Miss the RPGs of old? Get 50% off Knights of Pen & Paper now

Get 50% off Knights of Pen & Paper: +1 Edition now

If you get misty-eyed at the thought of the RPGs of yesteryear, Knights of Pen & Paper might well be worth a look. Behold Studios' decidedly meta grand adventure is a turn-based, pixel-art love-letter to the ways we used to play.

And it's now 50% off over on the GMG store until 4PM UTC on Saturday.

Coffin Dodgers - Playfire Rewards Thursday

Delivering a new take on 'death race', Coffin Dodgers puts you in the hot-seat of a pimped up mobility scooter racing against the Grim Reaper.

With over three million Rewards delivered to-date, Playfire has provided a lot of people with cheaper games. If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards Beta and want to participate, it's easy, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password and link your Steam account to play your way to cheaper games! For more information check out our FAQ.

Idol Hands gets its first major update today!

Idol Hands, the first game out of the gate from Green Man Loaded, is getting its first major update today, and now is the perfect time to get involved.

The team have been listening closely to the community, and have incorporated a number of features and tweaks requested thanks to the awesome feedback that's come through.

“It’s really important to us that we not only listen to feedback from our community, but that we act on it to make our games the very best they can be” said Gary Rowe, EVP Green Man Loaded. “Huge thanks to everyone who has left us feedback so far!"

We built this city! Five reasons to be excited for Cities: Skylines

We're big fans of urban planning simulators here at Green Man Gaming and Playfire, and it seems that the GMG faithful are too. The pre-purchase listings for Cities: Skylines and Cities: Skylines - Deluxe Edition have been some of the most popular on the site this week, and whole bunch of us here at GMG Towers are really looking forward to Colossal Order's upcoming title.

With that in mind, here are five reasons why we're stoked for Cities: Skylines...

EGX Rezzed Free Game Giveaway! Come to EGX Rezzed, meet awesome devs, get free games

Happy EGX Rezzed FREE game giveaway!

EGX Rezzed is just around the corner, but there are still a few tickets left up for grabs. Three days of fantastic developer sessions, over a hundred playable games, the GamesIndustry Job Fair, and a whole lot more beckons.

But wait, there's more.

We're delighted to announce that thanks to our friends at EGX Rezzed and Size Five Games, we have a free copy of Gun Monkeys, and Time Gentlemen Please! and Ben There Dan That! Special Edition Double Pack to give you!

That's right. Free games for every EGX Rezzed ticket holder!

Sid Meier is back, and he's brought a fleet with him! Pre-purchase Sid Meier's Starships on the GMG store now

Sid Meier is back, and he's brought a fleet with him!

Starships is a new space-based, turn-based sci-fi strategy title from Sid Meier, the master of strategic awesomeness, and will be releasing for PC, Mac and iPad worldwide on 12th March.

Commanding fleets, seeking out new life and new civilisations (sorry!), boldly going where no m... you get the idea. Personally-speaking, I rather think it looks a bit like Pirates in space. But with fleets. And that's amazing.

We'll be running some sweet Playfire Rewards on this title close to launch, so make sure you check in regularly here on the blog, follow us on Twitter, and like the Facebook page.


Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 2 - Playfire Rewards Wednesday

Imagine for a moment, the east coast of The States, it is the Witching Hour, and Episode 2 of Resident Evil Revelations 2 is released!  To celebrate, we have three Ep.2 'chieves up for grabs at twice the normal value!

To take part in these Special Rewards you will need to sign up the Playfire Newsletter.  Just go to your settings page on Playfire to do this.  If you're not signed up to our Newsletter, you'll find a handy link to your settings page from the Playfire Rewards page!

Good luck!

With over three million Rewards delivered to-date, Playfire has provided a lot of people with cheaper games. If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards Beta and want to participate, it's easy, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password and link your Steam account to play your way to cheaper games! For more information check out our FAQ.

Adventure Box Competition - Vote for your favourite character and win a bespoke 3D statue

We love games that empower players to tap into their creativity here at Green Man Gaming, and Adventure Box is a brilliant new title that looks to do just that.

Excitingly, we've teamed up with the Adventure Box team for a cracking little competition for a rather nifty prize.

Below, you'll see an array of Adventure Box characters (click to enlarge). What we'd like you to do is comment below telling us which one is your favourite and why. Be persuasive and creative, fight for your favourite, and you could get a 3D, painted, super-exclusive, bespoke statue of your winning choice if you prove victorious!

We'll close the competition at noon on Monday 9th March and pick a winner then. Figures will be delivered sometime after 13th March.

Currently in alpha, Adventure Box is an awesome voxel-based RPG that can be played in your browser. The game gives you an accessible yet expansive toolset, and then lets you run wild with your imagination. Just the way we like it!

As an Adventure Maker, you can create entire worlds, mapping out whatever terrain you fancy, carving out the land as you see fit, and filling the landscape with sea and sky, rolling hills or dense forests. You can populate your worlds with villages and towns, heroes and monsters; whatever you might need to craft the stories and adventures of your dreams. You can even pop in portals to connect your world to those of your friends.

If you're not particularly fussed about creation, don't worry! You can simply jump into the game as an Adventure Player if you like, creating your own character and setting off to explore the worlds created by others and the Adventure Box team. Become the hero you were born to be, and level up your character by bashing monsters, completing quests, and snaffling up lots of lovely loot.

The game is shaping up very nicely indeed, and you'll be able to check it out at Rezzed next week. You can follow the game's progress at the official site here, and catch up with the dev team on Twitter.

Good luck to everyone who enters the competition, and remember to stay tuned to GMG on Twitter and have Facebook for more competition updates and all of our Rezzed coverage.


Terms and Conditions
The competition closes at 12:00 PM UTC on Monday 9th March
The prize may not be exchanged for cash or GMG credit
Click here for our full list of terms and conditions.

Will Steam Machines revolutionise PC gaming in the living room? #GMGasks

This week, the airwaves have been filled with chatter about the wave of Steam Machines arriving this winter. At GDC, Valve announced that the first batch of Steam Machines will arrive this coming November.

As well as covertly manufacturing their own device, Valve have been working hard with third-party partners to try and deliver a range of Steam Machines with varying specifications and price points to suit as broad an audience as possible.

At GDC in San Francisco this week, Valve have been exhibiting models for Alienware and Falcon Northwest, saying that they've got units from "a dozen other partners" launching in November, too. Valve themselves have finally unveiled their Steam Link unit, which they say will allow for game streaming from a PC or Steam Machine at 1080p/60hz, and will cost $50, witht he Steam controller costing the same on top.

Valve have also stated that "Steam Machines will start at the same price point as game consoles, with higher performance. Customers interested in the best possible gaming experience can choose whichever components meet their needs."

With all of that in mind, we want to hear from you on this subject. All of us here at GMG and Playfire are PC gamers, we're right in the core audience for these Steam Machines, but what do you make of them? Will they prove to be revolutionary for the living room? Are you even bothered that much about playing PC games on your TV? Do you already do so?

As always, hit us up with your responses in the comments below, and let us know if you have any topics you'd like to see discussed on #GMGasks. You can find all of our recent #GMGasks topics right here.


Psychonauts / Contrast / Another World - Playfire Rewards Special

Over at GMG every week, our vat-grown game-monkeys rattle their cages and communicate (via an advanced form of sign language that would impress Washoe) telling us of their favourite games. This week's batch is Another World (20th Anniversary Edition), Contrast and Psychonauts.  What this represents for you, Dear Gamer, is a great opportunity to pick up some choice digital treats at discount and plough the fertile furrows of Playfire Rewards in the process.

Three games.  Nine Rewards.  Staff Picks.

With over three million Rewards delivered to-date, Playfire has provided a lot of people with cheaper games. If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards Beta and want to participate, it's easy, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password and link your Steam account to play your way to cheaper games! For more information check out our FAQ.

Gimme Shelter - 10% off Shelter 2, win the original game!

The original Shelter was a magnificent game. Its visuals were striking -- the slightly washed-out papercraft aesthetic proved effortlessly cute and charming. We completely forgot we were playing a game, and found that we genuinely wanted to look after our sweet little cubs. We didn't just play the role of badger mum, we became the badger mum. And we cried when things went awry. So much.

Shelter 2 is looking even better.

Out Monday, and available to pre-purchase now from GMG with 10% off, this sequel will put players into the paws of a mother lynx, adding in new predatory dynamics to the game, but once again focussing on rearing and protect one's own. The original game had a striking, deeply moving, melancholic soundtrack, and Retro Family are back once again for the sequel.
If you're yet to check out Shelter, don't worry. Not only can you pick up it here from the GMG store, but we've also got a bunch of keys to giveaway. Make sure you're following us on Twitter and have liked the Facebook page. There'll be giveaways going live at 5PM!


Kholat: Nine deaths, no answers - can you uncover the mystery of Dyatlov Pass?

Let us tell you a story...

It was a chilly night in February, 1959. Nine men and women, youthful but experienced, had been skiing in the Urals. They'd been attempting a Category III route, the most difficult, to reach the mountain Otorten to the north.

An attempt to cross a key mountain pass was foiled by worsening weather conditions and severe snowstorms, and the group moved off track, finding themselves climbing up the eastern side of Kholat Syakhl.

The decision was made to camp on the side of the mountain for the night rather than moving back down into the relative shelter of the forest at the mountain's base. Perhaps the group's leader, Igor Alekseievich Dyatlov, did not want to lose the altitude they had gained. That night, the nine left their fate in the hands of the mountain Kholat Syakhl, whose name means "Mountain of the Dead" in Mansi.

That name proved rather prophetic for those skiers. All nine were dead before daybreak.

Letters From The Engine Room: TOTD Unit Testing CartHelper

TOTD stands for think of the developer and I feel its something that the commerce team should have as an objective. As a company, we are new to Episerver Commerce but it seems that we have to do way too much work to unit test our commerce code. This article will describe how we went about unit testing update quantity cart code. So lets look at the code to update the quantity of an item in the basket.

var lineItem = CartHelper
                .FirstOrDefault(l => l.CatalogEntryId == skuId);

if (lineItem == null)

lineItem.Quantity = quantity;  

Ok, so we need to mock CartHelper, but its a static method, so we need to write a cart wrapper and inject that into the class we want to test.

Up to 85% off Cubetractor and other Digerati titles this week

One of the best things about being a PC gamer is the vast variety available to us. There's a veritable smorgasbord of awesome games to be had, and plenty of excellent little indie titles to be found off of the beaten track of triple-A.

Which brings us on to Digerati: a small team that delight in making cracking games built upon deceptively simple mechanisms that hook you early and then never let go. We're currently running a promotion on their products for the next week that'll nab you up you 85% of of the quirky delights of Battlepaths and co. so it's well worth jumping in and giving them a look if you haven't already.

Cubetractor is a particular personal favourite - a nifty little puzzler that's a weird and wonderful action/strategy/puzzle hybrid. Imagine what you'd get if you crossed Plants vs Zombies with elements of bullet hell SHMUPs, and threw in a bunch of tractor beams. Its cuteness will lull you into a false sense of security, but make no mistake, this is a hardcore little gem.

Check out the full list of bargains below:

Let us know if you pick any of them up!


VIP is back! Mortal Kombat X, Evolve, Arkham Knight and more

The VIP page is back, baby, and we've got some seriously sweet games lined up for our loyal customers. From Babealities to Batman, from monster hunting to conquering the New World, we've got another fat slice of discount brilliance.