The World Of Davo | Metal... Gear?

What was your first Metal Gear experience? Maybe you played a weird port of the first Metal Gear on a Famicom. Or you got a VHS tape of the Metal Gear Solid 2 trailer with a magazine. Mine was seeing screenshots of the game in PlayStation magazines back before the games release in 1998 (or 1999, if you're in Europe).
This doesn't look like much now, but this was basically like being
James Bond when I was 12.

Pre-purchase Street Fighter V now for bonus content, 33% off Dying Light, up to 75% off Team 17 titles and more | The GMG Weekender

We are delighted to announce that Street Fighter V is now live for pre-purchase on Green Man Gaming, and it is looking AMAZING! Order now for the Chun-Li Battle Costume and get access to the beta when it launches later this year.

Stunning visuals depict the next generation of World Warriors in unprecedented detail, while exciting and accessible battle mechanics deliver endless fighting fun that both beginners and veterans can enjoy.

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Playfire Rewards - Bioshock Infinite

Most of you may know by now that voting on the Golden Joysticks gives you the chance to get Bioshock Infinite for just £1. Yeah, it's crazy, I know.

Well, as if that wasn't enough, we have FIVE Playfire Rewards that will turn your trip to the city over the clouds into an even more exciting adventure. Take a look!

COMPETITION | Win Mad Max – 5 up for grabs!

MAD MAX GMG So Mad Max is out, and it's a lot of fun. Ragging around the wasteland in the Magnum Opus and blowing lots of things up is absolutely my jam, and I reckon some of you are up for some explosive shenanigans too.

WB have given us a bunch of keys to giveaway, so that's exactly what we're going to do.

As per usual – there are multiple ways of entering, bonus entries if you're a Playfire member (so sign up now if you're yet to join the party), and you can enter in as many ways as you like.

We'll end this one at 11:59 UTC Thursday 10th September and announce the winners shortly afterwards! Remember, stay tuned to the Competitions channel here on the blog for more promotions, and be sure to subscribe to GMG on YouTube if you haven't already for even more giveaway goodness.

Best of luck folks!

Please use a legit email address when you enter otherwise you'll never know if you win. Terms and conditions apply.

Daily Giggle | Thank you sir, can I have another?

I'm sure the HR department on Mother Base is pretty overworked. [via]

Top Five... Car Combat Games

Charging around in the Magnum Opus in Mad Max is a lot of fun, you can still get the game with 40% off on GMG until Friday. Considering that Avalanche are also in the process of tidying up Just Cause 3, that Mad Max arrives not only bristling with George Miller-inspired awesomeness and adrenaline-pumping fun, but is also deliciously optimised on PC too, is frankly brilliant and worthy of applause.

Anyway, to celebrate the game's release this week, and to revel in the spirit of vehicular violence, we thought we'd take a look at a few other games that did car combat brilliantly.

Remember, there's still time get 40% off Mad Max, AND be sure to look out for our competition later this week!

Oh what a day, what a lovely day!

See more Top Five tomfoolery here >>


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - Game Night (5th September)

Super Smash Bros. is one of the most popular Nintendo franchises – and it’s about time we host a Game Night at Playfire featuring this title!
  • Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  • When: Saturday 5th September at 7pm UTC
  • How: Post your Nintendo ID on this forum thread and add the ones already there as friends on Wii U

Daily Giggle | Horsin' Around

I always feel sad for horses riding in horse boxes. Why can't they ever ride up front?! [via]

Guess N Win - Renowned Explorers – International Society

Ready for this week's Guess N Win? We have 10 keys for a game released TODAY!!! Renowned Explorers – International Society is the new title by Abbey Games, creators of Reus.

Play with us on the forum today at 7pm UTC for a chance to win a key for this fresh title!

Renowned Explorers is an adventure game set in the 19th century. It lets you explore the far corners of the world in the age of discovery, outsmart your rivals, campaign for fame and become the most Renowned Explorer of the 19th century.

We don't see many games these days with such an interesting setting. Ready for an adventure before the summer ends? Head over to Green Man Gaming and be the first to discover new worlds.
  • Portions of video games screenshots will be posted on this forum thread, 2nd September at 7pm UTC.
  • If you know the game, post a reply on that thread saying the title of the game.
  • The first person to guess it, wins the game key.
Good luck!

- Pandorgo

#GMGasks | How would you upgrade your wasteland vehicle?

Mad Max hit the shelves yesterday, giving us a massive wasteland to play in with all manner of hectic vehicular combat sequences to engage in. A key part of the game is equipping your Magnum Opus with all manner of upgrades, weapons and armor to take on the many dangerous factions featured in Mad Max.

This week, we want to ask - How would you pimp your sweet wasteland ride? #GMGasks

Daily Giggle | When Nintendo Met Mercedes

I always figured that Mario would drive something a little less flash. Probably a hatchback. Probably without power steering.

25% of SOEDESCO titles PLUS win a pair of awesome games!

This week we're running a sweet sale on six SOEDESCO titles, with 25% off across the board. There's a wide range of the weird and wonderful up for grabs here, from sporting turn-based RPG Soccer Legends to classic adventuring in Adam's Venture Chronicles to the procedurally-generated horror of Enki.

Click here to shop SOEDESCO >>

Better yet, we've got a competition in which you could win a copy of Enki and awesome puzzler Tic-Toc-Tower too!

Tech Tuesday | Gunnar Optiks – Intercept Kryptonite Gaming Glasses

Welcome to Tech Tuesday at Green Man Gaming, where we take a weekly look at gaming accessories, awesome hardware, and a whole lot more. This week, Alex takes a look at the Intercept Kryptonite Gaming Glasses from Gunnar Optiks.

This week, I was given the task of reviewing the Intercept Kryptonite Glasses from Gunnar Optiks. To help differentiate a little from other optical accessories in the market, Gunnar specs are the only ones to be backed and recommended by medical professionals, using patented technology to reduce eye strain, improve comfort and focus, and protect your eyes from fluorescent light, glare, and uncomfortable air currents.
I won't lie, going into this I was a little skeptical of the glasses, not fully understanding how they would work for me, especially as I have to wear glasses on a day to day basis. But after spending some serious time with the Intercepts, I have to say that I'm pretty impressed.

Daily Giggle | Princess

Board games? Tiddlywinks? Drinking games? I's probably not called the "Mushroom Kingdom" for nothing. Just saying... [via]

The World Of Davo | Celebs in Gaming

Until Dawn hit the stores this past week, bringing a whole host of celebs that make you go "Oh, flamin' heck, what else have they been in?" to our screens in delightful pinsharp CGI. And of course, next week we're getting Kiefer Sutherland as Big Boss in the eagerly awaited Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Big name actors showing up in games is certainly nothing new, so let's step into the history superhighway and look at some lesser known appearances of celebs in gaming.

LAST CHANCE | 40% off Mad Max

This is it, folks! Mad Max releases on September 1st and this is the last chance to get 40% off Avalanche's vehicular action sandbox game. Simply enter the voucher below at the checkout for an insane discount.

The offer has been extended through the weekend, and there's still time to pre-purchase and get the exclusive Ripper DLC so get your order in now!


COMPETITION | Win Origin Chroma Keyboard PLUS Mad Max AND Killing Floor 2!

We're going absolutely mad for Mad Max here at GMG Towers, and it turns out our chums at Origin PC are just as excited for the Road Warrior's new adventure too.

So we've teamed up for an epic giveaway. One lucky winner will away with an Origin Chroma Keyboard, a copy of Mad Max, and a copy of Killing Floor 2; and three runners-up will each receive a copy of Mad Max as well.

"The Great Indoors" Weekend Sale – up to 75% off Deep Silver, CI Games, Paradox, Skullgirls and a whole lot more

We've got a long weekend holiday here in the UK, and to celebrate, we're running some MASSIVE deals this weekend as part of our "The Great Indoors" promotion. Shop now for up to 75% off from the likes of Deep Silver, CI Games, Paradox Interactive, Stardock and more!

Let's Play... The Cat Machine | Win a copy of the game!

The Cat Machine is an adorable little puzzle game where you build tracks in a secret underground lair, and fling cats off into space to keep the earth in orbit. I'm going to do no research and assume this is based on a true story.

We also have three copies of the game to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, watch the video for a little task and leave your answer in the comments of the YouTube video!


Daily Giggle | Pokemon Intro made in GTA V

Merfish does it again. Having recreated a whole bunch of TV show intros in Grand Theft Auto V, he takes a stab Pokémon intro. Starring Trevor as plucky young trainer, Ash. Harrowing. 

Above is the side by side comparison, and if you want to see the GTA version in full, click here!

Top Five... Mega Man Robot Masters

With the superb Mega Man Legacy Collection having released this week, and given we've teamed up with Capcom to give away five copies of the game (check out the description box for a handy link) this week on Top Five, we're taking a look at some of the best Robot Masters to stand in the Blue Bomber's way.

Who are your favourite Robot Masters? Let us know in the comments and make sure you enter our current competition where we're giving away five copies of Mega Man Legacy Collection. Thanks for watching folks, catch you next time.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more competitions, trailers, Let's Plays, and features!


Indie Summer Sale Encore – Up to 90% off!

We've had six stellar days of incredible indie awesomeness, and now, for 24 hours only, all of the super savings from the Green Man Gaming Indie Summer Sale are back in our epic ENCORE!

Missed out on our killer Kholat deal? Need yourself a sweet saving on Spintires? Now's the chance to get stuck into the hundreds of indie discounts that might have passed you by previously.

Get into the indie spirit and let's raise the roof with up to 90% off in the encore.


Welcome to the forum giveaway! - It came from Space and ate our brains!

We've seen many new members around the forum during the last few weeks, we would love to know a bit more about you! Introduce yourself here and we'll make sure to say hello. :)

Daily Giggle | A Witcher's Priorities

It can be hard to maintain a decent attention span when you've got 58 different quests going on all at once, and dozens of mysterious unknown spots of interest suddenly pop up on your map. [via]

COMPETITION | Win Mega Man Legacy Collection – 5 copies up for grabs

The Blue Bomber is back in a new package that's sure to delight retro fans. The Mega Man Legacy Collection is now available on Green Man Gaming (remember to use FUZZYP-IXELS1-SAVE20 for sweet 20% discount) and thanks to our chums at Capcom, we've got 5 copies to give away in this week's Wednesday competition!

Rocket League Tournament - Fallout 4 for the winner!

Sign up now for the first Rocket League Playfire Tournament! The winner will get a copy of Fallout 4 as soon as it’s released. Sign ups will close next Friday 4th September, be quick!

Rocket League was launched less than 2 months ago but it’s already one of the most played titles by the Playfire community. Easy to play, hard to master and incredibly spectacular; this game is obviously perfect for esports and Playfire is about to become the host with the most.

GMGasks | Who's the best video game dog?

It's #NationalDogDay, and we've been talking about the raddest dogs in gaming history in the office. Rapping dogs, Zombie dogs, Call Of Duty dogs - Man's best friend has made countless appearances in video games.

This week, we're asking - who is the best video game dog? #GMGasks
Who's a good police dog? Oh yes he is!
You can find all of our past #GMGasks coverage right here!


Guess N Win - The Masterplan

This week Guess N Win brings you the chance to win one of the best indie games released this year, The Masterplan! We have 10 keys to giveaway, don't miss it!

Looks good doesn't it? You can get it now at Green Man Gaming and save a whopping 40%!!

Daily Giggle | Meta Kombat

Seriously, you guys...this is blowing my mind.

Let's Play... Discstorm | Win the game for you and a friend!

Discstorm is what you'd probably get if you stuck Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Team Deathmatch in a blender. It's a riotously fun four-way frenzy of multiplayer mayhem, with a pretty badass singleplayer mode to boot.

Buy Discstorm with 20% off on Green Man Gaming >>

Here's a little playthrough of the game's first singleplayer level to give you a better idea of what Discstorm is all about, and we've got four pairs of codes to give away, so you could win a copy of the game for yourself and a friend! Leave a comment on the video on YouTube to enter, and we'll announce winners this time next week.