COMPETITION | Win a copy of Just Cause 3 and a pair of GUNNAR Haus Onyx glasses

We've teamed up with GUNNAR Optiks for this week's competition, to give you the chance of winning a copy of the explosive Just Cause 3 along with a pair of GUNNAR Haus Onyx gaming glasses!

Just Cause 3 & GUNNAR
The competition will run until 11:59 PM UTC on 3rd December, with the winners announced shortly afterwards.

Best of luck folks!

The competition closes at 11:59 PM UTC on 3rd December
Prizes may not be exchanged for cash or GMG credit 
Click here for our full list of terms and conditions.

Green Thursday Giveaway - Fallout 4

Why wait for Black Friday when we there’s GREEN THURSDAY? Green Man Gaming is already offering amazing games at jaw-dropping prices.

The Playfire Team wants to jump into the Black Friday craziness too, so we’ve prepared 3 giveaways for 3 of the best games of the year.

The Goods | Black Friday Special Update – 26/11/15

Login now for Early Access to our five-day Black Friday sale

Christmas beckons, but before we plunge into December,m it's all about Black Friday weekend, and boy do we have some hot buttered awesomeness lined up for you. Kicking off today on Green Thursday, we'll have rotating offers every 24 hours, with new deals every day, flash sales, blockbuster bargains, and more.

It's gets even better too. If you've got a Green Man Gaming account, not only will you get exclusive VIP discounts on our daily offer, but you'll be able to access each day of the sale early by logging in from 10AM GMT and shopping VIP style.

Pretty awesome, right? Well, let's take a sneak peek at some of the titles we're going to have in our Black Friday Weekender in this week's special edition of The Goods.

Top Five Robots In PC Gaming

With Fallout 4 topping the charts, and given that the series has its fair share of awesome mechanical companions (yes Codsworth we're looking at you) for this week's top five we thought we'd take a look at some of the best robots in PC gaming.

#GMGasks | Who should accompany you in the wasteland?

Fallout 4 is filled with all sorts of colorful characters for you to meet, shoot in the face, and accompany you across the wasteland.

However, there's only so many people you can roll with across The Commonwealth, so we want to know - Who would you pick to buddy up with in the wasteland? #GMGasks

Fancy rolling with a wise-cracking
In the office, we've picked Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Cayde-6 from Destiny, and the assassin-bot HK-47 from Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic.

You can find all of our past #GMGasks coverage right here!

Tech Tuesday | The Fallout PC

For this week's Tech Tuesday, we are looking at (slobbering over) the special edition Fallout 4 rig created by our chums at Oblivion Systems.

You may have seen a picture of this beauty of a PC in our partner competition with Mad Catz and The Sun newspaper (it's still running, click here to enter).

The case is decked out in vault colours with blue and yellow panels, mounts and fans, to make it it look Vault-Tec approved both inside and out. Vault Boy himself takes pride of place on the front of the case, the friendly face hiding the monster of a machine beneath.

The machine is a high-end build customized for ultimate gaming experience with an i5 Intel Skylake processor and GeForce GTX 960 providing much of the grunt, and a speedy SSD to ensure things run quick and smooth.

Buy the Fallout 4 PC here >>

Green Man Gaming Weekly Charts | Best-Selling Games 23/11/15

In a new video feature airing every Monday from 6PM GMT, we present the Green Man Gaming Weekly Charts as we count down the five best-selling games on GMG from the previous week.

Can Fallout 4 retain its crown? Watch to find out!

WEEKLY COMPETITION | Win Hard West & a Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. TE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

We've teamed up with Gambitious and Mad Catz for this week's competition, to give you the chance of winning awesome turn-based strategy western Hard West and a S.T.R.I.K.E. TE mechanical keyboard.

Hard West + Mad Catz
The competition will run until 11:59 AM UTC on 26th November, with the winners announced shortly afterwards.

Best of luck folks!

The competition closes at 11:59 AM UTC on 26th November
Prizes may not be exchanged for cash or GMG credit 
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#GMGasks | If you could play one game again for the first time, what would it be? Why?

There's nothing quite like stepping through the twists and turns of a game for the very first time. From stepping out of a vault for the first time, to seeing Bowser meet lava face first, there's a whole host of experiences that feel special.

But sometimes going back can be a little hard. You don't want to go back and shape that experience that might not be as good as your first time!

This week, we want to know - If you could play a game again for the first time, what would it be and why? #GMGasks

Top Five PC Gaming Timesinks of 2015

There have been a number of games this year into which we've sunk well over 100 hours. Games have been getting bigger, more fully featured, designed for players to return to time and time again, updated with fresh content and open-ended gameplay. Perhaps more so than ever before, it's possible to buy a game other than COD or FIFA and still be playing it six months down the line.

Let's take a look at some of the top timesinks to have released this year on PC.

How about you? What have been the games that you sunk the most time into this year?


Guess N Win - Carnage Racing and Why So Evil 2

Guess N Win comes back tomorrow 18th November with ten more game keys to giveaway.

As every Wednesday, login to the forum before 8pm UTC and get ready to be the first to guess the screenshots we'll post. Only the quickest ones will get a free game!

WEEKLY COMPETITION | Win Fallout 4, an ORIGIN PC Chroma Black Widow keyboard, and a 12-month XSplit licence

We've teamed up with Origin PC and Xsplit again for this week's competition, to give you the chance of winning Fallout 4, a Chroma Blackwidow keyboard, and a 12-month Xsplit licence.

You know the drill – multiple ways of entering, choose as few or as many as you like, though obviously more entries means a higher chance of winning. This competition is worldwide, so no matter where you're based, feel free to get involved!

Fallout Origin Xsplit
The competition will run until 11:59 AM UTC on 19th November, with the winner announced shortly afterwards.

Best of luck folks!

The competition closes at 11:59 AM UTC on 19th November
Prizes may not be exchanged for cash or GMG credit 
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Six-day Star Wars Forum Quiz - Win a copy of Star Wars Battlefront!

Star Wars Battlefront is less than a week away and to celebrate it we are hosting a forum event of galactic proportions. Win and you will receive a free Star Wars Battlefront key!

We’ve prepared six Forum Quizzes, one for each Star Wars movie.

Canine Companions – The Top Five Dogs In Gaming

Dogmeat is one of the best dogs in gaming. A stalwart companion throughout the Fallout series, Todd Howard and co went and made everyone's favourite wasteland pooch invincible in Fallout 4.

You can still use our 20% off voucher for a sweet saving on Bethesda's latest release (check out the video description for more) and start having rad-tastic adventures in post-apocalyptic Boston right now.

But for this week's Top Five, in honour of Dogmeat, we thought we'd have a look at a few of the finest canine companions to grace gaming.


#GMGasks | One Thing To Take Into The Vault

We've been riding on high on Fallout fever here in the office - Fuzzy streamed eight hours of the game on launch day yesterday, and plenty of us have been exploring the weird and wonderful wasteland, met interesting people, and stole all their goodies.

For this week's GMGasks, we want you to imagine that you've just heard the four minute warning, you're on the way to the vault, and you only have time to grab one prized possession. What do you grab? #GMGasks

WEEKLY COMPETITION | Win Black Ops 3, a 550M Gaming Mouse and a GFUEL Supply Drop

We've teamed up with COUGAR and LimeXB againfor this week's competition, to give you the chance of winning Black Ops III, a 550M Gaming Mouse and GFUEL Supply Drop, with a few extra copies of the game for two lucky runners up.

You know the drill – multiple ways of entering, choose as few or as many as you like, though obviously more entries means a higher chance of winning.

COUGAR Black Ops 3
The competition will until Monday and close at 11:59 AM UTC on 12th November, with the winner announced shortly afterwards.

Best of luck folks!

The competition closes at 11:59 AM UTC on 12th November
Prizes may not be exchanged for cash or GMG credit 
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The Goods – Green Man Gaming Update 05/11/15

Green Man Gaming brings you The Goods – a new weekly show full of information on what's going on over the next 7 days. Expect news on epic sales, publisher promos, weekly competitions and a whole lot more every Thursday from 6PM UTC.

Shop now >>

This week: Black Ops 3, Fallout 4, Football Manager and more!


Top Five Co-Op FPS Games On PC

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 releases this week, with 27% off ahead of launch, and Treyarch boasting more new features than ever before, including a full co-op campaign. There are few things as satisfying as blasting through a shooter with a friend by your side so, with that in mind, this week's Top Five is all about the best co-op FPS titles on PC.

Still, that's just us, how about you? Hit us up with your favourite co-op shooters in the comments, and remember to check in from 6PM next Wednesday for another helping of Top Five.


Guess N Win - The Ship

If you think all multiplayer FPS games are the same, it's because you haven't played The Ship yet.

Take a look at the premise: "The Ship is owned by the mysterious Mr X and as one of many "lucky" recipients of a free ticket you arrive on board The Ship to find there's a catch to your luxury cruise. The passengers are coerced into a brutal Hunt to indulge Mr. X's fantasies. Can you survive the voyage? Can you unravel the mystery of Mr X and ultimately can you escape his clutches?"

Sounds original right? Because it is! And thanks to Blazing Griffin we have 10 keys for The Ship to give away during this week's Guess N Win.

As every Wednesday, to participate you just need to enter the forums just before 8pm UTC.

- Portions of video games screenshots will be posted on this forum thread4th November at 8pm UTC.
- If you know the game, post a reply with the title* of the game.
- The first person to guess it, wins the game key**.

ADay will be the host this week. Good luck eveyone!

- Pandorgo 

#GMGasks | What should Call Of Duty do next?

From World War II to robotic near future war - the Call of Duty franchise has certainly covered a lot of ground since it's humble beginnings in 2003. We're due it's twelve instalment this week with Call Of Duty: Black Ops III, which takes things all the way to 2065.

With Infinity Ward due to be behind 2016's inevitable Call Of Duty game, we want to know - What should Call Of Duty do next? #GMGasks

Tech Tuesday | Mad Catz C.T.R.L.r Mobile

My Steam Link and Steam Controller arrived a couple of weeks ago, and while the Link has been a mainstay in my living room, I have to say that I've found the Controller to be a clunky, chunky, poorly-constructed mess. I was hoping it would become my PC gaming pad of choice, but instead it's lying in the corner of the room, drowning in a puddle of shame.

Thankfully, Mad Catz saw fit to send over their C.T.R.L.r Mobile Gamepad for a bit of Tech Tuesday testing. I've been living with it for just over a week now, and it's slipped relatively smoothly into my PC gaming life, which is all I ever really want from a controller.

Batman: Arkham Knight Update

Hi folks. Just a quick little update to let you know that in accordance with WBIE's statement on October 31st regarding Batman: Arkham Knight, we'll be honouring refunds on the title until the end of 2015.

Please refer to the original statement from WBIE for more information, and if you have any further questions about your order, please contact our support team here.


The World Of Davo | Get Spooked!

It was awfully quiet around the house, and all was still,
Apart from that monster that obviously standing behind you
oh god oh god don't look. 

Yes kids, it's time for All Hallows Eve - where everything is dark all the time, people can dress up as their favourite fictional spook, and all manner creepy games can be played with the lights off and headphones cranked up. 

So, let's take a look at some of our favorite horror characters that have shown up in games.

COMPETITION | Win Fallout 4 and a NZXT S340 PC Case designed by Razer

Fallout fever is upon us. We're already getting psyched for Bethesda's latest opus, and our weekly Friday competition is a big one. We've teamed up with NZXT to giveaway an S340 mid tower PC case designed by Razer along with several copies of Fallout 4.

NZXT + Fallout 4
The competition will close at 23:59 UTC on Thursday 5th November. Best of luck folks!


Halloween Sale | New titles added – save on The Evil Within, Metro, Doom, Alan Wake and more

Ready for more bewitching deals?

We’re welcoming a huge number of amazing games to the Halloween sale this weekend. Get up to 90% off with even more spooktacular savings.

Face the post-apocalyptic horror of the Metro series; brave the depths of some Mikami-made madness in The Evil Within; and step into Hell with some delicious Doom deals.

Techland will also be joining in the fun, with the brilliant free-running survival FPS Dying Light on offer from the 30th and savings to be had on the Dead Island titles. 

Plus don't miss out on Nordic's additions to the sale from Friday as well with deals on the Alan Wake games and Painkiller series too.

Check out our updated Halloween sale >>

Looking ahead to next week, it's all about Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Everything we've seen of Treyarch's latest shooter has looked incredibly promising indeed, and you can still get 27% off right now.


Top Five Reasons We Love Dead Rising 3 – Halloween Special

Dead Rising 3 is half price this week as part of our Halloween sale, and we've cheekily extended our 22% off voucher for the next few days too, so there's never been a better time to jump into Los Perdidos and start smacking some zombies upside the head.

However, if you're sill yet to be convinced, here are five reasons why you need Capcom's undead sandbox romp in your life.

We'll be back with more Top Five from 6PM UTC every Wednesday going forwards. Subscribe to the Green Man Gaming YouTube channel to make sure you don't miss out!


#GMGasks | Why do you play horror games?

It's getting awfully creepy in Green Man Gaming towers this week - Pumpkins are glowing, drawers are randomly opening, and sweeties keep appearing in the office.

It's also a perfect time to turn down the lights, crank up the headphones and get spooked with a whole host of horror games – a good number of which are on sale right now!

This week, we want to know why you play horror games, and what are some of your favorites? #GMGasks

"Horror comes in many forms" | The Park – Developer Interview

Funcom's psychological horror adventure – The Park – releases today, and we sat down with the game's creative director, Joel Bylos, to talk a little about what players can expect.

Could you briefly explain what The Park is?

The Park is a single player, narrative driven psychological horror experience. Players take on the role
of Lorraine, a single mother whose son, Callum, has disappeared just as Atlantic Island Park is closing for the day. The game is focused on Lorraine’s search for Callum in the amusement park.

How did the idea for The Park come about?

There are two disparate ideas that came together for the creation of The Park. In March this year, we decided to move our front-end rendering to the Unreal 4 Engine, and in doing so we decided to make a small experience to test this process from start to finish.

Tech Tuesday | NZXT S340 Razer Special Edition PC Case

This week on Tech Tuesday, James is back to take a look at NZXT's rather handsome S340 Razer Special Edition Mid Tower PC Case.


When talking about the positives of this case one topic comes up first – the look. When you turn it on, the first thing that hits you is the green LED symbol, the cool under glow and power button. It's one of the few products that genuinely looks as good as it does in the professional photos on the manufacturer's page. The consistent sci-fi green glow is perfect – a credit to NZXT and Razer's attention to build quality; something we'll keep coming back to in this review.

Up to 90% off – Halloween Sale starts today! Get up to 80% off Might & Delight and 11 bit studios titles

Face your fears in our Halloween sale, with up to 90% off. For the next seven days, we'll be rocking some seriously spooky savings over on the Green Man Gaming store, with discounts on hundreds of game – some designed to raise the hairs on the back of your neck, others meant to make you jump out of your skin in terror!

With blockbusters like Dead Rising 3 to Left 4 Dead 2 and the Resident Evil series on offer, and deals on creepy indie titles like Monstrum, Among The Sleep and more, now's the time to stock up for a fantastic fright night.

Face your fears – up to 90% off >>