WINNERS | Critical Hit: May and Block N Load

Thanks massively to everyone who participated in this, and also everyone who took the time to vote. We had a great boost in user reviews, and we'd love to see even more in the coming months too, so we'll have another Critical Hit competition in early June and July as well.

Daily Giggle | Mario Kart Surround Sound

Dolby? Pah! Now this is what I call surround sound. It's also the only way I ever want to play Mario Kart from now on.

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COMPETITION | Win Carmageddon: Reincarnation and extra goodies

Carmageddon is back! It's been a long journey for Stainless (read all about it in our interview with Nobby from Rezzed) but the game is out. Carmageddon: Reincarnation's Early Access is over, and full release is upon us.

I've had the privilege of being able to check in with Stainless a few times on this journey, and the dedication and drive from the team has been truly inspirational – Carmageddon is back as a result of their enthusiasm and belief in their product, not to mention years of hard work.

Of course, that's only part of the story. Talk to any member of the team and they'll wax lyrical about the fan response. This chapter of Max Damage and co.'s story began with a Kickstarter campaign that received great support, and Stainless have been listening to their community all the way.

Anyway, the game is out, it's splat-tastic, bursting with features, modes, and extravagant weaponry, and we have 10 Steam keys up for grabs, along with some hilariously rude Carmageddon fridge magnet sets, and Smelly Bush vehicular air fresheners.

Game Nights are back!!!

Playing online with random people can be quite frustrating at times. Wouldn’t it be better to play with friends? Yes! We’ve been hearing your feedback, so we are bringing back one of the most popular Playfire events: GAME NIGHTS!
  • When: Tuesday 26th May. 7pm UTC
  • Game: Block N Load
  • How: Join the Steam group called “Playfire PC Gamers” and enter its chat channel

Top Five... Epic Game Worlds

With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt now out and dazzling us with its gigantic world filled with rich lore and plenty of things to do, we thought that this week we'd take a look at some of the most epic locations that gaming has to offer. Without further ado, here's a gander at five of the most epic gaming worlds to be found in our interactive medium.

And yes, you can now consumer Top Five in super snazzy videovision! Subscribe to our fledgling Playfire channel here to make sure you don't miss out on any of the upcoming video awesomeness we'll be starting to dish out over the next few weeks!

Honourable Mentions: Gaia (FFVII), Azeroth (WoW), Thedas (Dragon Age), Nexus (WildStar), Lordran (Dark Souls), Minecraft, the Mass Effect Universe.

Quell Logic - Developer Interview with Fallen Tree Games

What is the Quell Logic Collection?

The Quell Logic Collection is a trilogy of 'sliding drop' puzzle games published by Green Man Loaded and out now on PC via Green Man Gaming, Steam, and The Humble Store.

The games were originally released on mobile and handheld consoles, between 2010 and 2014, and we were eager to enhance and optimise them for a PC audience. Four Million gamers can’t be wrong!

Daily Giggle | Carte Blanche – OAP Brutality

Pensioners in Outworld don't muck about. Throw an elderly citizen of Kotal Kahn's realm at an enemy and there are no Werther's Originals, no kindly stories from way back when. Nope, instead, they thrown down in brutal fashion.

The woman featured in the video above is named Blanche. Don't mess with her. Ever. [via]

Thanks to jamie for the tip!

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COMPETITION | Island Idol – Win every GML game of 2015

Oh boy! Wednesday has rolled around, and we've got a big old competition for you this week. To celebrate a massive update for quirky god simulator Idol Hands, we've teamed up with our good chums at Green Man Loaded to allow five lucky winners to win every game they release in 2015. That includes everything they've already released, and all the unannounced titles over the rest of the year!

We're asking you to get a bit creative with some of your entries here, as well as all the usual Gleam entries. We're giving you the chance to play God, and become your own Island Idol! Send us your own island creations in Idol Hands, and be in with a chance to win some of the upcoming titles from Green Man Loaded!

What's your favourite DLC pack or game expansion? #GMGasks

With CDPR giving out lots of beard-tastic DLC for The Witcher 3, and the buzz around Destiny's new content, this week's #GMGasks is all about DLC and game expansions.

Some of my favourite gaming moments have come from extra bits of game content. Burnout Paradise's Big Surf Island DLC was fantastic, and I adored how much more insane Yuri's Revenge made the already pretty bonkers Red Alert 2.

So yeah, this week we're asking what's your favourite expansion pack or slice of DLC? #GMGasks.

Playfire Rewards 20/05/15 to 26/05/15

Available until Tuesday, 26st May 2015 @ 23:59 UTC

Achievement hunters, we have an important update for you! From now on, instead of setting up rewards for one game each day, we will do it for 5 titles per week. This should give you more time to plan your busy gaming schedule to get as many rewards as possible!

And that’s not all, we are also tweaking the conditions. You’ll get £0.40 after you play these games for one hour plus £0.10 if you unlock the first achievement of each game. That still makes it a whopping £0.50 per game! This way you don’t have to be a master player in each of the titles to enjoy the Playfire Rewards plan.

Sounds good? We want to see screengrabs of your most triumphant moments or epic fails, and we want you to regale us with anecdotes from your gaming adventures! Pop over the forum and let us know!

Daily Giggle | 127 Hours meets Tetris


Seen something you think would suit the Daily Giggle? Made something awesome you want to share with everyone else? Ping me an email at matt[dot]gardner[at]greenmangaming[dot]com with the subject line 'Daily Giggle' or Tweet me @FuzzyPixels.

UPDATE | Witcher 3 keys now going out, apologies for delay

UPDATE (19/05/15 – 17:15)  Thanks to everyone for your patience over the last 24 hours, we're enormously sorry for the delays and the inconvenience, but we've been working hard to resolve the situation and an end is in sight.

The last of the keys will be going out over the next hour, so everyone who pre-purchased the game should receive their key by 7PM BST. If it reaches that time and you've still not received your key, please contact our helpdesk here:

Our teams have worked non-stop for the last few days to deal with demand, but we know this hasn't been a smooth ride at all, and we are sorry so many have had to wait. Thanks again for all of your patience.


Hi folks. 

We apologise that due to unprecedented demand for The Witcher 3 from Green Man Gaming, the launch and dispatch of keys to you today hasn't been as smooth as we had hoped. We experienced a glitch in our automatic key delivery system that wasn't attaching keys to emails. Our engineering team are working quickly to rectify this. We're sorry if some of you may have received blank emails from us during this process.
Keys for The Witcher 3 are being sent out now. If you have pre-purchased your Witcher 3 key from us, it should be with you within the next 24 hours. If for any reason your key is not with you by 22:59 UTC on Wednesday 20th May, OR if you are not satisfied with this service, we would like to offer you either a full refund, or 40% off your next purchase on Green Man Gaming.

While we send out keys, we apologise that The Witcher 3 will be temporarily unavailable to buy on Green Man Gaming. Again, we are sincerely sorry for any delay in getting your key to you, and we can assure you we are working hard to deliver the service you expect from us. We know it hasn't been the smoothest process and we will be evaluating what we could have done better for this launch to make sure our service to you in the future is the best it can be.

If you have received your Witcher 3 key, you can find instructions for activation here.

Thanks again for all of your patience, folks, and apologies again for any inconvenience.

Team GMG

Vote BunnyLord! Not A Hero demands method in the midst of madness

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Roll7 | Devolver Digital

I'm really enjoying Not A Hero. I love every brutal, bloody pixel of its execution (pun totally intended). It's fiddly, occasionally it seems a little unfair at times, but I keep coming back for more. Is it because BunnyLord has swayed me with his hardline campaigns and political rhetoric?

No, it's because Roll7 have created a deeply accessible and damn difficult 2D shooter with a unique little twist, and stuffed it with replayability.

Daily Giggle | Epic Destiny Dance Show

Sure you can bust out the moves in Destiny, but even better is when you're flouncing about on Venus, you turn a corner, and a troupe break it down with some smooth synchronised swaying.

And an impromptu light show.

Cheers to Dave for the tip!

Quell - Playfire Rewards Monday

Available until Monday, 25st May 2015 @ 23:59 UTC:
  • Quell - unlock Quick Thinking (£0.10)
  • Quell - unlock Hunter (£0.20)
  • Quell - unlock Flawless (£0.20)
Don't have Quell yet? Buy it here now >>