Competition Winners: The Last Express

Thanks to everyone who entered in our recent competition to win The Last Express. Jordan Mechner's mystery title is an absolute classic, and one of the finest adventure games ever made.

Sine Mora – Playfire Rewards Monday

Available until Monday, 27th April 2015 @ 23:59 UTC:
  • Sine Mora – unlock Nascentes Morimur (£0.10)
  • Sine Mora – unlock Sine Mora (£0.40)
    Don't have Sine Mora in your library yet? Buy it here (80% off until Tues afternoon) >>

    Save up to 80% on Skydrift, Sine Mora, Airline Tycoon 2 and more – Kalypso 24-hour deals

    Continuing in our series of huge publisher sales, this week is all about Kalypso. Kicking things off today, we've got some massive, deep 24-hour deals with up to 80% off on a wide variety of titles. From SHMUPs to strategy, there's something for everyone in this week's Kalypso sale.

    WE WANT YOU! Making gaming content? Get in touch

    UPDATE: Let's widen this out. Podcasters, Tweeters, Instagrammers, bloggers, whatever – if you're making gaming content, we want to hear from you. it doesn't matter about the medium, it doesn't matter how many followers or subscribers you have. If you fancy being a part of something awesome, get in touch. Let's get this massive green ball rolling!
    Calling all streamers, video makers, MCs, Let's Players, YouTube and Twitch aficionados... if you're making gaming content and are interested in becoming part of the Green Army, get in touch.

    Square Enix Sale – up to 75% off Tomb Raider & Lara Croft titles

    Our final 24-hour Square Enix sale of the weekend goes to one of the most enduring heroes this medium has ever seen. Lara Croft, the stage is yours...

    Deep Silver Deals – up to 75% off on Sacred & Risen titles

    Calling all ARPG fans, this one is for you! Continuing our series of awesome Deep Silver discounts, we'e got up to 75% off on a bunch of titles from both the Sacred and Risen franchises for the next two days.

    Square Enix Sale – 75% off Just Cause titles

    I still haven't clocked Panau. God only knows how many hours I've spent in Just Cause 2, and yet I just keep getting distracted by things like base jumping off a mountain, grappling a chopper, kicking out the pilot, and running down mercenaries.

    Oh, and blowing up massive government installations. Hot damn, that game is awesome!

    We've got 75% off on the Just Cause games this weekend, and if you've not played them before, now's the time to get involved!

    Deep Silver Deals – save up to 75% on Saints Row titles

    GTA isn't the only sandbox series in town, you know! What might have started as an answer to Rockstar's series has grown to have an identity all its own, and the exceptional Saints Row IV is an anarchic, fun-filled playground that's just sheer joy to play.

    We've got up to 75% off on a whole bunch of Saints Row goodness over the next 48 hours.

    Staff Picks 17th April – 66% off Castle of Illusion, The Cave and The Club

    It's the end of the working week, two days of solid gaming beckon, and we have new Staff Picks for you!

    Square Enix Sale – 75% off Deus Ex titles

    I may have done a little dance when the new Deus Ex game was announced (which, given that I'm a chunky 6'3 afro'd megabeast, really wasn't that little) and we have 75% off on all of the Deus Ex titles this weekend.

    SEGA Savings – up to 75% off on Alpha Protocol, Binary Domain, Condemned and more

    So. Many. Deals. Yup, this weekend we have three huge publisher sales on, not to mention a plethora of discounts elsewhere. We've teamed up with SEGA for a whole bunch of 75% off bargains on some cracking titles, and here are a few highlights.

    Deep Silver Deals – Metro Redux half-price for 48 hours

    If you're an FPS fan, but maybe looking for something a little bit different, then the Metro series comes highly recommended. 4A's grim, post-apocalyptic shooters are both fantastic, and they look even better thanks to a spit and polish for the Redux versions.

    Better yet, the Metro Redux double pack, and the individual Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux titles are 50% off for 48 hours this weekend!

    COMPETITION | Win Mortal Kombat X – Design your own Kombatant

    We passed 70,000 followers this week on Twitter over on the Green Man Gaming channel, and to say thanks and celebrate this milestone, we're giving away seven copies of Mortal Kombat X.

    Binary Domain – Playfire Rewards Friday

    Maybe it's the deliciously satisfying procedural damage. Perhaps it could be the themes and motifs pulled from a hundred and one of my favourite works of science fiction; from films such as The Terminator, Dark City and Blade Runner, to the writings of Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein. It could be the cheesy B-movie-esque characterisation and the throwaway one-liners. Whatever the reason, there's something I just utterly love about Binary Domain.

    With some incredible boss battles, slick gunplay, and a cracking story, Binary Domain tis a wonderfully cathartic little title. 

    Blowing the legs off of a horde of stampeding robots never felt so good 

    Deep Silver Deals and Playfire Rewards Thursday – save 75% on Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition

    I love Suda51's unbridled creativity. You look at any of the games he's led direction on and you can instantly tell that it's a Suda title. No More Heroes, Killer7, and Lollipop Chainsaw were all incredibly slick and stylish titles, and the same can be said of the excellent Killer Is Dead.

    We've got 75% off on the PC version – Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition – for the next 48 hours.