sweet 20% off Grand Theft Auto V. You've got a week, folks; go nuts!

Jump into Los Santos now with 20% off GTA V >>

Tech Tuesday | Win a Rock Candy Keyboard & Mouse

Following on from our review of the Rock Candy Xbox One Controller, our friends at PDP popped over the latest goodies from their Rock Candy range. Keeping with the transparent theme, they've set their sights to affordable PC market with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Daily Giggle | Picked on the wrong Cucco

Hey Link, leave them alone! [via]

Let's Play... Grand Ages: Medieval | Mercantile Management in the Middle Ages

If Europa Universalis and Total War had a baby, it'd probably look something like Grand Ages: Medieval. A mix of grand strategy, the industrial side of 4X, and a medieval commerce management suite, Grand Ages: Medieval is one of those games that it's easy to lose yourself in for hours on end.

Game Night - GTA Online - PS4 - Midlife Gamer

As some of you already know, Playfire is sponsoring the Midlife Gaming Party for GamesAid.

We don't want to forget about those of you who can't attend EGX, so we've decided to host a Game Night at the same time of the party for players from both sites: Midlife Gamer and Playfire!
  • When: Saturday 26th September. 7pm UTC 
  • Game: Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA V)
  • How: Post your PSN ID on this thread. When the Game Night starts a party will be created and you'll be invited.

Let us know in the forum which modes you'd like to play! This is my idea: I think we should come up with challenges and write down if the winner is from Playfire or Midlife Gamer. The Community Manager of the losing team would have to announce on Twitter the winner. :P

- Pandorgo

Daily Giggle | Zelda

Long live this running mistake. [via]

The World Of Davo | Realism vs Games

Ever watched a movie with someone who would roll their eyes and say "Well, THAT would never happen in real life"? I've been hearing this more and more about games – although not when fighting dragons or firing spells out of your hands. That's fine for some reason.

No, it's more about Master Chief carrying two weapons at once being realistic. Regardless of the fact he's a cybernetically enhanced soldier fighting aliens on a fictional planet and he can hoover up items with his shoes.